Glory On The Wrist, The Freshman Of Artistic Conception Nomos Launches Lambda 39 Series Watch

(July 2015, Glashütte) From the best watch of the year, to the Red Dot Design Award, to the Goldene Unruh Award, the NOMOS Lambda series of watches released in 2013 has won multiple awards : It all comes from impeccable craftsmanship-Glashütte’s superb watchmaking with countless wonderful details. Now, the Lambda series has launched a new style: Lambda 39 with gold-plated or tempered blue steel hands, and Lambda 39 black velvet style with a new dark dial. Precious and ingenious, these 18kt rose gold watches combine perfect quality with timeless elegance on a 39mm dial. Under the curved sapphire crystal, the gold bezel is fixed to the dial, and the dial layout equipped with a large power reserve display is called a masterpiece, reminiscent of exquisite and exquisite decoration.
952: Lambda 39 (gold-plated hands)
953: Lambda 39 (tempered blue steel pointer)

   These watches are also inherently unique: just like the larger versions, these smaller timepieces are also equipped with carefully crafted manual winding movements. With the DUW 1001 manual-winding movement, NOMOS Glashütte once again reached the pinnacle of watch production-DUW means ‘NOMOS Glashütte Deutsche Uhrenwerke’, demonstrating the brand’s strong R & D and production capabilities in the Glashütte watch factory. The essence of Glashütte’s traditional craftsmanship is reflected in this movement (even more): gold sleeve, chamfered, hand-engraved balance plywood, double barrel, three and a half days of power Storage, gooseneck trimming and sunburst trim.
954: Lambda 39 black velvet watch

   The new Lambda 39 watch will be available from NOMOS authorized retailers worldwide from August.

   Impeccable craftsmanship: Lambda 39-classic style with gold-plated hands-perfect quality and timeless elegance are combined in this 39 mm watch. In the NOMOS watch factory, only two to three such precious metal watches can be produced per week.
   The Lambda 39 is equipped with tempered blued-steel hands for clear time indication. The DUW 1001 movement also has great intrinsic value: gooseneck fine-tuning, gold sleeves, hand-engraved balance splints, and so many more.
   Watchmaking wonders on the wrist: The dark dial of the Lambda 39 black velvet model complements and dazzles the 18 kt rose gold case.
Lambda 39 watch technical parameters
Case: 18 kt rose gold, three-piece structure; diameter 39 mm; curved sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating, transparent sapphire case back, thickness 9.11 mm
Model: 952: Lambda 39 (gold-plated hands); 953: Lambda 39 (tempered blue steel hands); 954: Lambda 39 black velvet watch
Dial: Models 952 and 953: White plated silver; No. 954: Plated ruthenium
Hands: Models 952 and 954: Gold-plated; Model: 953: Tempered blue steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: Dark brown Holvin Cordova premium horse leather strap, hand-stitched and bezel; 18k rose gold buckle movement
DUW 1001: Homemade manual movement, power reserve display, DUW is the abbreviation of NOMOS Glashütte Deutsche Uhrenwerke
Movement characteristics: 29 ruby ​​bearings, 6 in a polished gold sleeve; double barrel; hand-carved balance wheel plywood; screw balance; vibration frequency 21600 times / hour; adjusted in six directions Certified accuracy); Nivarox 1A hairspring; gooseneck trimming; rhodium-plated three-quarter splint; delicate sunburst; chamfered finish
Diameter: 14 ¼ French (32 mm)
Movement thickness: 3.6 mm
Power reserve: about 84 hours, equivalent to three and a half days

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