Masculinity In Roman Architecture

Looking through Bulgari, as if looking through a history of Roman architectural art. In view of the creative aesthetics of Roman architectural art, as well as its natural ability to create and appreciate beauty, Bulgari draws inspiration from artistic exploration and has given birth to eternity.

Classic timeless art masterpiece
   Bulgari is good at blending creativity and innovation, which makes it a classic and timeless art masterpiece. The design of the Octo series combines the iconic octagonal appearance of the Roman Catholic Maxentius Palace in 310 AD, and the shape shows the beauty of male masculinity. In the Octo series, this ‘Italian genius creativity’ has extraordinary charm and dazzling personality, boldly blending squares and circles, and accurately dividing time with a perfect octagonal shape. The unique shape of the Octo series of watches is impressive and showcases deep history and culture.
   In China thousands of miles away, the design of the octagon in Yin Yang or Yi Jing symbolizes the signs of continuous transformation between heaven and earth. The number ‘8’, a Latin translation of Octo, represents the mathematician’s infinite theory and the eternal immortality, and it also symbolizes the Chinese (I Ching) view of the universe. The octagon can be said to be the original source of Chinese history, civilization, and conviction. It is a classic eternity, linking the past, present, and future.

The iconic octagonal facade of the Maxentius Palace in Rome

Unique ingenuity: complex functions and simple appearance
   From a functional point of view, the ‘calibre’ of each Bulgari mechanical watch can be called a delicate work of art. For the most sophisticated complication movement, more than a thousand components are packed into a small space of only a few cubic centimeters, and the time, calendar and other functions need to be accurately displayed. The complexity can be imagined. In order to complete this sophisticated work, Bulgari’s engineers, mechanics, watchmakers, and designers have accumulated many years of practical experience in watchmaking workshops, which has made Bulgari’s extraordinary today. The brand independently develops and manufactures mechanical movements, which are the immortal masterpieces of industry experts.

Precision movement

   In terms of appearance, the Octo series breaks the traditional constraints, and its avant-garde design makes it different from common watches. The 110 independent facets are carefully processed by hand to create the alternating effect of polishing and frosting, and the Bourg is displayed everywhere Li’s attentiveness and attentiveness. These elaborate designs are reminiscent of contemporary architecture or furniture design, and the exquisite craftsmanship is reminiscent of Italian racing cars or modern yachts. This watch is an extension of Italian style, the perfect balance of complexity and simplicity, the perfect use of geometric patterns, but not rigid.
   Although the features are complex, the appearance looks extremely simple. Not just for performance. Every Bulgari embodies
With the spirit of Italian architectural art, elegant geometric design, designed for confident men who love fashion.

Simple-looking dial

Classic novelty young extraordinary
   Bulgari has come all the way from the history and culture of ancient Rome, constantly using new technologies to create amazing miracles of jewelry watches. Its deep
Thick historical background, distinctive personality and creative design, and the brand’s extreme elegance, these factors combined make Bulgari perfectly present in the new field of men’s watches. The 2016 new Octo series launched this year uses an ultra-modern black lacquered dial. The bold and unique design and strong movement combination establish the unique characteristics of the watch.

Octo Solotempo

   The Bvlgari Octo watch has the ultimate beauty: a 41 mm diameter dial, this Octo Solotempo is powered by BVL 193
The core, dual-axis escapement movement continuously provides 50 hours of power, providing precise hours, minutes, seconds and date display. Solotempo means ‘only time’ in Italian. It records every millisecond with absolutely reliable accuracy, and makes Bvlgari Bulgari’s simple beauty with top-level superb craftsmanship.

Octo Finisssimo watch

   This Octo Finisssimo ultra-thin watch is independently developed and manufactured by the brand and is placed between two hair-thin splints.
trace. This manual-winding mechanical movement (BVL 128) is only 2.23 mm thick. With the extremely simple hour and minute display, the small second hand at 7:30, and the power reserve display on the back (about 70 hours), the Finissimo watch is exquisite and elegant. Bulgari’s 40mm ultra-thin platinum case is injected into this masculine watch, and it has the ultimate beauty in its simple design.

International football star C Ronaldor wears a Bulgari Octo watch

The masculine power of the Octo watch
   Black masculinity dominates the fashion world and has become an integral part of contemporary trends. The Octo series showcases the masculine power of men in a modern style of ‘all black’ or ‘nearly all black.’ The case is covered with a black DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating. The profound and elegant Italian aesthetics are presented. The Octo series is unique, showing the architectural aesthetic style and the rich black exterior paint to show the perfection between different materials. Integration. Bvlgari uses a combination of rose gold and platinum materials with black diamond-like exterior paint to create thousands of changes.

   OCTO watches have always been loved by many influential stars. For example, Oscar-winner Adrien Brody, nine-time American Grammy Award-winning American singer John Legend, international football star C Lang Nadu, Chinese popular film and television young man Wu Yifan, South Korean Super Junior-M member Liu Xianhua, international male model Jon Kortajarena, and so on.

Wu Yifan

Summary: Personality achieves a graceful manner, and ingenuity creates a legend. The Octo series is a new interpretation of Italian style. It is not only a fashion accessory designed for urban people, but also a complete interpretation of the Bulgari men’s style. The appearance is noble, and the movement is equally gorgeous. Fans of fine watches can enjoy the unique quality and innovative style of this series of watches.