Eco-friendly Wristwatch Animal World

Green is undoubtedly a hot topic year after year. Of course, the watch industry is not a high energy consumption and high emission industry, but as a member of the global village, it is also incumbent on the living environment. This year, several brands have invariably focused on the theme of environmental protection and presented them to wild animals. With the top technology, it interprets the essence of environmental protection. When these watches are finally worn by customers, can they wake them up when they appreciate and play?

In memory of Chopin
Ukiyo-e in the forest Chopard
L.U.C XP Series Jungle Watch
The dial is the unique “lacquer ukiyo-e” created by Choirou, a Japanese national treasure-level lacquer master, for Chopard. The case is precious 18K rose gold, and these bear the high-end self-made high-end of Chopard. The LUC ultra-thin watch created by the mechanical movement, the fusion of the two top craftsmanships of the East and the West, should focus on the theme of environmental protection. And look at the dial with a little fairy-tale lions, monkeys and bears, and that many kinds of plants, flowers and plants? This is exactly what the name Jungle ‘Jungle’ hopes for, and the desire to maintain biodiversity.

Turtle pattern design
Explore the ocean Cartier cartier
Ca rtier d’ Art dial watch
do you know? There are many types of sea turtles in the world that are endangered animals that are in urgent need of protection. Cartier has created many impressive animal images on watches. This year, they once again combined the wild charm of animals with their superb watchmaking skills. For example, this mosaic turtle dial uses a dozen different gems, such as agate, jade, coral, and mother-of-pearl. A total of 1167 pieces, each 0.75 mm square, 0.4 mm thick small squares, Needless to say, the process of selecting materials and grinding, etc., it takes more than 60 man-hours just to inlay one item.

Conquer your bear pattern watch with your eyes
Perspective watch Cartier cartier
TonRotonde de Ca rtier white gold gold brown watch
Similar to the previous one, Cartier’s art masters use meticulous precious wood inlay craftsmanship, according to design patterns and required colors, textures and materials, through more than 10 kinds, a total of 38 pieces are cut into very small tows European natural woods, such as holly, chestnut, willow, red maple, walnut, etc., can create such rich three-dimensional and perspective painting effects, can be called a model of advanced woodwork. The watch is equipped with a 9905MC manual-winding mechanical movement with an hour-jump function. It is the result of close collaboration between the artist and the watchmaker, and each dial is unique.

African style elements
Africa Wilderness Van Cleef & Arpels
Dream dial series Antelope Decor
CVan Cleef & Arpels is undoubtedly a brand that is good at interpreting a certain theme with high jewelry, and similar limited edition models must be available every year. This year, the brand set its sights on the two hotspots of environmental protection-Africa and Antarctica. The ‘African and Beautiful Africa’ ​​theme, featuring top-level enamel, diamond setting and mother-of-pearl carving, vividly displayed elephants and hippos. , Antelopes and giraffes. Two full-bodied antelopes watched around alertly. The background was dense forests and sky. On the right was a waterfall. Especially the dark gray rocks were very three-dimensional. Wise. Please use this delicate female watch to please her. Right.