Kate Princess, ‘hard And Thrift’, Only Has One Watch

Recently, Prince Louis, the third child of Prince William and Princess Kate, was baptized. The baptismal ceremony was held at the Royal Church of James Palace in London, England. Later, the British royal family officially released several photos. In the photos, the little prince and brother and sister were very cute, but what surprised me the most was that after the marriage of Princess Kate for 7 years and the birth of 3 children, she was still able to maintain Such a good state.

Princess Kate holding the little Prince Louis

 The official title of ‘Kate Princess’ is ‘His Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge,’ and the name of ‘Princess’ can be said to be a reflection of the public’s love for Kate. In 2011, Kate married Prince William in London. At that time, the eyes of the whole world were focused on that meaningful ‘balcony’ of the century.

The moment Prince William and Princess Kate kissed

 When it comes to this, many people may think of Princess Diana. Twenty years ago, Princess Diana, who was only 36 years old, left the world in a car accident, leaving young Prince William and Harry. It was also in recent years that William and Harry revealed that their mother’s departure had a huge and lasting impact on their lives.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles

Princess Diana, William Jr. and Charlie Jr.

 After the death of Princess Diana, the royal family is said to have William and Harry pick a mother’s relic as a memorial. William chose his mother’s sapphire ring, which is now worn on Kate’s hands. Kate almost never took off the ring, and wore this meaningful sapphire ring on any occasion. We saw the Royal Family at the Wimbledon final audience last weekend. Among them, Kate wore a bright yellow dress that was very energetic. You should know that her production has been less than 3 months, and her figure has recovered as before.

Prince William and Princess Kate appear at Wimbledon final

Princess Kate wears Cartier blue balloon watch

 On that day, in addition to wearing the sapphire ring, she also wore a blue balloon from Cartier. This blue balloon is currently the most worn and the most photographed by Princess Kate. After she married the royal family, this is also the only open watch Kate we can find.

Kate and Meghan

 This is not the first time the British royal family has appeared in the Wimbledon audience. American actor Meghan Markle, who has just married the British royal family, has appeared with his sister-in-law. On the same day, Kate still chose elegant dresses, and Meghan chose more neat shirts and pants. Careful observation, Kate was still wearing this Cartier blue balloon that day.

Princess Kate wears Cartier blue balloon watch

 Many people don’t know that the design inspiration of Cartier Blue balloon really comes from a ‘balloon’. It is said that the designer’s design inspiration came from France at the end of the 18th century. The Brothers Montgolfier released a blue hot air balloon with a gold pattern, which was the first hot air balloon in human history. Inspired by this story, Cartier first launched a watch named Ballon Bleu de Cartier in 2007. Of course, we still don’t know if this story is credible, but the blue balloon received great attention once it was launched. From the performance of the market, Cartier blue balloon is another representative of Cartier after the tank series.

 Back on the princess wearing this watch, its appearance rate is really too high.

Kate wears Cartier blue balloon watch when Princess Kate and Prince William visit


Wear the Cartier Blue Balloon Watch when wearing a casual suit

Kate holding Princess Sherlock

Princess Kate

 As the ‘Princess of the Common People’ in the British population, Kate’s dress style and elegant temperament have always been highly sought after by the public. In addition to her high-definition in her wardrobe, many fast-fashionable brands are her choice. It is also Kate’s common practice for a piece of clothing to appear on different occasions by matching different items. For example, the two pictures above, the same off-white coat, changed through different hairstyles and accessories, the same thing is that she is wearing that Cartier blue balloon.

Picture of Kate wearing a Cartier blue balloon

 The appearance rate of this blue balloon is so high that we can only conclude in the end that either Kate really loves this watch, or she only has this one. Of course, the latter is almost impossible.