Elegant And Practical, Glashütte Original Mp Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch

The parliamentary excellent perpetual calendar watch will raise the practicality to a higher level, bringing the ultimate convenience experience to watchmakers around the world. This watch is a classic example of German original design, achieving excellent precision. The date setting is accurate to a hundred years later, and the design is concise and enjoyable.

Big Calendar: Achieving Excellence
   Glashütte’s original iconic large calendar window design celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Since 1997, the large calendar window originally created by Glashütte Original uses two concentric digital disks on the same plane to ensure that the ‘big calendar’ is not disturbed by the vertical divider at a glance. On the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar watch, the Arabic numerals in the large calendar are soft and the background hue matches the dial color and the three-dimensional window at 4 o’clock, giving the display window a stylish appearance.

   The complex movement hidden under the dial must overcome various challenges. For example, how to make the progressive calendar switching mechanism automatically display the 1st of the month without the intervention of the wearer? The brand loads a set of delicate memory components around the 31-day gear train, and reads the grooves set in the fine gear unit to determine the single digits when the 31st of the month enters the first day of the next month The 1 remains the same and the tens place jumps from 3 to 0. Correspondingly, the decimal wheel of the calendar has three equal areas that are responsible for the three groups of calendars: 01-09, 10-19, and 20-29, and are displayed by three digits, 0, 1, and 2. The tens digit of the date can only correspond to 3 0 and 1, so only a small area is required on the gear.

Moon Phases: Starry Flashes
   The moon phase has a long history as a complication and holds a special place in Glashütte Original’s watchmaking history and watch collections. Because the moon phase function combines artistic and complex technology, this provides Glashütte Original with an excellent opportunity to display, combining dial manufacturing technology with excellent watchmaking skills.
   In the red and gold style, the dial craftsman uses a thin brass plate as a canvas to depict the beauty of the blue sky with the golden moon. The stars are carefully painted on the polished moon phase disc using protective lacquer. The entire moon phase disk has a matte color after sandblasting and blue galvanizing, and the protective paint will reveal the bright outline of the stars. Then a layer of protective lacquer is applied, and then two round full moons are cut with a diamond cutter; the temporary protective lacquer is finally replaced with a cellulose varnish. The Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar watch has two moons moving instead of one because the moon phase gear has 59 teeth and advances one space per day. Through two rounds of the moon moving alternately, a moon phase cycle accurate to 29.5 days can be displayed in the moon phase window at 8 o’clock.

Perpetual calendar: an immortal masterpiece of watchmaking
   Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar is the best expression of the brand’s original spirit. The window display gives this highly sophisticated watch an elegant and understated look, demonstrating the undisputed spirit of simplicity. However, simplicity is not simple. The extraordinary complex movement hidden under the silver frosted dial is a most difficult challenge for watchmakers.

   Among the many complicated functions of the watch, the leap year display is undoubtedly the most capable of showing watchmaking skills, and it is also the core of the perpetual calendar display. The pivot of the entire perpetual calendar system is the composite control lever, which is connected to a 24-hour roulette, a month dial and a 31-tooth calendar dial, so that the entire linked gear train can automatically switch the number of days corresponding to the size of the month and display the time correctly. The command operation of the entire system is derived from a 48-month cam. The outer edge of the cam is 48-month monthly data. The depth of the bump is used to distinguish between big and small months, flat February and 闰 February. The control lever reads the cam The monthly data is transmitted to other time display gear trains, which dominate the precise operation of the entire perpetual calendar.

   Despite the complicated mechanical structure, the functions of the watch are very easy to use. The hidden adjustment buttons on the case allow individual adjustment of the day, month and moon phase display. And through the universal adjustment button, you can adjust the day, date and month at the same time if necessary (because of the excellent power reserve of more than 100 hours, users can leave the watch for a period of time, the functions can still maintain the correct settings).

Senator Excellence Watch Family
   The parliamentary excellence family has developed steadily and has introduced a three-pin style, with a large calendar or a large calendar and moon phase, and the perpetual calendar watch is the latest member of the family. All parliamentary excellence watches are equipped with the self-made Calibre 36 movement, which achieves excellent quality in terms of precision, stability, runtime and aesthetics. The watch comes with an exclusive certificate as a guarantee of quality, demonstrating that all Senator Excellence watches have been tested at the Saxony watch factory for an extremely high standard of 24 days. The case back is engraved with a special quality stamp. The watch owner can also access the online platform to fully understand the test process and test results of his watch.
   Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar watches are available worldwide at Glashütte Original stores and German watchmakers’ international partners.