Passing A Strong Love Tasting Blancpain Ultra-thin Saint Valentin 2013 Limited Edition Female Watch

As a measuring tool of time, watches can be said to be the best testimony of beautiful love. Many brands will take this opportunity to design original watches to express strong love for users. Marching into 2013, Blancpain, a high-end brand of watches, also launched a special Valentine’s Day-specific style as always. Following the flyback timer function last year and the calendar moon phase function added the previous year, this year, Blancpain decided to avoid complicated functions and create a limited edition female watch with only three hands turning, simple mother-of-pearl and lively red hearts In sharp contrast, it has a charming charm.

   This year’s Saint Valentin 2013 watch only has three hands moving and a date function. Blancpain avoided complex structures this time, instead focusing on decoration. The simplicity of the dial mother-of-pearl contrasts with the liveliness of the heart.

   The watch case is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 34 mm. This size will be more slender when worn on a woman’s wrist, and it also meets the needs of most people.

   If it is given to a woman as a testimony of love, the diamond seems to be an indispensable element. This watch is set with two rows of bright diamonds on the bezel, which not only echoes the diamond time scale on the dial, but also It reflects the feminine feelings of femininity.

   This watch expresses its deep love in the most direct way, which is reflected in the five bright peach hearts on the mother-of-pearl dial, which are arranged in small arcs on the dial. The processing of red hearts is a bit difficult. Each heart is used in liquid form until it is burned until it is completely solidified. So the difficulty of the process is evident.

   As a testimony of love, every detail on the dial has been carefully designed by Blancpain. Although the simple junior hand structure is monotonous, but after special treatment, the Blancpain’s unique logo on the second hand, as well as the hour and minute hands The semi-hollowed decoration adds color to the whole. In addition, the dial is set with a diamond hour marker shining against the red heart.

   At three o’clock, there is a date display window. Although there are no gorgeous and complicated functions, this will not affect its practicality in daily use.

   There are also five heart-shaped patterns on the side of the case, which can be said to be surrounded by strong love, adding a romantic sweetness.

   It is definitely the most appropriate to describe this watch with the love of bathing. The back of the watch is designed with a transparent back, which is also the five red hearts. At the same time, the watch is equipped with a 1150 self-winding movement, which provides a 100-hour power reserve and is only 3’25 mm thick. The white ostrich leather strap of the watch complements the whole.

   Blancpain has a tradition that each year the Le Brassus factory will present a limited edition women’s watch to commemorate the most romantic day of the year. Although this is a passionate and romantic theme, this series has a lot of solemn mechanical watches. Last year’s watch was equipped with a flyback chronograph function, and the previous year Blancpain added a full calendar moon phase function. In 2013, this lively and simple watch will not be limited to 14 pieces, but will be produced in 99 pieces, which can be said to be very rare.

Summary: As a Valentine’s Day gift, it can be said that Blancpain’s watch fully expresses the deep love and fully meets the beautiful pursuit of love for women. However, if such a watch is worn daily, it may still require some thoughts on matching. However, from the watch itself, the simple three-pin and date display, plus a power reserve of more than four days, are still very practical. A watch.