Pure Aesthetics Created By Craftsmanship: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Gmt Offshore Diving Watch And 44mm Chronograph

Following the acclaim of the Royal Oak in 1972, and the revolutionary trend in watch design and manufacturing, Audemars Piguet continued to launch the Royal Oak Offshore in 1993. Watch series. A larger, tougher case, coupled with a more powerful waterproof depth, has strengthened the position of Audemars Piguet in the field of advanced sports watches. In addition to breaking the unwritten rules that the watch industry has followed for decades in design and appearance concepts, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore Watches also lead the group in the use of innovative clock materials. In addition to using platinum, gold, platinum, rose gold, stainless steel and other materials, it also takes the lead in using innovative materials such as titanium alloys, rare metals in the field of space ‘tantalum’, aerospace alloy alacrite602, high-tech ceramics and forged carbon, to demonstrate the pursuit of perfection. Determination.
   Audemars Piguet has launched three new white ceramic watches under the Royal Oak and Offshore collections this year. Although the black ceramic version has been launched in the past, the Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon watch with white ceramic bezel and bridges is the first time, and the first time the case and bezel are made of white high-tech ceramics. The ceramic chronograph and diving watch, the masculine appearance with pure and soft white ceramics, the conflicting beauty constructed, really made watch fans exclaimed, surging inside, setting off a monstrous white giant wave.
   Since its birth in 1972 and 1993, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore watches have been adhering to the concept of innovation, not only establishing their own unique image, but also bringing together people with charm. , Expressing the philosophy of time in an egoistic way. Even if they carry complex movements, their lines are still extremely pure. The nearly perfect geometric lines have become the soul of royal oak and offshore watches. The octagon has completely transformed into the symbol of the legendary watch and has become Brand unique trademark.
Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44MM Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44mm White Ceramic Edition

   What is even more admirable is that such bold ideas are actually just the beginning. For forty years, the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore watches have not only been equipped with a variety of basic and complex performance movements, but also introduced innovative materials such as rubber, carbon fiber, titanium, cobalt alloy Alacrite, and forged carbon in the production material section. , Fully demonstrate the determination of Audemars Piguet’s always pursuit of perfection.
Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon
   In 2002, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Royal Oak collection, Audemars Piguet introduced the Royal Oak concept for the first time, paying tribute to the classic with innovative materials and case lines. In 2011, the Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon watch with an ultra-light and ultra-wear-resistant titanium case, and a black ceramic octagonal bezel, buttons and crown was launched. The dark and mysterious high-tech ceramics are matched with Audemars Piguet’s advanced tourbillon technology, adding a sense of stylish dignity.
  Royal Oak Concept GMT watch, titanium case, 44 mm diameter, white ceramic bezel, tourbillon, second time zone display, crown position display at 6 o’clock, hours and minutes, Calibre 2930 hands Winding movement, power reserve of 237 hours, water resistance to 100 meters, rubber strap.
   This white ceramic Royal Oak concept GMT watch launched this year basically continues the performance of the black ceramic style of 2011. It is based on the contrast of black and white, creating a rich three-dimensional visual contrast, and again in material and color Refreshing. The white ceramic bezel and crown are finished on the dark titanium case. Technology continues to create a pioneering Audemars Piguet watch factory, taking ceramics and movement into one, and replacing the black bridge in the 2913 movement with white ceramic. As a result, the new 2930 movement has also undergone a visual change. Its eye-catching hourglass-shaped bridge plate and the symmetrical tourbillon bridge plate and GMT display complement each other, further showing the characteristics of the movement.
   White ceramic is about 9 times harder than stainless steel, and must be processed with a special milling cutter equipped with a diamond-tipped tool. Due to the extremely high abrasion resistance of ceramics, polishing or matte polishing on its rough surfaces and edges is not only a difficult technical challenge, but also extremely time-consuming. It takes almost 8 hours to make the bezel of the white ceramic Royal Oak concept GMT tourbillon watch, compared to 45 minutes to make a stainless steel bezel.

   The white ceramic royal oak concept GMT tourbillon watch’s titanium case and white ceramic bezel are masterpieces of clock material technology. His 2930 bracelet movement is a must. In addition to the time division, tourbillon and second time zone ‘GMT’ display, this movement also indicates H, N and R at 6 o’clock, which correspond to the crown’s time adjustment, normal and winding. position. The 2930 movement is equipped with a dual barrel, which has a power storage capacity of up to ten days. In addition to the upper bridge plate made of white ceramic on the front, the aluminum bridge plate on the back of the movement is black anodized.
Royal Oak Offshore Diver
  Last year, Audemars Piguet introduced the mysterious black ceramic diving watch, and this year it once again set off ‘white fashion’ with white ceramic with a harder texture. Regardless of the bezel, case, buttons, and crown, the snow-white Royal Oak offshore series Diver is made of white ceramic that is 9 times harder than finest. The Vickers hardness is 1850, which is even higher than the 1350 black ceramic. In addition, the anti-magnetic design and the powerful case that is water-resistant to 300 meters, in addition to being stylish and beautiful, can ensure that the built-in high-quality 3120 self-made movement can still run accurately even in the harsh sea environment.
  Royal Oak offshore diving watch, white ceramic case and bezel, diameter 42 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, Calibre 3120 automatic movement, 60 hours power reserve, water resistance 300 meters, white rubber strap.
   The Royal Oak offshore ceramic diving watch is specially made for diving enthusiasts and those who need to deal with various extreme environments. It fully complies with the strict requirements of the Swiss watch international standard NIHS92-11 (ISO6425) for diving watches. Water-resistant to 300 meters, suitable for deep sea and any extreme environment that does not allow the slightest error. For this reason, Royal Oak Offshore Diver abandoned the design of the external rotating chronograph bezel, and adopted an inner ring type chronograph bezel to adjust the diving time setting by rotating the crown at 10 o’clock on the side of the case. This chronograph crown is equipped with an innovative waterproof gasket, which can be operated underwater if necessary, and the winding crown is also equipped with the same waterproof gasket.
Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44MM
   This is the second time that the Royal Oak offshore 44mm ceramic chronograph’s case, crown and buttons are made of ceramic, and it is also the first white ceramic style. Only the sapphire crystal back case and strap buckle are made of titanium, while the bezel screws are made of steel.
  Royal Oak offshore chronograph 44MM, white ceramic case and bezel, 44 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph, Calibre 3126/3840 self-winding movement, power storage 55 Hours, white rubber strap.
   In order to highlight the majestic and powerful characteristics of this timepiece, the Audemars Piguet watch factory adopts the classic white ‘Mega Tapisserie’ oversize pattern of the Royal Oak offshore series to decorate the face plate, and the small seconds at 6-9-12 And the counter is in blue, with the feeling of traveling the ocean. The needles of the chronograph dial and the central chronograph seconds hand are both red, which makes them clearer and clearer. The Royal Oak offshore 44 mm ceramic chronograph is equipped with the self-winding Calibre 3126/3840 self-winding movement, which has a power reserve of 55 hours. Its 22K gold automatic plate is treated with dark gray electroplating, ‘AP’ is engraved in the center, and is subjected to large-scale hollowing. You can enjoy the movement of some of the components of the movement through the sapphire crystal back.

Peking Philippe Raises The Price Of Watches In The Uk Market By 5.5%

Watchmaking giant Patek Philippe has decided to increase the price of watches in the UK market by 5.5%. Local retailers have received news last week that the new price list will take effect on September 1. It is reported that the main reason for Patek Philippe to increase the price of its products is the continued weakness of the British pound since the Brexit referendum.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5320G_001 watch
   In the latest financial report (as of the end of January 2017), Patek Philippe’s UK importer and distributor Rhone Products admitted that the group’s ‘main risk’ was the decline in consumer demand caused by the UK economic situation and the exchange rate of the Swiss franc against the British pound.
   Last year, the Rhone Products Group increased sales by 14% to 142 million pounds and net profit reached 6.3 million pounds. The company’s directors are ‘happy’ with progress, but also said that currency exchange rates are putting pressure on procurement and profitability.
   Since the British referendum last June, after leaving the European Union, price increases for luxury watch brands have been the subject of the market. After the Brexit referendum, Audemars Piguet, Richemont (including IWC, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin) and Hublot have increased the price of products in the UK market by about 10%. In the past year, Breitling has increased its product prices twice. In November 2016, Rolex also raised the price of watches in the UK market by 10%, which is also the first time that Rolex watches in the UK market have ushered in price increases since 2012.
   The fall of the pound against the Swiss franc has led to a sharp rise in the export prices of Swiss watches to the British market over the past 12 months, a narrowing of the price gap between products in the UK and other major markets, and increasing profit pressure on local retailers. At present, the UK is the world’s fourth largest export market for Swiss watches.

Golden Miracle In The Ocean Breitling Super Ocean Series Rose Gold Watch

Summer diving carnival can not give up the pursuit of gorgeous appearance, stainless steel and gold version of Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph II (Superocean Chronograph II) and Breitling Super Ocean 44 watch (Superocean 44) Enjoy a wonderful luxurious summer with the most dazzling color ‘Gold’.

 For the first time, the 18K rose gold graduated ring on the unidirectional ratcheting rotating bezel complements the moving luster of the stainless steel case; with gold hands, the charming black charm is set off against the black dial, which makes the entire watch shine Shenghui. With its gorgeous appearance, the watch has super water resistance of up to 500 meters and 2000 meters. It is an unquestionable professional diving watch, demonstrating the excellence of Breitling watchmaking skills.

Technical data
Breitling Superocean Chronograph II Steel & Gold

Movement: Breitling 13 movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), self-winding, 28,800 high-frequency swings per hour, 25 gem bearings; timing accuracy of 1/4 second, with 30 minutes and 12 hours cumulative timing Display; calendar display;

Case: stainless steel and rose gold; water-resistant to 500 meters (1,650 feet / 50 atmospheres); screw-in crown and safety chronograph button; one-way ratchet-shaped rotating bezel; curved sapphire crystal, double-sided Glare treatment; diameter: 44 mm;

Dial: deep sea white;

Strap / Bracelet: Cowhide strap, Superocean strap, Ocean Racer rubber strap (with holes), Diver Pro II deep dive rubber strap (spine ridge), Professional II and Professional III Stainless steel bracelet.

Breitling Superocean 44 Steel & Gold

Movement: Breitling 17-type movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), self-winding, high swing frequency of 28,800 per hour, 25 gem bearings, calendar display;

Case: stainless steel and rose gold; water resistance to 2,000 meters (6,600 feet / 200 atmospheres); screw-in crown; unidirectional ratchet-shaped rotating bezel; curved sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides; diameter : 44 mm;

Dial: deep sea white;

Strap / Bracelet: Cowhide strap, Superocean strap, Ocean Racer rubber strap (with holes), Diver Pro II deep dive rubber strap (center ridge), Diver Pro III deep dive rubber watch Strap (with brand signature), Professional II and Professional III stainless steel bracelet.

Notre Dame De Paris’ On The Watch

On the evening of April 15, 2019, the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire. This Gothic church was built in 1163, during the Southern Song Dynasty in China. Completed in 1345, Zhu Yuanzhang was still a monk that year. It is said that the cause of the fire may be the scaffolding of the restoration project. With the efforts of 500 firefighters, the two bell towers and the front building of Notre Dame were rescued, but two-thirds of the roof was damaged by the fire. It is the iconic spire that has collapsed. It was previously reported that it would take 8-10 years to repair the Notre Dame Cathedral that was affected by the fire. Later, French President Macron said that the cathedral would be restored in 5 years. Although the repair time has been shortened, for at least 5 years, everyone has no way to see the complete Notre Dame Cathedral. However, as a historic landmark in France, before the fire, the watch brand had already made relevant models. Through these watches, we can still learn everything about Notre Dame. The first watch was the Quasimodo GV108 released by Swatch in the autumn and winter of 1994, designed by Andrea Arrigoni. In addition to the picture of Notre Dame printed on the strap, the most striking thing about this watch is the gorgeous pattern on the dial. This pattern is derived from the ‘Cathedralglass’ church glass in Notre Dame. The European glass technology of the twelfth and third centuries could not produce pure and transparent large glass, but only various variegated glass with small area, low transparency and dark color. If this kind of glass is directly installed on the window, it will certainly look mottled and very messy. Inspired by the glass mosaics of the Byzantine church, ingenious craftsmen used stained glass to inlay pictures throughout the window. The GV108 of this Swatch is not expensive, you can find it at around RMB 1,000. The VanCleef & Arpels brand was founded in Paris in 1906. Compared to jewelry, their watches are less well-known. But in recent years, with the excellent design and aesthetics, it has captured the hearts of many girls. One of the most memorable styles is the ‘lover’s bridge’. This watch does not have the common hour and minute hands. It crosses a bridge on its dial, with a male, a female and two puppets on the bridge. The girls represent the hour hand and the boys represent the minute hand. They walk towards each other and eventually embrace each other at the bridge at 12 o’clock, which is romantic! The most magical thing is that boys have to walk 12 times to be with the female lead, and the female lead only walks once … In addition to this famous ‘lover bridge’, Van Cleef & There are also many similar works by Crepubo, such as this ‘Kite Girl’. The dial uses filigree enamel and mother-of-pearl carving to draw Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine flowing through it as a background, and then a girl stands on the Eiffel Tower and flies a kite. At this time, the girl puppet represents the hour hand, and the kite represents the minute hand, which is used to indicate the time. Watches are beautiful and the price is high. The official domestic price is 3.27 million. In addition to the Patek Philippe’s new products released each year on the brand’s official website, in fact, there are some rare ‘art treasures’ models. They differ from regular commercial versions in that they add more artistic flavors, such as the use of enamel, fine wood inlay, gold carving and other processes. In 2014, Patek Philippe produced a Ref.5077P with Notre Dame in the background. This watch uses the micro-painted enamel process to paint the stone monsters of Notre Dame and the top floor. Different from ordinary micro-painted enamel, this dial pattern is more three-dimensional and realistic. In addition to testing the enamel craftsman’s painting site, it also requires multi-layer firing, from light to thick, to increase the sense of layering. The Notre Dame fire was undoubtedly a huge loss. To rebuild Notre Dame, all circles in France now donate more than 700 million euros. Among them, the French billionaire and the LVMH Group Chairman Bernard Arnault family and their LVMH Group have stated that they will donate 200 million euros to support the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral. The LVMH Group owns three watch brands: TAG Heuer, Zenith and Hublot. At the same time, Francois Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of Kering Group of France, said that it would donate 100 million euros through the family Artemis holding company. And they have GP Girard Perregaux, JEANRICHARD, Ulysse Nardin …

Oris Launches The Latest Calibre 111 Self-moving Movement And Watch

Oris is pleased to announce the launch of the latest Calibre 111 movement and watch. After Calibre 110, Oris released the Calibre 111 self-maintaining movement, which also marked the brand’s rejuvenation as an innovative manufacturer of movement into a new phase.
   In 2014, in order to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand, Oris launched the Calibre 110 movement, which has been developed independently for a full 35 years. It is driven by a single barrel and has a power reserve of up to 10 days. Store display and unique combination of complex functions. The release of Calibre 110 movement strengthened Oris’s reputation and status as an innovative manufacturer, and also announced to the world that this Swiss independent watch brand has completely returned to the movement development business.

   In 2015, Calibre 111 will continue to write legends. In recent years, Oris has invested a lot of resources with a view to rebuilding its proud watchmaking tradition and dedicating itself to the industrial development of watchmaking. Calibre 110 movement is limited to 220 pieces. Oris cooperates with the most advanced micro-technology company in Switzerland to carefully create movement parts with independent tools in an effort to achieve mass production.
   The new Calibre 111 watch will include a total of four versions. The 10-day power reserve, non-linear power reserve display, 43 mm diameter, and stainless steel or 18K rose gold case all inherit the original design of the Calibre 110 watch. Compared with Calibre 110, the main difference of Calibre 111 is the new date display function.
   Models made of different materials are equipped with two different dial designs. The stainless steel version is decorated with a silver-white or sunburst black gold dial, while the 18K rose gold version is also available in cream and maroon.

   All four versions are embedded with sapphire glass mirror and case back and are water-resistant to 30 meters. The 18K rose gold model comes with a brown or gray alligator strap, while the stainless steel version is decorated with a black alligator strap or stainless steel bracelet. Oris’s latest Calibre 111 watch will be officially launched in October 2015.

Complex Watches, The Highest Level In Watchmaking

The ‘complex watch’ condensing more than two kinds of complex functions on one watch is a trend of high-end watch development, and is sought after by many senior watch fans. These models represent the highest level in the watchmaking world and are naturally of extraordinary value. What kind of watch you choose to enhance your taste, find the answer from the following watches

Kalpa XL Minute Repeater
Movement: PF350.01 hand-wound movement
壳 Case: Platinum dial, two small sapphire crystals on the back
Dial: Havana brown dial, hollow in the center
Strap: Hermes crocodile leather strap, polished buckle
Size: 53.0×37.2 mm
Waterproof: 30 meters
Reference price: 3460000 yuan

 Blancpain Minute Coaxial Carrousel
Movement: 225 automatic Carrousel movement
Case: Platinum case
Dial: Half hollow platinum dial, dual hands date display, power reserve display
Strap: black alligator leather strap, platinum buckle
Size: 43.5 mm
Waterproof: 30 meters

IWC super complex watch
Movement: 79091 automatic winding perpetual calendar minute movement
Case: Rose gold case, embedded crown
Dial: Black dial, perpetual calendar display, moon phase display, four-digit year display
Strap: black alligator leather strap, rose gold buckle
Size: 46.2 mm
Waterproof: 10 meters
Reference price: 1.8 million yuan

Simple Gentleman’s Grace Movado Watch Debuts At The Exhibition

The exciting 2015 Baselworld is in full swing. As an annual ‘Oscar’ feast in the watch industry, new products are dizzying. accident. Below, please follow the real pictures of the front line of the Watch House and enjoy the new masterpieces of Movado watches.

  Watch real shot show:

The silver case and simple design underline the gentleman’s grace.

  Men’s Swiss movement watch, 39.5mm pure stainless steel case with display back, round double-layer white sunburst three-hand dial with silver iconic dots and hands, column-recessed hour-markers, recessed minutes Scale ring, round date window and white lettering. Silver metal strap with pure stainless steel buckle, sapphire crystal, Swiss automatic movement, water resistant to 30 meters.

  Watch details real shot display:

The round date display is at six o’clock.

The round double-layer white sun-printed three-hand dial features silver iconic dots and hands.

 The crown is located at three o’clock and has a threaded logo for easy operation.

 The connection between the case and bracelet is smooth and natural, and it is close to the skin.

 The silver bracelet is beautifully worn.

 Seen from the side, the case is not heavy and light and dexterous to get started.

The Swiss automatic movement is clearly visible through the case back.

  At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the Basel Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most current watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2015, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Kunlun Launches Ti-bridge

Corum watched a new year with its brand new ‘Ti-Bridge’ in 2009. This watch, which symbolizes the brand’s superb watchmaking technology, perfectly integrates classic elegance and contemporary spirit, and is equipped with a second new mechanical movement CO007 developed by the company. With the rich experience of CORUM in the past in creating special movements and strong watchmaking capabilities, this watch equipped with the latest in-house movement, Ti-Bridge, will open a new historical page for the brand, and more After the Golden-Bridge, it will once again smash the entire watch industry.

 When the mystery of this second home-made movement was unveiled, it marked the official beginning of a new era for CORUM. Although the design inspiration of the newly developed movement CO 007 is inspired by the Golden Bridge, the entire creation is completely different. Whether it is the shape, volume, structure, or the technology involved, it is clearly different from the past. The CO 007 movement presents a spirit of contemporary creativity. Ti-Bridge with CO 007 movement will also be a new watch series under CORUM. Simply put, this movement, which represents a new era in watchmaking, is a perfect fusion of modern design and traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, a mixture of elegance and fashion.

 As a revolutionary watch creation, Ti-Bridge combines contemporary design with watchmaking. At the same time, this brand new model does not conflict with other existing COURM watch series, because since the establishment of COURM, all watches are born to express the spirit of the current era, so each series, in fact, Each represents an era. The watch Ti-Bridge, equipped with a new movement CO 007, can be said to break the norm and create a strong and unique style. This watch naturally meets the highest standards of HauteHorlogerie because it presents traditional and ancient watchmaking in a way that truly belongs to this era. Combining the most cutting-edge design elements, using the best contemporary materials, and creating with almost architectural rigor, Ti-Bridge is enough to become an example of contemporary watches.

The soul of titanium
 As we all know, titanium is a kind of light metal that is difficult to be controlled by ordinary machinery, but Ti-Bridge finally overcomes all difficulties, from the outer case to the inner movement, from the plate bridge of the movement to the fine spindle. Taken from this epochal future metal. In addition, all polishing is meticulous. The bridge of the movement is engraved with the ‘CORUM’ brand letter and decorated with a forged surface. The barrel of the spring is decorated with spiral patterns. The CO 007 movement has a vibration frequency of 4 hertz (Hz) and a kinetic energy reserve of up to 72 hours. Ti-Bridge’s solitary arch rectangular case (41.5mm x 42.5mm) is made of the only grade 5 titanium that can be polished. The surface is covered with a dome-shaped sapphire crystal, which can really look at the movement. The inside of the case back is polished by forging technology, and a rectangular crystal mirror window is painted with black PVD coating. The comfortable curved design, combined with the dumb grinding under the above light, brings a strong sense of layer to the watch, and at the same time highlights the structure of the internal movement. In addition, Ti-Bridge watches are water resistant to 50 meters.
 The CO 007 movement is fixed in the case by two ‘transverse arms’. The crown is cleverly placed inside the case, consolidating the integrity of the watch, and also making the structure of the watch full of architectural aesthetics. The hollow hands painted with luminous coating ensure that the time can still be clearly displayed in the dark place. The Ti-Bridge watch comes with an alligator leather strap and a titanium-plated triple buckle. Such precious and unique watches are expected to produce 750 pieces in 2009.

Raymond Weil Master Ladies Moon Phase Watch

Christmas is approaching in 2013, and Swiss fine watch brand RAYMOND WEIL presents a new member of the gorgeous symphony-the Maestro ladies moon phase watch. This is the first time that the brand has carefully crafted a complicated watch for women. The moon phase function is specially designed to show the romantic elegance of women. In this season full of retrospection, gratitude, blessing and reunion, it is on behalf of you. Her most exquisite and special intentions make the tenderness of Christmas become the eternally soft moonlight blooming on her wrist.

 The moon is a symbol of elegance and softness, and a wonderful testimony of happy reunion time. On the occasion of Christmas, Raymond Weil specially presents this classic master and lady moon phase watch, to accompany you, to record her smile when she opened the gift box under the silver fir tree decorated with lanterns, and the beautiful and warm moment Become a permanent memorial between minutes and seconds.

 From an aesthetic point of view, as a member of the classic master series, this latest Raymond Weil watch is cleverly equipped with two brand exclusive patent buttons at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions of the case. Adjust the calendar and moon phases to ensure the balance of the case shape.

 The 36mm polished stainless steel case is set with 68 brilliant diamonds. The classic master ladies moonphase watch reveals a hint of starry sky on its white mother-of-pearl dial, mysterious and romantic. In the center of the dial, the sun’s radial decorative pattern is smooth and fine, and it perfectly matches the moon phases and stars at 6 o’clock, which is perfect. The hour, minute and second hands are also blue and are crafted in a classic design. Analog calendar, the stars and moons chasing time. The blue dome of the crown at 3 o’clock and the starry blue alligator leather strap shine. The bezel diamonds that embellish the mother-of-pearl dial are like the snowflakes scattered in the deep night, and quietly accompany her to the countdown to the bells of Christmas Eve in the warm moment of moonlight.

The luscious wines, joyous carols and warm fires on Christmas and Moonlight nights are now transformed into tender memories reminiscent of her wrists, with each passing day being treasured along with the lack of sunshine.

RAYMOND WEIL Maestro Women’s Moon Phase Watch Technical Parameters
2739 LS3 05909
Movement Mechanical Movement – ​​RW4520
Automatic winding
Power reserve 38 hours
Sapphire bearings 26
Function Central hour, minute and second hands display
  Analog calendar display
  Moon phase display at 6 o’clock
  Two corrector buttons for adjusting the date and moon phase on the case are patented at 4 and 8 o’clock
Case Round, polished steel
  Diameter: 36 mm
  Thickness: 11.05 mm
Bezel Polished steel with 68 diamonds
Crown Polished steel teeth, engraved with RW
Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-glare treatment
Dial White mother-of-pearl dial with sun-radiation at the center
Blue Arabic numerals
Hands Blue steel hour / minute / second hands, classic design; blue steel moon-shaped hands indicating calendar
Case back Sapphire crystal case back
Strap Blue alligator leather strap with two-button insurance folding buckle
Water resistant 50 meters

Charming Tourbillon Recommended Three New Tourbillon Watches

For tourbillon watches, I believe that most people should first know the complicated functions of the watch and its unique operation method when they first come into contact with the watch. Reach the peak. Perhaps the tourbillon is not so important for the pursuit of precise travel time, but its iconic appearance is still loved by table friends. Below, Watch House brings you three new tourbillon watches of this year, so you can see their charm in detail.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon

Model: 26589IO.OO.D002CA.01
Movement type: manual winding
Case material: titanium and ceramic
Strap Material: Rubber
Case width: 44 mm
Watch details: 53-01 PABLO MAC DONOUGH Tourbillon

Model: RM 53-01
Movement type: manual winding
Case material: TPT carbon fiber
Strap Material: Rubber
Case width: 44.50 x 49.94 mm
Watch details: richardmille / 59959 /
Watch review: Richard Mille’s new tourbillon watch. Perhaps the real amazing thing about this watch is not the tourbillon, but the material and stable structure, which makes this watch even deep polo. Zhong’s fierce movement can still keep accurate time, without fear of any harm. The watch is made of carbon fiber and bullet-proof glass. The unique suspension cable movement consists of two independent structures. One is the floor fixed to the case, and the other is the ‘central’ base plate, which is fixed by steel cables. The advantage of this movement is shock absorption, which provides the best impact protection.
In summary: the tourbillon function is arguably the most well-known function in the watch. We may not care about its actual function, but it is still a benchmark function of the watch.