Richard Miller Launches New F1 Watch

Brazilian Felipe Massa officially participated in F1 in 2002. In 2004 he wore RM 006 to compete in F1. Since then, Felipe Massa and Richard Mille have started a close collaboration. In 2009, Richard Mille launched the new F1 watches RM 004-V2 Felipe Massa and RM 008-V2 Felipe Massa for Felipe Massa and applied the yellow-green color of the Brazilian flag to the watch design-RM 004-V2
Limited edition of 40 pieces, of which 25 pieces are made of rose gold, 10 pieces are made of platinum, 5 pieces are made of titanium
Manual winding movement RM 004-V2
Functions: chronograph, double-second tracking hand, hour, minute, running second, 30-minute chronograph, power display, torque meter

RM 008-V2
Limited to 10 pieces, 5 pieces in rose gold, 5 pieces in platinum
Manual winding movement RM 008-V2
Functions: Tourbillon, chronograph, double-second tracking, hours, minutes, running seconds, 30-minute chronograph, power display, torque meter