Family Companion, Love Together, Montblanc Praises And Thanksgiving Mother’s Day

Toddler, it is she who accompanies you to fall and stand up again and again next to you; grow up and travel, you knit your ideals under the sun and stars, and spring, summer, autumn and winter are full of her worries and concerns . In front of the house, on the way to school, you grow up a little bit by holding her hand; in the eyebrows, between the twins, she is old with a smile. She is the most successful woman, calm, independent, and experienced; when her beautiful appearance fades away a little bit, her elegance and precipitation are abundance. Time passed, but it made her even more cherished.

On this Mother’s Day, Montblanc is dedicated to the best people in the world, to be grateful for the selfless affection and to praise the greatness of motherhood.

Time on the wrist

暖 May is warm in the sun, recording a soft time. The Montblanc Bohème Ladies watch has a unique charm that perfectly blends the mother’s gentle and confident temperament into fine watchmaking.

Montblanc Bohème day and night display
Montblanc Bohème Calendar Automatic

Pen tip is gentle

Remember when you were a kid, your mother held your hand and taught you the first word you wrote? In addition to the nibbling text, there is also a mother’s tender and bright tenderness and love like the sunshine of May. On this special holiday, take the mother’s hand and express her sincere gratitude for motherhood with a pen.

Montblanc Meister “Zhenli Writing” Series Hollow Writing Instruments 149

Montblanc Muse Collection Poudre ́ Ink Pen

Montblanc’s new Bonheur writing instrument

Montblanc Heritage Series ‘Red and Black’ Coral Red Special Edition Writing Instrument
Glory of Glory to the World

Beauty is a woman’s nature. A mother is one of the most important women in everyone’s life. On this festival, Montblanc chooses high-quality jewelry to convey the children’s affection for their mother.

Montblanc 4810 series women’s high jewelry earrings _114818

Montblanc 4810 women’s high jewelry bracelet _114817

Montblanc 4810 Collection Women’s Fine Jewelry Necklace _114816

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