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Casio Edifice Men’s Precision Pursuit

At the 39th Basel International Watch Fair, Casio’s EDIFICE booth was particularly noticeable. EDIFICE watches are inspired by motorsports in many places, and the dynamic business style that has always been upheld makes every EDIFICE watch full of agility and wisdom.

The pursuit of excitement and limits has always been the nature of men.
F1, because of its speed and passion, fascinated every man.
 Men are obsessed with the input of the track ahead, obsessed with the freedom of driving, the excitement of the engine’s roar, the cheers of the audience and the dust rising behind them.
Transcendence or transcendence, control or control, the opportunity is fleeting.
Only the speed and passion of the F1 movement can make the perfect interpretation of EDIFICE.
 The 6 rounds of radio waves and solar energy drive these excellent technologies, making you confident. The lap speed and stopwatch function allow you to hold the clock in seconds. World time, deep waterproof and other functions allow you to calmly handle everything. The powerful function highlights the pursuit of height, the metal texture highlights the extraordinary grade, the multi-layered dial is like a racing instrument panel, and the watch is roaring as the engine is about to launch. It makes you feel like you are driving and holding your hands and controlling everything!

EDIFICE’s constant innovation-EQW-A1000 is coming!
 The watch adopts a double-layer dial design. The novel design also makes data reading more accurate. The unique luster of the aluminum frame is very rich in texture.
EQW-A1000 is equipped with the latest scientific and technological achievements of Casio: intelligent system.
 The new 5-motor independent drive technology with the three hands of hours, minutes and seconds, and the beacon drive independently, can make the operation easier and smoother, and greatly reduce the conversion reaction time.
 New electronic control technology, the magnetic sensor is embedded inside the crown, and simple functions such as ‘push’, ‘pull’, and ‘turn’ can be used to complete the conversion and operation between complex functions.

 The EQW-A1000 also has many racing elements. When using the stopwatch function, the F1 race signal light on the right side of the dial will change the three colors of red, black and blue to indicate the status of the chronograph stopwatch. Added lap speed mode button at the bottom left to switch to lap speed measurement mode with one click. These novel designs make watches unique.

(EFR-501SP function: 6 rounds of radio wave reception, world time, alarm, stopwatch, 100 meters waterproof)
 The biggest highlight of this EFR-501SP is the special material used in the dial: carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a modern high-tech material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, high specific strength, etc. This body is mainly used in F1 racing cars. This gives the watch a strong racing style. When gazing at the watch, it is like staring at the dashboard of the F1 racing car, which instantly ignites the blood in your chest.
 The dial design of EFR-501SP is also unique and calm. The date window is designed to be arc-shaped, which can display three days before and after the date. The black alarm hand in the lower left corner is very eye-catching with the black carbon fiber chassis. The same red seconds hand and date indicator, all data can be accurately read at a glance, helping you to check the situation at any time and control the overall situation.

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The Strictest New Policy In History! Rolex Officials Will Crack Down On New Watch Reselling Behavior!

Official Rolex official recently pushed a memo to authorized dealers. Starting November 2, 2018, in order to strengthen compliant sales and avoid improper sales, Rolex will implement the following four new policies: 1. Remove all protective films on the new watch, including the case, strap, bezel, rear Cover position. 2. Adjust the strap length to fit the individual wrist size. 3. The insurance card will fill in the consumer’s personal name and sales date. If the consumer is unwilling to fill in the name due to privacy needs, the insurance card will also fill in the ‘XXXX’ code to ensure that no blank space can be added for later writing and alteration. 4. Under no circumstances should the plastic shipping box be delivered to the end consumer. In April of this year, Rolex USA has issued similar sales measures, as follows: 1. Authorized dealers can only sell watches to consumers in stores. 2. Authorized dealers must confirm that the warranty card is registered when delivering the watch to consumers, and ‘blank cards’ must not be issued. 3. When the authorized dealer delivers the watch to consumers, the protective film on the watch must be removed. 4. If the watch is purchased in advance as a gift, the authorized dealer needs to keep the warranty card. By comparison, it can be clearly found that this November’s policy is stricter, with some qualifiers such as ‘No excepation without exception’, ‘All’, ‘No circumstances never’ and even more specific. Operation measures. At the same time, the scope of implementation is no longer limited to the United States. At present, Taiwan Province has also flowed out relevant sales rules, and yesterday, dealers in mainland China also received related pushes. It can be said that this time, no matter from the intensity and the scope of implementation, this is undoubtedly the strictest new policy in history. After 2000, the sales of Swiss watches entered a golden age, especially in mainland China, as long as the watches are selling well. After the financial crisis broke out in 2008, and the tide of hot sales receded, consumers found that many watch brands were actually swimming naked. Rolex still wins consumer preferences due to its stability and reliability. When the overall market conditions are not good, many brands have chosen to reduce prices, but Rolex made a unique way to announce the extension of the warranty period to 5 years in 2015, which attracted more cousins ​​to buy. ‘Value determines price, and supply and demand affect price.’ As a precision timing instrument, mechanical watches cannot increase production in a short time without a strict production plan, advanced equipment and skilled assembly personnel. Faced with the sudden surge in demand, Rolex’s annual output of about 800,000 was unable to fully respond. Undersupply will definitely cause prices in the secondary market to rise. The influx of second-tier merchants carrying a large amount of money has undoubtedly contributed to the rise in prices. Assuming there is a hot-selling Rolex, authorized dealers will definitely sell watches to old customers and VIPs who have multiple purchase records in the same situation, instead of ordinary consumers who buy for the first time. As a company that sells products, Rolex has no way and energy to choose customers. For Rolex, secondary merchants and ordinary consumers are customers who buy watches. But this situation will undoubtedly hurt a lot of ordinary consumers and new customers. The same new watch needs to be purchased at a secondary merchant through a price increase. Prior to this, Rolex had carried out related controls, such as tearing films. Although there is a policy of tearing the film, there are certain loopholes, such as only tearing off the QR code film on the side of the case. The new policy this time is to explicitly tear off all the films, while also requiring the length of the strip to be adjusted to the length of the wrist of the customer. Rolex officials still do not directly select customers, but this method can greatly increase the difficulty for secondary merchants to resell new watches. After tearing the film and cutting the watch band, there is no way for consumers to recognize it as a ‘new watch’, but instead, it is classified as a ‘use product’. Naturally, they cannot earn a premium and may even lose money. According to insiders, this move is a global unifying action of Rolex’s headquarters, which aims to further avoid and curb the irrational rise of Rolex’s market caused by second-tier merchants buying and buying watches from authorized dealers of Rolex, and protecting the general consumer. Interests.

Babel’s Classic Villeret Series Moon Phase Watch

Blancpain Villeret series moon phase watch
As the flagship model of the new Villeret series in 2010, the Villeret series moon phase watch adopts the classic circular double bezel that has been in existence for 30 years, and is equipped with three barrels and a titanium balance wheel. 8639 days of automatic movement and platinum case. Its unique full-calendar moon phase function dial not only has a classic design that is in the same vein as traditional moon phase models, but also thanks to the user-friendly function setting mechanism, it allows the wearer to adjust any timing function anytime and anywhere without worrying Normal operation of the watch. The blue steel snake-shaped hands on the dial have inherited the ancient watchmaking tradition of the 18th century. Except for the hands that display time, the other hands on the dial are represented by blue steel snakes to distinguish different indication functions; The white dial, which is fired from enamel, has become the best footnote for its interpretation of elegance and understatement.

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Zhen Lishi And Land Rover Create Another Legend, Shockingly Launched The New El Primero Star Rover Star Vessel Special Watch

Whether it is a fearless tough guy or an elegant gentleman, having a classic and excellent watch and an extraordinary car is the best way to show the unique charm of each man’s calm and capable, but no lack of fashion and enthusiasm. Good way. As two legendary brands inheriting European ancestry, Zenith and Land Rover always adhere to the brand spirit of courage to explore and strive for excellence, and adhere to the unremitting pursuit of superb technology and extraordinary temperament. When Land Rover’s new Range Rover Nebula is launched in 2017, Zenith will once again join hands with Land Rover to open a new cross-border cooperation to create a more confident and refined gentleman style for contemporary men.

Pure and extraordinary, pioneering and brave, is the consistent quality pursued by Land Rover; precision and excellence, retro gentleman, is the best interpretation of the brand spirit of Zenith. Since the launch of Zenith’s first integrated self-winding chronograph movement in 1969, El Primero is still the only chronograph movement in the world with a precision of 1/10 seconds. At the time of the 2017 Geneva International Auto Show, Zenith followed the classics and took watch inspiration from the design of the new Land Rover model. It shocked the introduction of the iconic outline, outstanding performance and extraordinary collaboration models-the new El Primero star speed Range Rover Star Vessel.

This new El Primero Range Rover Special Edition watch is a wrist classic created for collaboration with Land Rover. It has a frequency of up to 36,000 vibrations per hour and a 42 mm ceramic aluminum case. With a charming frosted grey dial and embellished with copper details, the new model is also made of the same high-quality leather as the Range Rover model: a black perforated calf leather strap with a DLC-treated titanium three-fold buckle Even more unique retro style.

Combining the strength and temperament of two legendary brands, inheriting the essence of their own watchmaking, the new El Primero Range Rover Star Vessel special watch highlights the new latitude and modernity while showing the mature, stable and retro restraint male charm.

People Reach Middle Age, A Table Is More Talented

Some media invited me to submit a draft, the title is ‘What watch do people buy in middle age?’ It is an interesting entry point. When people reach middle age, the five sons and daughters—wife, children, house, car, plus silver—can be considered a complete success. Although there are still some mortgage pressures, although I have to save the tuition fees for children to study abroad, I have a lot of money on hand after being promoted and I want to find some ‘plaything’ for myself. Since his wife can’t have an affair, it’s not too much to buy a watch and give him half a lifetime of hard work. A 40-year-old uncle, of course, should not be too shabby in his watch. The budget is tentatively set at 100,000 yuan. I can always find a few good-looking watches! Put on your hands and let the negotiating opponents feel that you have a good taste at the formal business meeting. When you go to play golf on the weekend, the golfers saw them come and praise them. The point is that each morning when I admire two eyes, I am also full of joy. I feel that I have reached a small peak in my life. I feel happy when I want to come, and the corner of my mouth is not consciously raised by 45 degrees. Buying a watch with a budget of 100,000, this price is not small, there are indeed many options, but honestly, this price is not too much, and some of the top brands’ famous series are not involved. When choosing a watch in this range, you may consider several aspects such as brand awareness, market popularity, complex functions, precious metal materials, and special limits. Vacheron Constantin-Wulu series automatic winding watch 100,000 yuan can buy Vacheron Constantin mechanical watches? Don’t doubt, now this wish is finally realized. This year Vacheron Constantin launched a new ‘FIFTYSIX’ series, named after a model number 6073 introduced in 1956. The characteristic is that the 4 lug designs come from the 4 branches of the brand logo ‘Malta Cross’, which is highly recognizable. In the past, Vacheron Constantin watches were mostly made of precious metals and rarely used stainless steel. In recent years, in order to allow more consumers to have Vacheron Constantin, the brand has also begun to add stainless steel models to the sports watch ‘vertical and horizontal’ series. The basic three-pin model of the chain is also priced at 156,000 yuan, and now the basic three-pin steel case and belt of the ‘Wulu model’ is priced at only 89,000 yuan, which is currently the lowest-priced mechanical watch by Vacheron Constantin. This was previously It is unimaginable. However, it must be said that the price has come down, but the watch has not received the ‘Geneva Mark’ like other watches of the brand, and it is not a self-produced movement, but a movement of the Valfleurier movement factory under the Richemont Group. But honestly, few people know such details. The average person just looks at the watch on your wrist, and exclaims: Wow! Vacheron Constantin, cow! Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch. If you want to buy a reliable, durable and atmospheric watch, Rolex is the right choice. I have always felt that Rolex is a brand that ‘does only simple things, but makes simple things to the extreme.’ It does not rely on fancy to win the eye, but it is trustworthy in all aspects of precision, waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-magnetic … Rolex has a lot of ‘explosive models’. Dayton’s ceramic ring and submarine green water ghost are all selling long-selling models. You may have had this kind of experience in person, or heard of it. When you go to a watch store to inquire about these models, the response is generally ‘out of stock’. It’s not easy to ask about the goods, and they often ask for a premium purchase. To give a discount, it is 20% to 30% more expensive than the official price of the brand, and even requires bundling with other watches. The Rolex Daytona stainless steel model is priced at 92,800 yuan, and the chronograph ring is priced at 95,000 yuan if it is ceramic. Although it is a very sporty watch, it is not outdated with a formal dress. Have the opportunity to go abroad, to Japan and South Korea, to Europe and the United States, might as well go to the watch industry and ask, do not hesitate to meet the spot shot, if you miss it, you may be missed again. TAG Heuer Carrera series Heuer 02T tourbillon chronograph has spent 100,000 yuan to buy a watch, but it is only a three-hand watch or a chronograph, is it too cost-effective? Anyway, a complicated function like a tourbillon. However, tourbillons, generally well-known brands, are placed in precious metal models, with a jump of 300,000 to 500,000 yuan, and some do not know where they are, and they will cost millions in one breath. Then look at this tourbillon again, it feels very worthwhile. TAG Heuer’s Carella series Heuer 02T tourbillon chronograph was launched in 2016 when it caused an uproar. First of all, Tag Heuer is also a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand with a history of nearly 160 years. The watch is made of titanium, equipped with a self-made movement, equipped with timing and flying tourbillon functions, and has obtained the official Swiss Observatory certification (COSC). The error is controlled between -6 ~ + 4, and it also has a 65-hour power reserve and a water-resistant depth of 100 meters … Lin Lin always added up. At that time, the price was only 15,000 Swiss francs. The current domestic price is 124,500 yuan. To. Of course, it may exceed the budget. It doesn’t matter. There is a discount to find a dealer, or to find discounts on the e-commerce platform. There is always a way to start. The three watches in front of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 41mm ultra-thin watch are either stainless steel or titanium. In fact, a budget of 100,000 yuan can be considered in the precious metal models. But if you want to balance brand awareness, you can only choose the basic model. At a certain age, in addition to making a gold watch, in addition to making you look more expensive and rich, the watch can also maintain value. Recommended here is the Jaeger-LeCoultre 41 mm ultra-thin watch, with an official price of 108,000 yuan. Jaeger-LeCoultre is also a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand with a history of 185 years. The watchmaker has a strong ability to manufacture its own movements. Many famous watch brands have used or still use Jaeger-LeCoultre movements. Although the case is made of rose gold, because it is equipped with a crocodile leather strap and a thickness of only 7.48 mm, it does not feel heavy when worn on the wrist. You know, although ‘ultra-thin’ is not included in the complex function, it is also a Technical challenges. This watch is very suitable for business occasions, slightly under the sleeves of suits and shirts, full of elegant gentleman. The IWC Pilot’s Heritage Watch is like a watch that you do n’t want to bump into a shirt or tie with someone else. You do n’t want to bump into a watch when you spend 100,000 yuan on it. The watches that everyone wears on the street are not unusual. If you want to choose, choose a limited edition of special materials. In recent years, the use of bronze as the watch material is quite popular. The characteristic of bronze is that it will be stained with pale green patina over time, and this color is darker or lighter as each wearer’s habits are different. Each is different, giving the watch a unique personality. IWC’s Large Pilot’s Watch is a legendary, story-telling watch that looks very manic at first glance. The 46.2 mm case diameter, the large onion crown, the dial design of the aircraft instrument panel design, and the sturdy hands are all very distinctive. The watch is equipped with a self-produced self-winding movement and an anti-magnetic soft iron inner case to protect the movement from magnetic interference. It has a 7-day power reserve and is displayed at 3 o’clock on the disk. The watch is limited to 1,500 pieces and is priced at 104,000 yuan.