Tudor Biwan Series Bronze Watch Introduces New Slate Gray Gradient Dial Style

As one of the most eye-catching masterpieces in the Biwan series, Black Bay Bronze draws inspiration from the thousands of changes given by time. This year, a new slate gray gradient dial is specially launched. Style. The Biwan Bronze model not only won the Petite Aiguille in the Geneva Watch Awards in 2016, but also symbolized the deep relationship between Tudor and the navies of various countries.

  Following the introduction of the Biwan bronze chocolate brown dial, Tudor continues to explore precious bronze materials and their special color, injecting more inspiration and creativity into this series. The new Biwan bronze dial and bezel adopt a new slate gray color scheme, which produces more subtle changes over time and blooms a unique beauty. Inheriting the essence of diving watch design, every detail is intriguing, telling the glorious past and deep roots between the Tudor diving watch and the navy. The Biwan Bronze is equipped with the original Tudor movement MT5601, showing impressive technical performance and impressive.

  ‘Always changing new’ case

  As the core feature of the Biwan bronze type, the 43 mm diameter bronze case reproduces the aesthetics of brass materials used in ancient ships and other diving equipment. This ‘active’ metal is a class of aluminum-copper alloys with outstanding properties. It is widely used in marine parts that must have superior corrosion resistance in naval engineering. Each case will present a unique subtle change and special color according to the wearer’s habits. The appearance of Biwan Bronze is simple and neat, and it can meet the challenges of various harsh environments with strong practicality. The case as a whole is more matte-processed to ensure that the evolution of color and lustre is comparable, and the visual beauty is more harmonious.

  The slate gray dial gradually changes from the outer edge to the center, with the bezel and the hands and hour markers embellished with gold details. This time-honored yet delicate and exquisite combination perfectly shows the unique aesthetic proposition of this watch. The unique color on the wrist is the mark of the companion, which records the experiences that the wearer and the watch have experienced together. It may be a wonderful journey around the world, as if ‘tailored’ for the wearer.

  Original movement MT5601

  The original Tudor calibre MT5601 with a diameter of 33.8 millimeters is equipped with the Biwan bronze type, which is the largest model of the Tudor movement. This movement is equipped with hours, minutes and seconds. The appearance and finishes show the typical characteristics of the original Tudor movement. The hollow automatic oscillating weight is processed by frosting, with sandblasted details, the polished and sandblasted finishes of the splint and the main splint are interlaced, embellished with laser decoration, full of sense of technology.

  The inertia fine-tuning balance wheel is fixed on both sides by sturdy cross plates and equipped with non-magnetic silicon hairspring. The movement structure is ingeniously designed to ensure reliability, durability and durability. This movement is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). In addition, its power reserve is as long as 70 hours. In other words, if you take off your watch on Friday evening, you can use it normally on your wrist by Monday morning without re-winding.

  A new interpretation of traditional straps

  Tudor honors the brand’s deep history with the navy with its aesthetic design, reinterprets the traditional use of the watch, and applies it to the latest models. For example, the French Navy had requested that Tudor watches not be required to be equipped with straps because they already had their own straps, including hand-made straps and other special straps. Among them, an early diving watch included in the brand’s collection is quite special. Its strap is made of elastic fabric, which is recycled and rebuilt by the parachute of the French rescue team. This practical old-style strap, marked by golden silk thread, is the inspiration for the slate gray textured jacquard strap of the Biwan Bronze watch. There are also antique slate gray belts to choose from, and the sharp cut shows the rough and tough style.

  Blue Bay Essence

  Like the other models of the Biwan series, the dial design of the Biwan Bronze watch also draws inspiration from the 1950s Tudor diving watch, using angular pointers familiar to most collectors, called ‘Snowflake’. This distinctive pointer appeared in the brand’s 1969 product catalog. In addition, the unprotected winding crown with direct perforation is a typical feature of the first generation of Tudor diving watches.

  The Biwan collection cleverly blends the brand’s traditional aesthetics with contemporary watchmaking techniques. Its watches are not simply re-engraved, but embody the essence of Tudor’s more than sixty years of diving watch production, and they still have a strong position in the watch world. The new watch incorporates a new retro design concept, while complying with the highest standards of today’s watchmaking industry, whether in terms of manufacturing process, reliability, solidity, or polishing quality, it demonstrates Tudor’s watchmaking philosophy of excellence and perfection.

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