Domestic National Brand Seagull How About Seagull Watches?

Friends who like domestic watches must be very familiar with seagull watches, but some friends who do n’t know will often ask: how about seagull watches? Seagull watches were born in 1955. Although not the earliest domestic brand, Seagull has made outstanding contributions to domestic watchmaking. As a national brand, Seagull Watch adhering to the spirit of continuous improvement and pioneering spirit of the Chinese people. Manufactured the first watch in New China! And now Seagull has the most advanced watchmaking technology, and its products have been recognized by users all over the world. The brand is also known as ‘China’s Patek Philippe’!

How about the seagull watch movement?
   Seagull watches all use their own movements, although there is still a big gap with the top Swiss watchmaking brands, it is difficult to compare them. But you can use the ETA movement from the Swatch Group for comparison. Every classic movement of ETA is the best teaching material for Seagull. While studying the excellent design and manufacturing concepts of the ETA movement, Seagull also continues to integrate its own characteristics and improve the quality of its own production movement. At present, Seagull has nearly 180 types of movements, including ST16, ST17, ST18, ST19, ST21, ST25, ST36, ST41, ST80 and ST82. The annual output of the movement is 5.5 million to 6 million, and the production line design in various places is expected to produce 6 million to 10 million. It is a trusted choice.

How about the quality of seagull watches?
   The Seagull Watch has a history of 61 years since its establishment. Along the way, Seagull watches have evolved from Chinese national brands to luxury goods in China and the world. It fully illustrates the hard work and determination of Chinese watchmakers. At present, Seagull has more than 2,000 advanced production equipment and testing instruments at home and abroad. Among them, advanced equipment in various countries accounts for about 30% of the total equipment. Nearly a hundred products such as automatic watches and movements. Seagull Watch is the first in the industry in the country to pass the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. And has a rigorous management, high-quality, sophisticated sales team, marketing ‘Seagull’ brand watches throughout the country.

How about the design of the seagull watch?
   In product design, Seagull fully refers to the classic watch designs of some well-known brands in Switzerland. And incorporating its own unique style, the product can be said to be very delicate and beautiful. Some of the more complicated models, such as cutouts, chronographs, day and night displays, are also very cleverly designed. It is not only beautiful, but also has no effect on reading. The overall color of the watch is also very harmonious and looks very comfortable. It is these advantages that make Seagull watches stand out from many watch brands.

   The above is the answer to ‘How about seagull watches’. I believe you already know the brand of seagull. The Seagull watch brand is the pride of all Chinese people. Finally, I sincerely wish this watch brand that represents the spirit of the Chinese is getting better and better!

Classic And Elegant Taste Tasting Mido Helmsman Classic Waterproof Watch

Mido, a famous Swiss watch brand, has always combined timeless design and practical functions. It is a stepping stone for entry-level Swiss brand watches and the first Swiss brand wristwatch purchased by many watch friends. Watch, today the Watch House will bring you a tasting of a Swiss Mido helmsman watch, the official model of the watch: M005.930.11.060.00.

    The watch takes the elegant Geneva wave of the first-generation Pioneer series as the visual focus of the dial, and features a double crown to highlight the performance of the watch, which can be easily matched for daily wear or sports diving. The design of the watch is taken from the Harbour Bridge Sydney, Australia. The pure metal texture is complemented by white and orange luminous Super-LumiNova moment lines and hands, which reproduces the modern style of sports.

Watch illustration

Watch with grey dial
 This watch with a gray dial design is more deep and stable. This watch should be for people who like diving and have youthful vitality but are quite mature.

Wonderful watch design
 The Pioneer series models released by Mido in 2013 include the Metal Bracelet Pioneer Series Multifort Two Crowns and the Chocolate Rubber Strap Pioneer Series Multifort Two Crowns Brown. The design of this metal bracelet model is quite satisfactory.

The watch is made of all-steel
 The watch is made of all-steel, and the case and bracelet are brushed. From the side of the watch we can see the two buttons of the watch, the crown at 2 o’clock controls the unidirectional dial diving timer; the crown at 4 o’clock is used for setting time and winding.

Watch with stainless steel bracelet
    The stainless steel bracelet of the watch is brushed, and minor scratches on the watch do not affect the beauty of the watch. The watch is equipped with a folding safety clasp, which is engraved with the classic MIDO logo.

Crownless side of the watch
 The crownless surface of the watch, although the specific thickness of the watch is not mentioned in the official data, but based on my own contact, I estimate that the thickness of the watch is about 12 mm. It is still very close to the wrist.

 The outer ring is displayed in Arabic numerals every 10 minutes
 The thick bezel is a scale display of a unidirectional rotating bezel that complies with diving watch specifications. The outer ring is displayed with Arabic numerals every 10 minutes. The digital time at 12 o’clock echoes the Arabic numerals on the outer bezel. The characteristic orange seconds hand is like The bright lights in the deep sea indicate the front and become the eye-catching highlights of the dial. The clean and simple design combines elegant taste and performance design, and brings new ideas to diving watches.

    At 3 o’clock on the watch, the date and the day display window. From this simple window, we can think of the complicated devices inside the movement to ensure the normal operation of the day dial and date dial. This watch has several special signs, one is the orange scale, and the other is the double crown design, which is also the characteristic of this watch. The two crowns of the watch are engraved with the ‘MIDO’ logo.

 The watch is equipped with the classic ETA2836-2 automatic winding movement. Through the sapphire crystal case back, we can clearly see the precision movement of the watch’s internal movement. The watch is full of chains to provide a 38-hour power reserve. Although the watch uses a sapphire transparent case back, the water-resistant depth of the watch can still reach 200 meters, which is enough to prove the success of Mido in the field of waterproofing.

Summary: This Mido helmsman series watch is my favorite one. The first is its design. The gray Geneva dial is equipped with luminous hands and hour markers. The orange color is full of personality, and the watch is designed to be transparent and has a water resistance of 200 meters. These are its highlights. The final domestic price of this watch is 8500 yuan, generally There is a little discount, so the price is reasonable.

Seiko Launches Bape Mechanical Diving Watch

Last year, Japanese street brand BAPE ushered in its 25th anniversary. BAPE cooperates with many international brands, and its results include Bell & Ross BAPEXXV watches. Today, Seiko cooperates with BAPE to launch the new BAPE mechanical diving watch (model: SZEL003).

   The new watch has a 45 mm diameter stainless steel case with a mineral-strengthened glass mirror. The dial is decorated with the ABCCamo camouflage pattern, which is also the signature of BAPE. It is equipped with a 4R36 self-winding movement made in Japan. This movement can also be wound manually and can provide a 41-hour power reserve.

   This is a limited edition watch, the exact number of which is not yet clear. It is reported that the watch will be on sale on February 9, 2019, with a list price of 60,000 yen (excluding tax), equivalent to about 3,700 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)