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Elegant Feelings-glashütte Original Gooseneck Fine-tuning Device

Since launching the double gooseneck trimmer in 2002, Glashütte Original has become a model design with both technological innovation and aesthetic significance in the field of top-level watches.
 Since the introduction of the double gooseneck fine-tuning device in 2002, Glashütte immediately became a model design with both technological innovation and aesthetic significance in the field of top watches. The design of this function can be described as the essence of human’s aesthetics of mechanical manufacturing, and it also expresses an emotional pursuit of the aesthetics of the movement and a respect for traditional technology.

 Gooseneck fine-tuning, a traditional technique that originated in the middle and late 19th century, is a tuning device that has appeared in the pocket watch era. ‘Swan-neck’, as the name suggests, is shaped like a curved swan neck, with beautiful curves and elegant taste. A fine-tuning device that is too small and square, the ancient and modern watchmakers have shown their magical powers, doing as much as possible, as if this is not only a precision mechanical device, but also a spiritual thing with cultural connotation and beauty.

 The fast and slow hand is the most commonly used fine-tuning device of a watch. The principle is to control the speed of the vibration frequency by controlling the length of the balance spring, thereby adjusting the speed of the travel time. However, in actual operation, it is often difficult to finely adjust the time speed by simply moving the speed hand with the human hand. In addition, the fast and slow needles often shift in daily life due to vibration or poor processing of the oil, which easily affects the accuracy of the movement. So the gooseneck fine-tuning came into being: use the elasticity of the metal sheet to clamp the fast and slow needles, and then finely adjust the offset of the fast and slow needles with a small screw. .
 With the improvement of watch technology, many watches have evolved a variety of ways to fine-tune the speed of movement. Due to technical difficulties and other reasons, gooseneck fine-tuning has gradually become unpopular. Nowadays, all watches adopt this method. The brand of this beautiful fine-tuning device is also the only representative of Glashütte and Lange.

Glashütte Patent-Double Gooseneck Trimming Device
 The purpose of gooseneck trimming is to adjust the speed control of the balance spring. This device is commonly used in German watchmaking. Glashütte’s patented double gooseneck trimmer uses a rotating screw to adjust the length of the vibration part of the balance spring, supplemented by the gooseneck-shaped metal torsion, and can also adjust the swing of the balance wheel, which can adjust the time More refined. Because in addition to the speed of the balance wheel will affect the accuracy of the movement, the amplitude of the balance swing will also affect the speed of the movement. (The greater the swing of the balance wheel, the lower the balance frequency and the slower the time. The same reason, and vice versa.) In addition, Glashütte uses a rare screw to fine-tune the balance wheel and its unique balance plate engraving. Grain, not only presents retro flavor, but also shows noble and gorgeous features.
 In 2002, this innovative mechanism was first launched in the world. It was specially designed and manufactured for the Cal.65 manual winding movement and used exclusively by PanoReserve eccentric power reserve watches. The two finely crafted gooseneck springs in the watch are produced in Glashütte’s factory using electric spark etching technology. After hardening, they are carefully polished by hand and placed on the balance plate.
 The double gooseneck springs independently adjust the speed and positioning of the oscillation system. The right gooseneck trimmer spring is used to adjust the fast and slow hands, it can lengthen or shorten the balance spring, thereby speeding up or slowing down the movement. The gooseneck trimmer spring on the left is used to push the screw balance spring bracket, thereby adjusting the end of the hairspring, or ‘falling distance’. Similar settings or pre-adjustments are done with hairspring clips and screws; fine-tuning is achieved with screws and gooseneck springs.

Wonderful double goosenecks attract attention
 Originally, the double gooseneck fine-tuning art of watchmaking was only visible on the back of the watch when the watch was removed from the wrist, which inspired Glashütte design engineers with an unusual idea. In 2008, the PanoInverse XL eccentric watch turned the movement, which can usually only be seen through the sapphire crystal case chassis, and displayed the original double gooseneck trimmer proud of Glashütte on the front of the watch. On the surface, the wonderful double gooseneck-style fine-tuning is undoubtedly the focus of the movement. Inverse is the name of the name, and the movement is inverted.
 However, to achieve this kind of bold ‘reversal’, there is no doubt that new parts need to be created and existing parts and auxiliary parts must be redesigned significantly. For example, all three splints and gear attachments for the movement and power reserve have been remodeled. The most important part of the change is the rearrangement of the chain train and the position of the fixed bridge of the balance wheel, which also results in the need to redesign the balance spring. Further changes also include the correction of the direction of the transmission wheels, and the design of the faceplate must also be re-conceived. These redesigned elements involve the rearrangement of the three major movement splints, the relocation of the gear wheel gear bearings, and the position of the power reserve display mechanism must be arranged separately, so as to make the proportions on the faceplate perfect. regret.

 The PanoInverse XL watch with a new case was unveiled at this year’s Basel show. The galvanized silver double gooseneck trimmer was set on the balance bridge. The balance bridge was decorated with white galvanized carvings, and the spiral weights under it were regular. The swinging movement presents the beauty of the rotation of the central Glashütte winding movement Cal.66-04 in front of the eyes, with infinite charm. The off-center dial design gives the dual gooseneck fine-tuning device an extremely important practical angle and visual angle, ensuring that the rhythm and frequency of mechanical movements are extraordinary and precise, with minimal errors, making connoisseurs also issue their appearance layout and polished decorative parts Sincerely admire.
 In the PanoInverse XL, the double gooseneck fine-tuning device uses the balance wheel bearing as the center point, and the left and right symmetrical hand-polished gooseneck fine-tuning layout is matched with a gold and silver staggered hand-carved hairspring balance plate, like a beautiful butterfly resting on the machine Above the core.

Calibration procedure for gooseneck trimmer
1. Positioning
Loosen the screw to open the claw fixed to the balance plate, and loosen the screw to perform a wide range of coarse adjustments with fast and slow needles. Then use the screws on the fast and slow needles to make fine adjustments. Tighten the screws when finished.
The watch is worn in multiple orientations, and high-end watches are adjusted in orientation, that is, isochronous adjustment. Glashütte’s gooseneck fine-tuning also designed an isochronous adjustment method. Loosen the screw to open the claw fixed to the fast and slow needle, and then loosen the screw. Change the fixed angle of the balance spring by manipulating the fine-tuning screw to optimize isochronism , Tighten the screws when finished.
3. Coarse adjustment
Use the balance screw to change the moment of inertia of the balance wheel to adjust the travel time.
4. Fine-tuning
Loosen the screw to open the claw fixed to the fast and slow needle, then loosen the screw and use the screw to make fine adjustments.

Deep Blue Three Recommended Tissot Blue Dial Watches

The blue sky and the blue sea are all fascinating. Whether it’s the sky or the sea, the blue makes people feel deep, open and distant. When the deep blue is worn on the wrist, what kind of scene will it be? Today’s Watch House recommends three Tissot blue dial watches for you to appreciate the charm of blue.
Tissot PR 100 series T049.407.11.047.00

Watch series: T-CLASSIC series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 36.6 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 3,950
Watch details: 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement, 25 gems, 38 hours power reserve. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 36.6 mm, the inner dial is dark blue, Arabic numerals and silver hour markers are on the dial, and the date is displayed at three o’clock. The watch features a wear-resistant sapphire crystal, a silver stainless steel strap, and a folding clasp. The exterior is water-resistant to 100 meters.
Tissot T-SPORT T17.1.586.42 watch

Watch Series: T-SPORT Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 39.8 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 3,550
Watch details: G10.211 quartz movement, stainless steel case diameter of 39.8 mm. On the dark blue dial are silver Arabic numerals and hour markers, covered with abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The watch is equipped with a five-row stainless steel bracelet with a water resistance of 200 meters. This watch has a window date display at four o’clock and has a chronograph function.
Tissot T-SPORT T014.430.11.047.00 watch

Watch Series: T-SPORT Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 39.8 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 4,600
Watch details: 2836-2 automatic mechanical movement, with 25 gems, power reserve of 40 hours. The watch has a diameter of 39.8 mm. The stainless steel case is covered with abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal. The dark blue dial inside has silver Arabic numerals and hour markers. The date and day are displayed at three o’clock. The watch has a back-through design and is water-resistant to 200 meters.
Summary: The three watches recommended this time are all Tissot products, the price is within 5,000 yuan, and the price is still relatively high. All three watches are dark blue dials, assembled on the silver body, adding an elegant and noble beauty to the watch. The wearing of these watches can bring out a mature and stable temperament, and the blue color of the watch also adds a sense of fashion to the wearer.

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Ambilight With De Grisogono Tondo By Night Watch

Andy Warhol’s famous 15-minute fame theory can now be done on its own with only three quarters of an hour’s light exposure-whether natural or artificial light-then the watch will become Gorgeous!

The case and buckle of the Tondo by Night watch uses ‘Pearl Fluorescent Composite Fiberglass Material’-a novel and original luminous material. It also adds de Grisogono’s unique small pearl mother-of-pearl with gorgeous iridescence. Stunning materials are used in watch design.
The effect of this new material is very amazing, making a row of gems inlaid on the bezel more shiny and prominent. Another special feature of this watch surface is that the automatic winding rotor is placed on the surface and decorated with The gemstones that contrast with the case, the grainy gemstones echo the finely crafted grained devil fish belt from Tondo by Night, creating a unique style.

When night falls and the adventure begins, the Tondo by Night watch with pearl fluorescent composite high-tech materials emits a charming light after absorbing daylight. A brand new watch appeared before it, with subtle new tones and lines re-engraved by fluorescence. The mystery of elegant and fashionable visual effects lies in the inner luminous luminous material: it can continue to emit light, even if all the lights are turned off … the light is on the wrist. Summer is here, the sun is shining, the colors are colorful, and it feels so good.

Full Moon Profit And Loss Tasting Oris Culture Multifunctional Moon Phase Watch

The ancient moon phase is the most romantic, symbolic expression of time. The change in the profit and loss of the taste of the moon phase brings mysterious and charming power. This Oris watch introduced this time has a romantic moon phase display function, condensing the full moon profit and loss between square inches, allowing the wearer to feel the beautiful changes of the moon over time and the rotation of time. Official model: 01 581 7606 4351

   On weekdays, you may not be able to see the profit and loss changes of the moon phases with your own eyes, but the Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch can clearly show the moon’s trajectory and add a romantic feeling to your life.

   This Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch has a round case made of stainless steel with smooth lines and a classic 35 mm diameter. The design of the watch is simple and elegant, the multi-function dial is arranged reasonably, and the functions are clearly displayed. It is an exquisite watch suitable for many occasions.

   At 12 o’clock, the watch has a delicate moon phase window. With perfect appearance and polishing technology, the moon phase is presented as a silver full moon, and the stars appear quietly above the night sky with the stars. The watch also has a small face with the date, day of the week and the second time zone. While sapphire crystal glass mirror window to appreciate its perfect mechanism, you will find a deep connection between the stars and the time.

   The silver-white dial is equipped with sword-shaped gold hour markers and hour hands, which are paired with a gold PVD-coated bezel to add luxury and weight to the watch.

   From the side, the case thickness is moderate, and I believe the weight of the watch will not burden the wrist. The single crown is located in the middle of the side of the case, and all displays in the dial can be adjusted by this crown.

   The watch is equipped with a leather strap with delicate lines, which adds a classic and elegant temperament to the Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch.

   Stainless steel folding buckle for easy wearing and buckle with Oris logo.

   The watch is equipped with an ETA 2688/2671 self-winding movement with hours, minutes, seconds, date, day and second time zone display, a moon phase profit and loss display, and a 38-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch combines the exquisite watch technology with the taste of artwork perfectly. It has a compact size of 35mm, the dial is very simple and clean, the legibility is clear, and the moon phase display is exquisite and elegant. With the second time zone designed for business people, Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch is suitable for both business and leisure, suitable for any occasion. Oris Artelier’s multifunctional moon phase watch is your perfect choice to show the charm of a mature and elegant gentleman’s wrist. (House of Watches Picture / Text Source)
More watch details: oris / 11095 /

Eagle’ Timekeeping Birds Three Questions Watch Jacques Delo Freely Soaring On The Vast Sand Dunes

Jaquet Droz BirdRepeater was launched in 2012, and it is the leader in the high-end watch industry. This automatic doll watch pays tribute to the extraordinary mechanical talents of the Jaquet Droz family and the naturalistic feelings expressed in many works.

 Today, the brand follows the footsteps of the Bedouin people who established the UAE, walking in the desert of this vast country. ‘Bird Repeater Falcon’ is only available in one piece. It is equipped with a 47 mm diameter white gold case. The dial is carved and painted with mother-of-pearl, gold and red gold. Scene.

 This scene depicts thousands of years of domestication. This technique was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2012, the year the first Bird Repeater was introduced. The hawk is a veritable national treasure of the UAE. For more than 4,000 years, Bedouins have used it as a tool for desert hunting. Eagle owl has always been an important element of the national identity and glorious tradition of the UAE, and a core symbol of its culture. The hawk is a totem on the UAE national emblem, and it is now visible on coins. To this day, domestication is still a highly respected activity that requires an extremely close relationship between the hunter and its owner.
 A close-up view of the dial presents a pair of eagle owls, and two young owls in a red and gold bird’s nest carved and drawn by hand. One of the hawksbill leaned over to feed the fledglings, while the other opened its wings to reveal delicate colors. In the center of the bird’s nest, a chick is coming out of the shell.

 Jaquet Droz painted a pair of father and son in white robes in the distance, and they are focusing on the practice of domestication. A mother-of-pearl disc on the left side of the onyx hour and minute display plate contrasts sharply with the dunes. The disc drifts on the yellow sand like a fleeting mirage, and a hand-painted oasis looms. The closer you get, the farther you go, like a real landscape. The mother-of-pearl sky is set against the golden sand dunes carved by hand, and the glittering parts of the sand dunes reproduce the undulating and rolling hills.

 This watch was exhibited for the first time in a new boutique in the Dubai Mall of Jaquet Droz. It is equipped with true horological complications-minute repeater, rare and complicated automatic doll device that moves with the rhythm . This function uses the church bell sound spring installed in the movement to ring the hour, quarter clock and minute as required. The movement is activated through the side bolt, and is equipped with a silent floating adjustment mechanism. Appreciate the majestic appearance of the eagle, and the watch owner’s admiration for this unique treasure displayed at the new boutique in the Dubai Mall of Jaquet Droz.

Three Beautiful And Fun World Time Watches Recommended

World Time Watch can be said to be the most complex and practical watch among the watches. Nowadays, the communication between the countries of the world is no longer a dream. When you embark on a journey, start to travel between different countries, and appreciate the customs of different countries, choose a world time watch to witness your travel trajectory, will not add another feeling. Today, the Watch House recommends three World Time watches for everyone. It is time to add a new member to your watch army.
Montblanc 1858 series U0117837 watch

Product model: U0117837
Official price: ¥ 42300
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case material: Stainless steel
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: MB 29.25
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: ZEITMEISTER WM340001 watch

Product model: WM340001
Official price: ¥ 19700
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: ETA 2893
Watch details: stainless steel
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: BALL RR1501
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: one of the watches in the II series. In addition to its outstanding water resistance, this watch is interesting for its World Time function. The 45 mm large-diameter stainless steel case is equipped with a blue dial. The outer ring of the dial is inlaid with the names of 24 cities. The 24-hour scale on the inner ring is distinguished by blue and white. This watch, also known as the ‘World Time Zone Diver’, is equipped with an exclusive patented ‘built-in rotating diving chronograph ring’ inlaid with self-illuminating miniature gas lights. Equipped with BALL RR1501 self-winding movement, water-resistant to 300 meters, and magnetic resistance of 4,800A / m. Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.
Summary: The world is so big, don’t you want to see it? Put on a fun world time watch and experience the beauty of the world! The above three world time watches are not more than 50,000 yuan in public price, interested friends may wish to pay more attention!