Meidao Cooperates With The International Institute Of Architects To Select The Observatory-certified Mechanical Watch To Confirm The Eternal Mark Of Time

BaroncelliⅡ Eternal Series Re-Engraved Watch

‘Inspiration confirms eternity’ is the essence of the brand that Swiss Mido has been pursuing since its birth. In the past century, while creating high-quality watches, Swiss Mido has always insisted on achieving creative breakthroughs in watch design, and strives to make true classic designs eternal in the passage of time. This artistic exploration through time and space It complements the spirit of a classic building that has been baptized with time. Through this cooperation with the world’s authoritative international construction organization, we will continue to strengthen the connection and communication with the construction industry. In the future, MIDO will start a series of close cooperation with important events of the International Institute of Architects (UIA). Starting from the World Architects Congress in August 2014, they will participate in the awards ceremony, seminars and double-level international modern architecture. Annual exhibition.

 Franz_Linder, global president of Meitu, Switzerland, and Albert_Dubler, president of the International Institute of Architects, took a group photo in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

 On January 8, 2014 (Wed.), Franz Linder, global president of Swiss Mido Group, signed a cooperation agreement with the President of the International Institute of Architects, Albert Dubler, and officially announced the cooperation relationship. The International Institute of Architects (UIA) is a non-governmental organization alliance of international architects. Its members come from 132 different countries and regions, and bring together more than 1.3 million architects around the world.

 UIA’s influence is active in all parts of the world, including forums, seminars, councils, international design competitions, etc., hosting or sponsoring more than 300 construction-related competitions, and many world-renowned buildings have been born, such as the Sydney Opera House, Paris Bidu Center, Egyptian Library of Alexandria, Tokyo International Convention Center and other famous architectural works. Based on the spirit of Mido brand-A mark of true design itself, it shares the same value for the humanities of architecture with UIA, the world’s leading international architectural association, thus facilitating this cross-border cooperation.

 The most representative event of the International Institute of Architects is the triennial World Congress, which is held every three years. After being held in Tokyo, Japan, in 2011, the 25th World Architects Congress will be held in Durban, South Africa in August this year. At that time, MIDO will also participate for the first time. In Taiwan, Mido will also actively participate in construction-related activities.

 Commander Champagne Rose Gold Two-Tone Watch

 MIDO has a long and inseparable relationship with the world’s classic architecture. The design concept pays tribute to the world’s most famous classic architecture. The first architectural aesthetic inspired watch design comes from the 2002 All Dial Athletics Rome series. The timeless style of the world-famous ancient Roman arena, whether it is the design of the case or dial, reproduces the historical traces of Roman architecture. The MIDO watch deeply understands that the beauty of space and time can be seen through the building, captures the flowing light and shadow of classic buildings, and reflects this core concept in the design of the watch, which confirms the eternity of history.

 MIDO inherits the traditional architectural concept. The classic series includes the Commander Champs series design concept inherited from the Paris Tower, the All Dial Roman Athletics series inspired by the ancient Roman arena, and the Great Wall Great Wall series inspired by the iconic Chinese ancient building Great Wall The Multifort Pioneer series takes the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a myth, while the Baroncelli eternal series pays tribute to the famous cloister of Emmanuel II of Milan and the Rennes Opera House in France. The MIDO beautiful watch perfectly reflects the eternity of the classic architecture.