Chanel Releases New J12 Xs Products

I’m J12.
I, delicate and bold, inherit the classics and subvert the tradition.
I, showing sports style, is also very feminine.
I am a free style statement.

My 19mm dial is inadvertently deliberate.
Delicate in the heart, atmospheric in shape.
I, writing unique watch wear rules,
Above the ring, or with gloves and bracelets.

Me, define my rules, my style, my charm, my time.
I have it all in one hand.
Is it unconventional? Or pretending to be a gesture?
No, I’m just loyal to myself.

I do n’t need the attention of the world. They will sincerely admire it.
I, not just timepieces, I give time to those who have the courage to pioneer.
Me, make you wonder? Me, maverick?

This is my wisdom and charm.
No need to wait.
Those who appreciate me differently, I love their playful humor.
I’m J12. I am unbeatable.
This is J12 XS.