Full Moon Profit And Loss Tasting Oris Culture Multifunctional Moon Phase Watch

The ancient moon phase is the most romantic, symbolic expression of time. The change in the profit and loss of the taste of the moon phase brings mysterious and charming power. This Oris watch introduced this time has a romantic moon phase display function, condensing the full moon profit and loss between square inches, allowing the wearer to feel the beautiful changes of the moon over time and the rotation of time. Official model: 01 581 7606 4351

   On weekdays, you may not be able to see the profit and loss changes of the moon phases with your own eyes, but the Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch can clearly show the moon’s trajectory and add a romantic feeling to your life.

   This Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch has a round case made of stainless steel with smooth lines and a classic 35 mm diameter. The design of the watch is simple and elegant, the multi-function dial is arranged reasonably, and the functions are clearly displayed. It is an exquisite watch suitable for many occasions.

   At 12 o’clock, the watch has a delicate moon phase window. With perfect appearance and polishing technology, the moon phase is presented as a silver full moon, and the stars appear quietly above the night sky with the stars. The watch also has a small face with the date, day of the week and the second time zone. While sapphire crystal glass mirror window to appreciate its perfect mechanism, you will find a deep connection between the stars and the time.

   The silver-white dial is equipped with sword-shaped gold hour markers and hour hands, which are paired with a gold PVD-coated bezel to add luxury and weight to the watch.

   From the side, the case thickness is moderate, and I believe the weight of the watch will not burden the wrist. The single crown is located in the middle of the side of the case, and all displays in the dial can be adjusted by this crown.

   The watch is equipped with a leather strap with delicate lines, which adds a classic and elegant temperament to the Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch.

   Stainless steel folding buckle for easy wearing and buckle with Oris logo.

   The watch is equipped with an ETA 2688/2671 self-winding movement with hours, minutes, seconds, date, day and second time zone display, a moon phase profit and loss display, and a 38-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch combines the exquisite watch technology with the taste of artwork perfectly. It has a compact size of 35mm, the dial is very simple and clean, the legibility is clear, and the moon phase display is exquisite and elegant. With the second time zone designed for business people, Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch is suitable for both business and leisure, suitable for any occasion. Oris Artelier’s multifunctional moon phase watch is your perfect choice to show the charm of a mature and elegant gentleman’s wrist. (House of Watches Picture / Text Source)
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