Limited To 28 Montblanc ‘transformers’

Playing Transformers on a watch is very gimmicky, it is important to attract attention. Montblanc launched this limited edition of 28 pieces of products. It has already made a lot of money just by attracting the attention of the media and watch fans.

From left: Mr. Demetrio Cabiddu, technical director of the Minerva Institute for Advanced Watchmaking Technology, Johnny Girardin, creator of Metamorphosis, Franck Orny
Favorite watches are fun and enjoyable, so how do you get happy? The most popular course at Harvard University in the United States is Positive Phychology, a branch of psychology. The Chinese translation is ‘happiness’. Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar teaches this course that the basic principle of happiness is deformation, which deforms itself according to external information (according to INFORMATION Perform TRANSFORMATION), the real happiness comes from your own adjustment.

Montblanc Metamorphosis Watch
Playing Transformers on a watch is a gimmick. But catching the eye is important. There are two very important data for business, one is traffic, and the other is conversion rate. The conversion rate is determined by the competitiveness of its own services and products. Therefore, increasing the traffic as much as possible is the main means to increase revenue. Montblanc launched this limited edition of 28 pieces of products. It has already made a lot of money just by attracting the attention of the media and watch fans.

Montblanc Metamorphosis watch function demo
怎么 How Metamorphosis can change:
Montblanc’s Metamorphosis watch adopts an irregular drop-shaped shell design. The flowing shell, black-gray tone, and one-button timing of Minerva’s signature make the overall design full of beauty. The change start is operated by moving the ten-point starter of the case, and the deformation time is about 15 seconds. Setting this time up to 15 seconds is convenient to fully appreciate the deformation process. The so-called deformation is mainly reflected in the following points:

Demonstration of transformation process: before transformation
The first is the standard needle design for different axes of the hour and minute hands. The time indication is similar to the design of the standard hand, and the hour and minute hands are on different axes. The function of the hour and minute hands is unchanged in this watch regardless of whether it is deformed.
Second, the minute hand and second hand are coaxial. The function of the long second hand has changed before and after the deformation. Many friends are worried about the beautiful large long second hand fixed by Diton. The Montblanc design fully moves the second hand. In the normal running state, it is the second time display, and in the chronograph state, it is used as the chronograph second hand.

Transformation process demo: transformation
The third is the change of the 6-point dial function before and after the deformation. At the 6-point position of the dial, Montblanc’s signature dial was established from the Nicholas Cage chronograph. In the timing state, this dial is transformed into a chronograph minute hand. It is used as a calendar in the normal running state Indication effect. Leaving aside technology, this watch has a heritage of innovation and classic elements of its own product line. At first glance, it is the design of a major manufacturer with a deep foundation. It can also recognize whose product it is without a trademark.

Demonstration of transformation process: after transformation
Twenty-four is the change of the face before and after the deformation. The hour dial at 12 o’clock is a Roman numeral time scale in normal travel time and an Arabic numeral time scale in technical time. The 6 o’clock dial will also change to the minute hand cumulative dial or 31-day date dial, and the date display is still very carefully made into a large calendar structure with a coaxial dual disc combination. The small dial in the center displays the ten-digit date and the peripheral display Bit date, very particular about the details.
Be aware that the general tourbillon watch is composed of more than 200 parts, the perpetual calendar watch has more than 300 parts, the double tourbillon or minute repeater is composed of about 350 parts, and the perpetual calendar plus tourbillon is only more than 400 parts. The Metamorphosis table is made up of 567 parts, showing its complexity.