Roger Dubuis Contemporary Art Tied To The Wrist

For the Chinese, filial piety to their parents is justified, and for no reason, as a child, are you worrying about what gift to give your father so that he can put down his usual serious expression and show a rare and cheerful smile? This year, ROGER DUBUIS has specially selected one of its many watch masterpieces. We sincerely recommend this Pulsion rose gold chronograph which combines top sophisticated technology and contemporary aesthetic design. The 100% self-made RD680 chronograph movement, with a beautifully cut-out dial and a clear full-cover sapphire crystal, every detail is worth savouring, like a masterpiece of contemporary art between the wrist. It makes Dad eye-catching all the time, like Father’s Day every day.
Daji presents meticulous modeling details
 ROGER DUBUIS Pulsion series watches created with the vision of the adventurer (Venturer) world, is one of the most praised sports watch models, regardless of the solid and deep movement craftsmanship, light from the contemporary aesthetic spirit In terms of appearance, it is worth a special book. Pulsion rose gold chronograph is full of powerful texture line case, in one go with lug design, angular and angular chronograph buttons are conspicuous but not obtrusive, adding extra points to the overall design; the sapphire crystal mirror extends all the way to the bezel, Decorated with 6 uniquely shaped pentagram screws, the style of the large-scale device delicately presents every detail, and conveys the adventurer’s bold and attentive spirit and the courage to challenge himself.

ROGER DUBUIS Pulsion chronograph in rose gold, just like a concrete and subtle contemporary masterpiece

The multi-layered hollow dial is a big selling point of the Pulsion rose gold chronograph. The center of the dial can fully enjoy the superb polishing and decoration technology proud of the RD680 chronograph movement, including fish scale and hairline on the splint. , As well as small screws that have been polished and chamfered; 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock directions are 30-minute progressive and continuous small seconds. The binocular chronograph dial is made of black semi-transparent sapphire crystal, which enriches the visual experience. Except for the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock hour scales, which are cut into three-dimensional black Arabic numerals, the other scales are double lines carved in rose gold; the second hand scale is subdivided into 4 divisions per second, making the timing accurate to 1 / 8 seconds; and the outer edge of the dial is equipped with a speedometer (Tachymeter). Press the timing button to stop the time after the moving object travels 1 km. The scale indicated by the central chronograph second hand represents the speed of the object.
Solid inner quality homemade movement
 The RD680 movement in the Pulsion rose gold chronograph is also one of the most watchmaking collectors at ROGER DUBUIS. Different from the cheaper lever type timing structure, the column wheel switching mechanism with vertical clutch is currently recognized by watch professionals as the best timing switching combination; especially, ROGER DUBUIS designers and watchmakers repeatedly After the test, the vertical clutch was designed in an eccentric position, directly connected to the second hand wheel, and then the gear that drives the central chronograph second hand was tapped from the clutch, so that the black chronograph second hand maintained stable operation, which greatly improved the traditional chronograph’s power during the timing Worry about stability.

The Pulsion rose gold chronograph is equipped with a factory-made RD680 chronograph movement, with a beautifully cut-out dial, and a clear full-cover sapphire crystal. Every detail deserves a closer taste.

ROGER DUBUIS has always adhered to the fine watchmaking ancestry from Geneva, Switzerland, emphasizing that the entire series of watches have passed the strict Geneva certification, and this Pulsion rose gold chronograph is of course no exception. Open the case back, through the transparent sapphire crystal back cover, each decorative polished pattern of the RD 680, the edge decoration of each small part, the polishing of the meshing of the leaf blades of each gear Inherit the spirit of Geneva’s top watchmaking for nearly two hundred years. The pleasure of wearing an advanced mechanical watch is endless, and the wearer can always taste the beauty of precision mechanical structure operation due to the passage of time. The Pulsion rose gold chronograph is a worthy dad to write again and again and write eternal notes for time. Beautiful praise.