Eagle’ Timekeeping Birds Three Questions Watch Jacques Delo Freely Soaring On The Vast Sand Dunes

Jaquet Droz BirdRepeater was launched in 2012, and it is the leader in the high-end watch industry. This automatic doll watch pays tribute to the extraordinary mechanical talents of the Jaquet Droz family and the naturalistic feelings expressed in many works.

 Today, the brand follows the footsteps of the Bedouin people who established the UAE, walking in the desert of this vast country. ‘Bird Repeater Falcon’ is only available in one piece. It is equipped with a 47 mm diameter white gold case. The dial is carved and painted with mother-of-pearl, gold and red gold. Scene.

 This scene depicts thousands of years of domestication. This technique was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2012, the year the first Bird Repeater was introduced. The hawk is a veritable national treasure of the UAE. For more than 4,000 years, Bedouins have used it as a tool for desert hunting. Eagle owl has always been an important element of the national identity and glorious tradition of the UAE, and a core symbol of its culture. The hawk is a totem on the UAE national emblem, and it is now visible on coins. To this day, domestication is still a highly respected activity that requires an extremely close relationship between the hunter and its owner.
 A close-up view of the dial presents a pair of eagle owls, and two young owls in a red and gold bird’s nest carved and drawn by hand. One of the hawksbill leaned over to feed the fledglings, while the other opened its wings to reveal delicate colors. In the center of the bird’s nest, a chick is coming out of the shell.

 Jaquet Droz painted a pair of father and son in white robes in the distance, and they are focusing on the practice of domestication. A mother-of-pearl disc on the left side of the onyx hour and minute display plate contrasts sharply with the dunes. The disc drifts on the yellow sand like a fleeting mirage, and a hand-painted oasis looms. The closer you get, the farther you go, like a real landscape. The mother-of-pearl sky is set against the golden sand dunes carved by hand, and the glittering parts of the sand dunes reproduce the undulating and rolling hills.

 This watch was exhibited for the first time in a new boutique in the Dubai Mall of Jaquet Droz. It is equipped with true horological complications-minute repeater, rare and complicated automatic doll device that moves with the rhythm . This function uses the church bell sound spring installed in the movement to ring the hour, quarter clock and minute as required. The movement is activated through the side bolt, and is equipped with a silent floating adjustment mechanism. Appreciate the majestic appearance of the eagle, and the watch owner’s admiration for this unique treasure displayed at the new boutique in the Dubai Mall of Jaquet Droz.