To Celebrate The Reopening Of The Boutique In Geneva, The Chopard Charity Concert Is Staged

Chopard’s boutique on Rhone Avenue in Geneva will be reopened after refurbishment. To celebrate this event, the brand joined forces with the ‘José Carreras International Blood Cancer Foundation’ and ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund’ A massive classical concert was held on Sunday.

 Geneva, January 20, 2013-Famous opera performance artists Anna Netrebko, José Carreras and Erwin Schrott, as owners of the Chopard brand-Germany’s best friend of the Scheufele family, performed in the Victoria Hall on Sunday. Accompanied by the Gstaad Festival Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, lead conductor David Giménez.

The concert begins with the prelude to the Italian opera master Giocchino Rossini (1792-1868) ‘William Quilt’, the artists performed the most brilliant and famous fragments in the history of opera in the world, such as the American composer George Gershwin (1898-1937) The classic track ‘Beth You Belong to Me’ in ‘Poge and Beth’ and the classic track ‘Walking the Street’ in ‘Bohemian Girl’ by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924).

后 After the concert, Chopard hosted an intimate exchange dinner for the artists and distinguished guests at the Little Buddha restaurant, and everyone spent an unforgettable evening in the relaxed Gypsy Queens quintet.

Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko is an authentic heir to the traditional Russian school of vocal music, and also the most watched soprano in the world of opera today. With her outstanding expression and gorgeous vocals, she has become a well-deserved ’21st century opera empress’. Anna Netrebko was born in Krasnodar, southwestern Russia in 1971, and attended St. Petersburg Conservatory. She is passionate about protecting children’s rights and supports many charities under the name ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund.’ Projects, including ‘International SOS Children’s Village Organization’ and ‘Russian Child Welfare Association’, etc. Since 2006, Anna Netrebko has become Chopard’s brand ambassador and muse.

José Carreras
José Carreras is a banner in the contemporary opera world. His natural lyrical and rich voice has an unparalleled appeal. His delicate and sensitive performance of the repertoire also impressed the audience.

José Carreras was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and his extraordinary career spreads his footsteps throughout the world. His voice has been well-known in the world’s top music halls. He has performed almost on the same stage with the world’s best musicians and conductors. His performance catalog includes more than 50 complete operas and countless classical and pop music. Concert.

In addition to his singing career, José Carreras devoted his enthusiasm and energy to the ‘José Carreras International Blood Cancer Foundation’, which fights against leukemia. The foundation was José Carreras himself, who struggled to overcome leukemia in Barcelona in 1988. Lonner came into being, and since then, other sub-funds have also been established in the United States, Switzerland and Germany. José Carreras’s tough character and broad mind make him a well-deserved modern hero.

Erwin Schrott
As the most charismatic singer in contemporary opera, Erwin Schrott is widely regarded as the best performer of classic characters in Mozart’s works such as Don Juan, Le Borreno and Figaro.

Erwin Schrott was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1972. His debut was 22 years old when he played the role of Rooucher in the famous work ‘Andre Chenier’. In 1998 he won the Domingo competition The first place in the male voice group won the industry’s recognition immediately. So far, Erwin Schrott has begun to make his mark in the world of opera.

As a responsible citizen, he and his lover Anna Netrebko co-sponsored the establishment of the ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund,’ named after them, and contributed to the protection of children’s rights.

David Giménez
David Giménez was born in Barcelona and studied piano and composition at his home in the Riseo High School of Music. He then studied conducting at the Vienna Academy of Music and Art with Professor Karl Österreicher and the Royal Academy of Music with Colin Davis.

As a responsible citizen, he and his lover Anna Netrebko co-sponsored the establishment of the ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund,’ named after them, and contributed to the protection of children’s rights. Since his debut with the Hanover NDR Symphony Orchestra in 1994, David Giménez has conducted the world’s most prestigious symphony orchestra and solo troupe. Opera is an important field covered by this well-known conductor. The Scala Theatre, the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, the Zurich National Opera, the German Opera in Berlin, the Champs-Elysees in Paris, the Washington Opera, the Grand Opera in Barcelona, ​​the Royal Madrid and the Sydney Top theater.

Gstaad Festival Orchestra Symphony Orchestra
In the scenic Swiss town of Gstaad in the Alps, the annual Maine Music Festival is known worldwide for its outstanding quality and strong lineup. The Gstaad Festival Orchestra Symphony Orchestra (GFO for short) was established to continue and inherit the spirit of continuous innovation and aggressiveness of the Menuhin Festival. Since its creation in 2010, GFO has grown rapidly.

The GFO is special because its members are selected from the best orchestras in Switzerland, so it can also be called the ‘national team’. Its members come from the Swiss Basel Chamber Orchestra and the Zurich Concert Hall Orchestra. Orchestra, Zurich Opera Orchestra, Basel Symphony Orchestra and Berne Symphony Orchestra. Every year, the best students graduating from the Maine College of Music will be selected into the GFO to ensure that the orchestra always represents the highest technical level and the purest artistic temperament of the Swiss Symphony, which not only provides an exchange for musicians The platform platform also created the foundation for creating the world’s top new-generation symphony orchestra.