J12 Global Limited Edition High Jewellery Watch

‘I chose a diamond because it contains the greatest value in the smallest volume.’ Ms. Chanel once commented on her personal Bijoux de Diamants, the first high-jewellery series exhibition in 1932. Since the advent of the Chanel J12 series, it has introduced black and white high-tech precision ceramics, chronographs or tourbillon watches, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies, etc., which have a status just like N ° 5 in the perfume kingdom, becoming The logo of the Chanel watchmaking industry. Today we want to recommend the J12 series of diamond limited editions launched this year.

The J12 watch is designed to celebrate the opening of the 18 Jewelry Watch Boutique in Paris
高级 This high-end jewelry watch is a timeless design that brings together the most precious and irreplaceable materials: 18K white gold, black high-tech precision ceramics, and Ms. Chanel’s favorite-diamonds;
限量 Limited to 12 pieces in the world, and each engraved with an independent number, it has the glory of rare treasures, which is irresistible.