In-depth Visit To Patek Philippe’s Beijing Source Mansion, To Show You The Key Issues Of Patek Philippe’s After-sales Maintenance

It is not too late to get to the topic. What I want to do today is to give you a detailed and comprehensive interpretation of the after-sales issues of Patek Philippe watches. The full text is not false. Everything in this article is the actual situation that Patek Philippe watches will encounter during after-sales maintenance. I asked everything I needed to know, I knew everything I needed to know. Not only can I answer the maintenance issues of conventional Patek Philippe, but I also have some questions about complex Patek Philippe and antique Patek Philippe. I was able to write this article and I received help from Patek Philippe, so the numbers, amounts, time, and procedures in the article are accurate. Let’s start.

Patek Philippe’s Beijing After Sales Center is located at No. 23, Qianmen. At the same time, it is also the location of Beijing Patek Philippe’s Residence (specialty store).
   I attach great importance to the maintenance of watches. The more watches I buy, the more I pay attention. When we only have one watch, after-sales maintenance is not a problem. We wear a watch every day. If there is a problem with the watch, it should be repaired. If we wear it for a few years, the time is not allowed. The maintenance should be maintained without any problems. But when the watches in our hands gradually increased, and the purchase of watches was no longer a single source, the problem of maintenance occurred. When multiple watches require maintenance, we will find that the maintenance cost is also a ‘not a small number’; watches bought outside the counter, watches with earlier production years, often encounter the need to repair oil. The official after-sale that makes people feel at ease is the mainstay of our watches, let us dare to buy a watch regardless of the year.

5396 at the entrance of the after sales center.
   I know that what you most want to know is the latest after-sales maintenance price of Patek Philippe, so I will write down the things you care about directly.

Please see Patek Philippe’s latest maintenance price after price adjustment.

Replace the battery 600 yuan
Quartz watch (level 2) 5000 yuan
Manual mechanical watch (level 2) 7400 yuan
Automatic mechanical watch (level 2) 8200 yuan
Complex function I (level 3) annual calendar, two places, moon phase 10700 yuan
Complex function II (advanced) perpetual calendar, timekeeping, timed calendar 14800 yuan
Complex function III (advanced) timing perpetual calendar, flyback perpetual calendar 18,900 yuan
Supercomplexity (Geneva Premium) / Classic (age over 20 years) Need to be evaluated and returned to Switzerland
Polishing price Case or bracelet 1700 yuan
Polishing price case and bracelet 2900 yuan
You can compare your Patek Philippe with yours to see in which gear and how much does it cost to maintain it.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.

At Patek Philippe, customers will know the condition of their watches as soon as possible.
   The working hours of Patek Philippe’s official after sales center are from 10 am to 5:30 pm, and it is closed on weekends.
   The reason why Patek Philippe will use the form of an external customer service center is to let friends who are doing maintenance know the condition of their watches as soon as possible. Although they are all external customer service centers, I personally feel that the biggest difference between Patek Philippe and Rolex is that Patek Philippe does not have to wait. Rolex’s external customer service includes Rolex and Tudor, plus a large number of Rolex, so there are many people who come to customer service, whether it is sending or taking a meter, plus testing time, waiting too long. Patek Philippe is much more comfortable (of course, Patek Philippe has less production). According to the requirements of Patek Philippe, bring the watch to Patek Philippe for testing first, and it will complete and produce results in 20 to 30 minutes. What happened to the watch, whether it should be maintained, what items to do, and how much the price came out. Leave the watch when you decide to maintain it, and you can withdraw it without warranty.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.
Let me talk about the time required for the official maintenance of Patek Philippe.

   The maintenance efficiency of Patek Philippe is extremely high. Everyone has seen the place where the price was quoted before. Patek Philippe’s watches are graded, level 2 and level 3, and you can deal with it yourself. The time left for maintenance of a watch is distinguished according to this level. Level 2 watches (such as 5196 and 5296) and level 3 watches (such as 5146 and 5396) require about 10 weeks for maintenance (basically even more than 2 months). Level 3 or higher (5140, 5170, 5960) is 15 weeks (more than 3 months).
   There are 11 technicians in the Patek Philippe after-sales center in Beijing. Because the number of repair personnel trained by Patek Philippe now increases, more technicians can maintain and repair watches of this level 5146 and 5396 than before, so the three-hand watch is also good, the calendar is good, and the maintenance time It’s almost the same. In fact, we all know that it takes more time for quality maintenance of watch maintenance. After the watch is finished, it will not pass the test. It takes 2-3 weeks in 10 weeks. If your Patek Philippe is a tourbillon, enamel, three questions, according to Patek Philippe’s global regulations, you must return to Switzerland. After maintenance, customer service will call you to get the meter.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.
Patek Philippe does not recommend polishing.

   We know that, like Rolex, after sending it for maintenance, you can help polishing for free, you decide whether to throw or not. Patek Philippe’s watches are not officially polished after the official sale, because Patek Philippe is mostly gold watches except for nautilus, grenade, 5960A, etc. Polishing will consume the gold on the case, so the official after-sales will not actively polish it . However, after one maintenance, a one-year warranty will be sent.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.
Below, please pay attention to experienced players.

   The above content is suitable for every watch consumer and enthusiast, while the following content is related to senior players.
   We know that Patek Philippe is a special brand. It is not that you can go to the store to buy any watch. Some Patek Philippe watches may not be available at the time because they are too hot. So often, senior players will go outside the store and find their own watch.
   When your watch comes to a Patek Philippe watch, such as 5270, 5370, 5204, 5207, 5208, the problem arises. Because the domestic Patek Philippe official after-sale service table can reach the level of flying back perpetual calendar (5159, 5496), single timing (5170), annual calendar timing (5960, 5905). Higher-level watches, questionnaires, enamels, etc., must return to Switzerland. Many players’ watches are bought from the secondary market. When these watches need maintenance, it is likely that they will not be able to return to Switzerland, because these watches need to pay taxes to ‘go abroad’.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center, the movement is being inspected.
   I know that senior players have their own places where they can repair and maintain their watches, and problems with general watches can be handled by themselves. But to some watches of Patek Philippe, I think these watches are not easily handled by the people. For experienced players, the maintenance of complex Patek Philippe will be a potential problem. Buying a watch at a domestic Patek Philippe store is the most secure, and can avoid many unnecessary problems and hidden dangers. So I hope that everyone can go to Patek Philippe’s domestic specialty store, that is, Patek Philippe Yuandi to buy watches.

   For antique Patek Philippe, it is also necessary to return to Switzerland. Patek Philippe can guarantee that all Patek Philippe watches from 1839 to the present can be maintained. Because brands like Patek Philippe have a relatively long history, they retain the parts production tools used in history at that time. Even if you take a Patek Philippe 100 years ago, there are bad parts, where you need to replace parts, you can make replacement parts. For antique watches, we are most concerned about the originality and originality. The principle of Patek Philippe’s maintenance and repair of antique PP is that according to customer requirements, you want to maintain the original appearance, Patek Philippe will not do additional processing; you want to make the watch look new, and Patek Philippe will give it a place to deal with, the replacement of the replacement Pieces.

Reception room of Patek Philippe Beijing Sales Center.
Finally, I would like to talk about the maintenance cycle of the watch.

   In fact, the maintenance period of the watch is shorter than we think. Although the average watch brand says that it is guaranteed for 5 years, many times, the oil in the watch is already useful. Patek Philippe also recommends testing in about 3 years. In addition, we need to note that the quartz watch also needs maintenance. The quartz movement Patek Philippe battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. In addition to the quartz movement, which is driven by batteries, many parts are the same as mechanical watches. So don’t forget the maintenance.