Hu Ge Endorsed Zenith Zenith Brand Store Kunming Bailian Plaza Opening Event

June 29, 2013-Kunming, a Swiss watchmaker Zenith with a history of nearly a century and a half, officially unveiled its Kunlian Bailian store in Kunming, Yunnan, and displayed its gas-pound at the scene.礴 Pilot’s Watch. On the day of the event, the famous movie star Hu Ge, a close friend of the brand, came to the scene to witness the glorious moment when Zenith.

 Ribbon cutting ceremony for Zenith Kunlian Bailian Store

Zhenlishi Kunming Bailian store showcases extraordinary watchmaking palace

Zenith Kunming Bailian Store is located on the first floor of the landmark Bailian Square in Kunming. The site selection here demonstrates Zenith’s full confidence in the development of the Kunming market. In the past few years, Zenith has performed well in the Chinese market, and watch enthusiasts with great taste have increasingly recognized Zenith’s achievements and craftsmanship in fine watchmaking since 1865. Zenith Kunming Bailian store’s exterior wall design was inspired by the architectural style of the Zenith Swiss Lelock watchmaking factory: the patchwork of glass tiles and the huge stone pillars supporting the two ends form a geometric shape. Customers are guided into the world of Zenith watchmaking-the hall of Swiss watchmaking tradition, which shows the brand’s enthusiasm and persistence in the traditional Swiss fine watchmaking process. Ms. Zhang Limin, General Manager of Zenith Greater China, said: ‘The grand opening of Zenith Kunming Bailian Store is very encouraging. It not only represents Zenith’s firm confidence in the Chinese market, but also perfects the brand spirit of Zenith. Incarnation. ‘

‘Zenith Supersonic Journey’ Pilot Watches Exhibition

On the occasion of the opening of the Zenith Kunlian Store in Zenith, in order to show its long history of aviation, Zenith presents the pilot show of the Zenith Supersonic Tour, and invites brand watchmakers on 6 From January 29th to 30th, we will provide customers with all kinds of mechanical watch repair and maintenance services free of charge in Zenith stores.

Zhenli was involved in aviation adventures as early as the early 20th century, and was one of the first manufacturers to produce aircraft instruments. Zenith’s “Type 20 Aircraft” series watch’s stunning appearance at the 2013 Basel show has long attracted much attention and praise. This series is a distinguished spokesperson for Zenith’s early pilot series. The watch contains all the visual effects: a huge onion-locked crown, large Arabic numerals, a wide black matte dial and super luminous paint hands, and the Swiss Civil Aviation Registration Code ‘HB’ can be seen on the side of the case Lettering and watch serial number. The Zenith Pilot’s Watch not only maintains the delicate proportions and elegant lines in the design, but also inherits the glorious style of its predecessors, perfectly presenting the glory of the glorious era and the ambition to conquer the sky.

On the day of the event, Hu Ge experienced the assembly of the movement himself under the guidance of a watchmaker, and stated that he had tried simple assembly of watches and clocks. Although it was only a basic assembly, he deeply realized that the manufacture of watches and clocks is a very complicated process. An excellent timepiece must be completed with superb craftsmanship. Zenith presented Hu Ge with a timeless watch of the Zenith Pilot Series 20 in two places, representing the pioneering spirit of fearlessness, to pay tribute to his courageous commitment to his dreams and his continuous attempts and breakthroughs in various aspects of the performing arts.