Month: October 2020

Meidao Cooperates With The International Institute Of Architects To Select The Observatory-certified Mechanical Watch To Confirm The Eternal Mark Of Time

BaroncelliⅡ Eternal Series Re-Engraved Watch

‘Inspiration confirms eternity’ is the essence of the brand that Swiss Mido has been pursuing since its birth. In the past century, while creating high-quality watches, Swiss Mido has always insisted on achieving creative breakthroughs in watch design, and strives to make true classic designs eternal in the passage of time. This artistic exploration through time and space It complements the spirit of a classic building that has been baptized with time. Through this cooperation with the world’s authoritative international construction organization, we will continue to strengthen the connection and communication with the construction industry. In the future, MIDO will start a series of close cooperation with important events of the International Institute of Architects (UIA). Starting from the World Architects Congress in August 2014, they will participate in the awards ceremony, seminars and double-level international modern architecture. Annual exhibition.

 Franz_Linder, global president of Meitu, Switzerland, and Albert_Dubler, president of the International Institute of Architects, took a group photo in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

 On January 8, 2014 (Wed.), Franz Linder, global president of Swiss Mido Group, signed a cooperation agreement with the President of the International Institute of Architects, Albert Dubler, and officially announced the cooperation relationship. The International Institute of Architects (UIA) is a non-governmental organization alliance of international architects. Its members come from 132 different countries and regions, and bring together more than 1.3 million architects around the world.

 UIA’s influence is active in all parts of the world, including forums, seminars, councils, international design competitions, etc., hosting or sponsoring more than 300 construction-related competitions, and many world-renowned buildings have been born, such as the Sydney Opera House, Paris Bidu Center, Egyptian Library of Alexandria, Tokyo International Convention Center and other famous architectural works. Based on the spirit of Mido brand-A mark of true design itself, it shares the same value for the humanities of architecture with UIA, the world’s leading international architectural association, thus facilitating this cross-border cooperation.

 The most representative event of the International Institute of Architects is the triennial World Congress, which is held every three years. After being held in Tokyo, Japan, in 2011, the 25th World Architects Congress will be held in Durban, South Africa in August this year. At that time, MIDO will also participate for the first time. In Taiwan, Mido will also actively participate in construction-related activities.

 Commander Champagne Rose Gold Two-Tone Watch

 MIDO has a long and inseparable relationship with the world’s classic architecture. The design concept pays tribute to the world’s most famous classic architecture. The first architectural aesthetic inspired watch design comes from the 2002 All Dial Athletics Rome series. The timeless style of the world-famous ancient Roman arena, whether it is the design of the case or dial, reproduces the historical traces of Roman architecture. The MIDO watch deeply understands that the beauty of space and time can be seen through the building, captures the flowing light and shadow of classic buildings, and reflects this core concept in the design of the watch, which confirms the eternity of history.

 MIDO inherits the traditional architectural concept. The classic series includes the Commander Champs series design concept inherited from the Paris Tower, the All Dial Roman Athletics series inspired by the ancient Roman arena, and the Great Wall Great Wall series inspired by the iconic Chinese ancient building Great Wall The Multifort Pioneer series takes the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a myth, while the Baroncelli eternal series pays tribute to the famous cloister of Emmanuel II of Milan and the Rennes Opera House in France. The MIDO beautiful watch perfectly reflects the eternity of the classic architecture.

Lippi, Technical Director Of Taobao Team Of Guangzhou Evergrande, Visited Hublot Watchmaking Workshop

On February 3, 2015, local time, football legend Marcello Lippi took the Hublot brand ambassador, head of the watch department of LVMH Group and chairman of the board of Hublot Jean-German. Jean-Claude Biver and Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe visited the Hublot Watchmaking Workshop as close friends.

   Marcello Lippi is known in Italy as ‘Il Mister’ (Italian: coach. Continued from English football missionary Garbert). He drove in Serie A from 1969 to 1982 (actually from 1970 to 1982, was loaned to the Serie A Group 1 Savona in the 1969-1970 season), and then took over the Samp youth team in 1982. His coaching career was well known Countless-including three Serie A matches, two Italian Super Cups and one UEFA Champions League (rate Turin Juventus).

   From 2004 to 2006, Lippi was in charge of the Italian national team and led the Blues to win the 2006 World Cup. Then he entered the palace in 2008 and left the position of head coach in 2010. In 2012, Lippi joined the ambitious China Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club (now renamed Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club and Hublot as the official timekeeper), and achieved the three consecutive Super League titles in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

   Lippi took the opportunity to visit the Hublot watch for the first time, observe the watchmaker’s exquisite craftsmanship, and especially appreciate wearing the Big Bang Unico Chrono retrograde chronograph watch specially made for football. During the whole visit, the party was in high spirits and the atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful.

   Of course, this is not Lippi’s first participation in the Hublot brand activities. Lippi appeared in the Hublot Loves Football event launched last year to celebrate the World Cup in Brazil.

Kate Princess, ‘hard And Thrift’, Only Has One Watch

Recently, Prince Louis, the third child of Prince William and Princess Kate, was baptized. The baptismal ceremony was held at the Royal Church of James Palace in London, England. Later, the British royal family officially released several photos. In the photos, the little prince and brother and sister were very cute, but what surprised me the most was that after the marriage of Princess Kate for 7 years and the birth of 3 children, she was still able to maintain Such a good state.

Princess Kate holding the little Prince Louis

 The official title of ‘Kate Princess’ is ‘His Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge,’ and the name of ‘Princess’ can be said to be a reflection of the public’s love for Kate. In 2011, Kate married Prince William in London. At that time, the eyes of the whole world were focused on that meaningful ‘balcony’ of the century.

The moment Prince William and Princess Kate kissed

 When it comes to this, many people may think of Princess Diana. Twenty years ago, Princess Diana, who was only 36 years old, left the world in a car accident, leaving young Prince William and Harry. It was also in recent years that William and Harry revealed that their mother’s departure had a huge and lasting impact on their lives.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles

Princess Diana, William Jr. and Charlie Jr.

 After the death of Princess Diana, the royal family is said to have William and Harry pick a mother’s relic as a memorial. William chose his mother’s sapphire ring, which is now worn on Kate’s hands. Kate almost never took off the ring, and wore this meaningful sapphire ring on any occasion. We saw the Royal Family at the Wimbledon final audience last weekend. Among them, Kate wore a bright yellow dress that was very energetic. You should know that her production has been less than 3 months, and her figure has recovered as before.

Prince William and Princess Kate appear at Wimbledon final

Princess Kate wears Cartier blue balloon watch

 On that day, in addition to wearing the sapphire ring, she also wore a blue balloon from Cartier. This blue balloon is currently the most worn and the most photographed by Princess Kate. After she married the royal family, this is also the only open watch Kate we can find.

Kate and Meghan

 This is not the first time the British royal family has appeared in the Wimbledon audience. American actor Meghan Markle, who has just married the British royal family, has appeared with his sister-in-law. On the same day, Kate still chose elegant dresses, and Meghan chose more neat shirts and pants. Careful observation, Kate was still wearing this Cartier blue balloon that day.

Princess Kate wears Cartier blue balloon watch

 Many people don’t know that the design inspiration of Cartier Blue balloon really comes from a ‘balloon’. It is said that the designer’s design inspiration came from France at the end of the 18th century. The Brothers Montgolfier released a blue hot air balloon with a gold pattern, which was the first hot air balloon in human history. Inspired by this story, Cartier first launched a watch named Ballon Bleu de Cartier in 2007. Of course, we still don’t know if this story is credible, but the blue balloon received great attention once it was launched. From the performance of the market, Cartier blue balloon is another representative of Cartier after the tank series.

 Back on the princess wearing this watch, its appearance rate is really too high.

Kate wears Cartier blue balloon watch when Princess Kate and Prince William visit


Wear the Cartier Blue Balloon Watch when wearing a casual suit

Kate holding Princess Sherlock

Princess Kate

 As the ‘Princess of the Common People’ in the British population, Kate’s dress style and elegant temperament have always been highly sought after by the public. In addition to her high-definition in her wardrobe, many fast-fashionable brands are her choice. It is also Kate’s common practice for a piece of clothing to appear on different occasions by matching different items. For example, the two pictures above, the same off-white coat, changed through different hairstyles and accessories, the same thing is that she is wearing that Cartier blue balloon.

Picture of Kate wearing a Cartier blue balloon

 The appearance rate of this blue balloon is so high that we can only conclude in the end that either Kate really loves this watch, or she only has this one. Of course, the latter is almost impossible.

Flip Back The Pointer On The Watch

If time is a memory that is reflected in my mind, it will inevitably fade away. We always hope that there is a back button to go back to the past and make it beautiful again-like the confession that has been sore at the graduation ceremony of a certain summer in the past; Ling Yun and Youzi who have gone out for the first time; even those Passengers and partings who waved goodbye but never returned. If there is such a method in the world, even if we can’t change anything, we are still willing to try and own it—as if we are obsessed with the flyback pointer on the watch. Even if the time is zero, we can’t return to the original point, but you still enjoy it.

 The characteristic of flyback is that the pointer can return to the original position when the pointer reaches the end of the scale. Generally, the hands move in a circular motion, and just return to the original position after one rotation, so the end point is always the starting point of the next round. The function of the flyback pointer is different. When the indication scale is full, the pointer will instantly return to the starting point of the scale and repeat the new process. An old gentleman once fiddled with the watch in his hand and said to me: ‘I have countless watches, no matter whether they are limited in complexity or rare antique watches, the price is more than this number of times, but I like this one the most.’ The FM, which combines only 30 seconds of dual chasing, tourbillon and other complex functions, was handed to me, and continued to mark: ‘Because flyback is the most’ super complicated ‘in my eyes, this is not just its function , It is more metaphoric to the feeling it brings me. ‘As he said, many watch lovers are also fascinated by the flyback function on the watch, although it can not be zeroed with the return of the pointer, making the time passed. Come again, but the metaphorical meaning behind this feature is enough to remind us of the true meaning of time. Every time you return to zero, you can imagine that you are coming from the future and you have a ‘moonlight box’ on your wrist. What reason do you not cherish it and enjoy it?

 Glashütte Original PanoGraph Watch

 This PanoGraph uses a 40mm red gold case. The hour dial, hour hand, second hand, and flyback chronograph hands in the main dial are rose gold. On the left side of the dial is an interactive hour / minute dial and small seconds dial. The large Glashütte date display is at the four o’clock position as in previous models. The watch’s 30-minute flyback timer features three 10-minute scales and three separate hands. The two buttons of the chronograph function are located at the four and two o’clock positions of the case, and the dial is marked with ‘Start-Stop’ and ‘Fly Back’ in black font. The latter is used to reset the chronograph hands and the former is used to count .

    IWC Express Vinci Ceramic Chronograph

 The new Da Vinci ceramic chronograph follows the design of a barrel-shaped case, drawing strength from the combination of concave and convex, edges and curves, while the material is made of an excellent combination of ceramic and titanium. The middle part of the ceramic case is oxidized Made of zirconium, the bezel, case back, buttons and crown are made of super-hard fifth grade titanium, which contrasts in color. Particularly noteworthy is its timekeeping display. The wearer can read the recorded hours and minutes through the accumulator at 12 o’clock. The excellent 89360 movement is also equipped with a new double detent winding system and Flyback function: Press the lower button during timing to reset the recorded time to zero and restart without stopping the timing.

 Piaget Gouverneur Automatic Stopwatch

 This watch is equipped with Piaget’s new 882P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement. This classic model is unique in its dual timer design, reminiscent of an antique chronograph stopwatch. In addition to the flyback chronograph function (with a long second hand and a minute timer at 3 o’clock), this watch has a 24-hour dual time zone display with the hour, minute and small dial at 9 o’clock, and is set at 6 o’clock. Date indication of location. This ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 5.6 mm is equipped with a large-scale screw balance and balance stop, and is equipped with a vertical clutch and a column wheel. The dual barrels provide a power reserve of approximately 50 hours when the timekeeping mode is activated.

 Breitling Super Avengers Chronograph Military Limited Edition

 The sturdy black steel case of this watch is treated with high-strength carbonitriding, with a hard matte surface and water resistance of 300 meters. Equipped with a non-slip safety timing button with reinforced protection and a large screw-in non-slip crown, a thick anti-glare sapphire crystal, and oversized hands, hour markers and numbers to ensure the best reading of time and accumulated time. The night-like black dial also provides a 24-hour ‘military time’ display to avoid any potential deviations that may arise during the operation. A red chronograph second hand is jumping on the dial. The accurate timekeeping and flyback function allow the military elites who are facing extreme mission challenges to control the timekeeping most quickly and easily. The watch is equipped with a special military off-roader strap, which is made of synthetic fabrics used by elite troops in the field, which is comfortable and wear-resistant.

 Flyback and retrograde look similar in function, but the internal mechanical structure and working principle are completely different. The difference is that the retrograde pointer is arc-shaped, and the retrograde return is completed automatically; the flyback chronograph pointer is round and round, and its return to zero requires manual button operation. Left and right directions are done.

 When flying in the sky, all routes are automatically calculated based on a predetermined heading and time. Before the flyback function was invented, two different buttons had to be pressed three times to pause, reset or restart the chronograph hands. For fighter pilots, this operation is both time consuming and overly complicated. The creative watchmaker has developed the flyback function. Just press the same button to pause, reset and restart the chronograph. The pilot can recalculate the course at any time. This feature is essential for pilots who must land at the scheduled time notified by the navigation tower.

1/10 jump seconds

 This watch faithfully reproduces the Rainbow Flyback model developed for the French Air Force in 1997. It is equipped with an El Primero automatic chronograph movement. This high-frequency chronograph movement with column wheels has a 1/10 second jump-second display and Flyback function. The case is extremely sturdy, with a slotted unidirectional rotating bezel and scratch-resistant black ceramic disc. The outer edge of the dial is equipped with a ranging scale. The large calendar display is located at 6 o’clock and has a jump function. The curved sapphire crystal is inspired by the vast expanse of the sky, and has the same effect as the glass portholes on the back of the fuselage that ensure astronomical navigation. The three-color dial of the dial changes the color tone of the 3-6-9 ratio, which makes the hands and the dial’s bottom color contrast sharply, and it is more clear when reading.

 Jacques Dro Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch

 This watch uses the brand’s most distinctive large fire enamel dial. In addition to the central hour and minute hands, it also has the date and week flyback display. The calendar shows the crescent-pointed snake-shaped hands on the sides of the dial, on the right The date is displayed and the day of the week is displayed on the left. The month display at 12 o’clock is equipped with only a pointer to pass over it, and a hidden leap year display window. At 6 o’clock, a round of golden moon exposed the moon with the opening and closing of the black onyx indicator window. The moon appears or disappears, overlapping light and dark until it completely disappears, making the entire dial look like a beautiful sky with 8 stars.

 Roger Dubuis Excalibur Dual Flying Tourbillon

 Roger Dubuis specially created the extremely unique Excalibur Platinum Trilogy (Platinum Trilogy), which is contained in a precious black box. Among them, this watch with RD01 manual winding movement is the most beautiful of the three. In addition to the dual flying tourbillon function, it also has a charming time jump function and a fly-back minute hand. The 45-mm case has a grey rhodium-plated dial with black Roman numerals and Arabic numerals engraved on the 60-minute chronograph. The modern line design and the arc-shaped track drawn by the flyback-type minute hand together create an atmosphere that crosses time and space.

 Longines Masters Retrograde Moon Phase Watch

 This retrograde moon phase watch uses a movement (L707.2) specially developed for Longines. This movement contains 25 jewel shafts, a swing frequency of 28800 times per hour, and an energy reserve of 48 hours. The Longines Masterpiece Retrograde Moon Phase Watch can display the time, day, night and moon phases, and has four proud retrograde functions, namely the week display at 12 o’clock, the calendar display on the right side of the dial, the dial 24-hour second time zone display on the left and a small second hand at 6 o’clock. The barley grain pattern is embossed on the silver surface, with 11 black Roman numerals and 6 blue stainless steel hands.

To Celebrate The Reopening Of The Boutique In Geneva, The Chopard Charity Concert Is Staged

Chopard’s boutique on Rhone Avenue in Geneva will be reopened after refurbishment. To celebrate this event, the brand joined forces with the ‘José Carreras International Blood Cancer Foundation’ and ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund’ A massive classical concert was held on Sunday.

 Geneva, January 20, 2013-Famous opera performance artists Anna Netrebko, José Carreras and Erwin Schrott, as owners of the Chopard brand-Germany’s best friend of the Scheufele family, performed in the Victoria Hall on Sunday. Accompanied by the Gstaad Festival Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, lead conductor David Giménez.

The concert begins with the prelude to the Italian opera master Giocchino Rossini (1792-1868) ‘William Quilt’, the artists performed the most brilliant and famous fragments in the history of opera in the world, such as the American composer George Gershwin (1898-1937) The classic track ‘Beth You Belong to Me’ in ‘Poge and Beth’ and the classic track ‘Walking the Street’ in ‘Bohemian Girl’ by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924).

后 After the concert, Chopard hosted an intimate exchange dinner for the artists and distinguished guests at the Little Buddha restaurant, and everyone spent an unforgettable evening in the relaxed Gypsy Queens quintet.

Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko is an authentic heir to the traditional Russian school of vocal music, and also the most watched soprano in the world of opera today. With her outstanding expression and gorgeous vocals, she has become a well-deserved ’21st century opera empress’. Anna Netrebko was born in Krasnodar, southwestern Russia in 1971, and attended St. Petersburg Conservatory. She is passionate about protecting children’s rights and supports many charities under the name ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund.’ Projects, including ‘International SOS Children’s Village Organization’ and ‘Russian Child Welfare Association’, etc. Since 2006, Anna Netrebko has become Chopard’s brand ambassador and muse.

José Carreras
José Carreras is a banner in the contemporary opera world. His natural lyrical and rich voice has an unparalleled appeal. His delicate and sensitive performance of the repertoire also impressed the audience.

José Carreras was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and his extraordinary career spreads his footsteps throughout the world. His voice has been well-known in the world’s top music halls. He has performed almost on the same stage with the world’s best musicians and conductors. His performance catalog includes more than 50 complete operas and countless classical and pop music. Concert.

In addition to his singing career, José Carreras devoted his enthusiasm and energy to the ‘José Carreras International Blood Cancer Foundation’, which fights against leukemia. The foundation was José Carreras himself, who struggled to overcome leukemia in Barcelona in 1988. Lonner came into being, and since then, other sub-funds have also been established in the United States, Switzerland and Germany. José Carreras’s tough character and broad mind make him a well-deserved modern hero.

Erwin Schrott
As the most charismatic singer in contemporary opera, Erwin Schrott is widely regarded as the best performer of classic characters in Mozart’s works such as Don Juan, Le Borreno and Figaro.

Erwin Schrott was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1972. His debut was 22 years old when he played the role of Rooucher in the famous work ‘Andre Chenier’. In 1998 he won the Domingo competition The first place in the male voice group won the industry’s recognition immediately. So far, Erwin Schrott has begun to make his mark in the world of opera.

As a responsible citizen, he and his lover Anna Netrebko co-sponsored the establishment of the ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund,’ named after them, and contributed to the protection of children’s rights.

David Giménez
David Giménez was born in Barcelona and studied piano and composition at his home in the Riseo High School of Music. He then studied conducting at the Vienna Academy of Music and Art with Professor Karl Österreicher and the Royal Academy of Music with Colin Davis.

As a responsible citizen, he and his lover Anna Netrebko co-sponsored the establishment of the ‘Anna & Erwin Children’s Fund,’ named after them, and contributed to the protection of children’s rights. Since his debut with the Hanover NDR Symphony Orchestra in 1994, David Giménez has conducted the world’s most prestigious symphony orchestra and solo troupe. Opera is an important field covered by this well-known conductor. The Scala Theatre, the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, the Zurich National Opera, the German Opera in Berlin, the Champs-Elysees in Paris, the Washington Opera, the Grand Opera in Barcelona, ​​the Royal Madrid and the Sydney Top theater.

Gstaad Festival Orchestra Symphony Orchestra
In the scenic Swiss town of Gstaad in the Alps, the annual Maine Music Festival is known worldwide for its outstanding quality and strong lineup. The Gstaad Festival Orchestra Symphony Orchestra (GFO for short) was established to continue and inherit the spirit of continuous innovation and aggressiveness of the Menuhin Festival. Since its creation in 2010, GFO has grown rapidly.

The GFO is special because its members are selected from the best orchestras in Switzerland, so it can also be called the ‘national team’. Its members come from the Swiss Basel Chamber Orchestra and the Zurich Concert Hall Orchestra. Orchestra, Zurich Opera Orchestra, Basel Symphony Orchestra and Berne Symphony Orchestra. Every year, the best students graduating from the Maine College of Music will be selected into the GFO to ensure that the orchestra always represents the highest technical level and the purest artistic temperament of the Swiss Symphony, which not only provides an exchange for musicians The platform platform also created the foundation for creating the world’s top new-generation symphony orchestra.

Breguet Will Appear At The Only Watch Charity Auction

Recently, Marc A. Hayek, President and CEO of Breguet, will attend the 6th Only Watch Charity jointly organized by the Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Prevention Association and the Monaco Yacht Show. The auction continues to provide firm support for this biennial event. For this sale, Breguet has launched a unique and exquisite timepiece-the first special Type XXI chronograph made of platinum for the first time. The proceeds of the auction will be used for Duchenne muscular dystrophy research. The auction will be held in Geneva on Saturday, November 7th, when Prince Albert II of Monaco will be present at the auction site.
   On the basis of the first chronograph watch made in 1935, Breguet developed the first Type XX chronograph for the French military and supplied it to the French Air Force and the Navy from 1954 to the 1970s. Type XX, as a flight chronograph designated by the French Air Force, quickly became the watch most favored by pilots at that time. Driven by this boom, Breguet also developed a modern civilian chronograph a few years later.

   The Type XXI 3813 created for Only Watch this time not only represents Breguet’s current high standard in the field of mechanical watches, but also continues the retro style of this series of watches. This watch has a flyback function specially equipped for the first Type XX chronograph in the 1950s. This is a must-have feature in the aviation industry. With just one push on this watch, the timer can be reset and reset instantly. Another unique feature of this unique watch is that the central minute timer ensures instant readability. A date window and a 12-hour timer at 6 o’clock also complete the timing function. In addition to the main functions, this Type XXI chronograph is also equipped with a day and night display function and a small seconds dial.
   This watch is equipped with a 584Q / 1 self-winding movement, and for the first time has a platinum case with a two-way rotating bezel. With a diameter of 42 mm, this watch is known for its reliability and stability, and is highly sought after for its accurate timekeeping, which is accurate every minute. This watch exclusively for Only Watch uses a matte-gray dial with distinctive Arabic numerals. The white transfer case is coated with Superluminova luminescent paint, which shines against the dial with the fluorescent hands and time markers.
   The sophisticated and sporty Type XXI 3813 platinum chronograph truly inherits the glorious tradition of the series, achieving the perfect fusion of superb craftsmanship and vivid retro style. The watch comes with an aged calfskin strap, an exclusive display case, and a ‘unique piece’ certificate.
Breguet TYPE XXI 3813 chronograph
Watch description
Number: 3813PT / G2 / 3ZU
The round case is made of platinum and the outer edges are carved with coins. Round lugs. Rotate the bezel in both directions. Screw-down crown. 42 mm in diameter. Water-resistant to 10 bar (100 m).
The dial is matte-stone grey and is engraved with a hidden Breguet signature. Fluorescent hands and hour markers. The graduated ring uses fluorescent Arabic numerals. The day and night display is located at 3 o’clock. The 12-hour timer and date window are located at 6 o’clock. Small seconds at 9 o’clock. A central chronograph minute hand.
Self-winding chronograph movement with flyback function, engraved with independent number and Breguet lettering. Caliber 584Q / 1. 13 ¾ legal minutes. 25 gems. Power reserve time is 45 hours. Ring balance. Linear lever escapement. With flat hairspring. The vibration frequency is 4 Hz. 6 party adjustment.
Strap made of aged calfskin.

At This Moment, Speeding Forward Tissot Watch Witnesses The Perfect Ending Of The Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour

From October 16th to 21st, 2018, the six-day 2018 Tour of Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour was held in 5 cities including Beihai, Qinzhou, Nanning, Liuzhou, and Guilin, and was successfully completed in Guilin yesterday. End. The UCI World Tour (UnionCyclisteInternationaleWorldTour) is a world-famous road cycling race. In addition to this tour of Guangxi, there are a total of 29 events including the Tour de France, Tour de Italy, and Tour de West. Officer battle. In this race, the riders of 18 elite teams from all over the world reached Guilin all the way north. After the fierce competition, the Italian driver Gianni Moscon from Sky Team finally won the championship. As the official timing partner of the International Cycling Union (UCI), Tissot has been working with it for more than 23 years and will continue to promote the development and popularization of bicycle as a national sport with precise timing and perfection.

The Tour of Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour ends successfully at Guilin Station

Peak race speed battle
   ‘World Tour · Guangxi’ is a road bike race in Asia that has attracted much attention, attracting 18 world-renowned teams including the Tour de France Champion Sky Team (UK) and the Tour de Italy Champion Sun Net Team (Germany). Combined with Guangxi’s stunning natural environment, it has attracted worldwide attention. Throughout the Guangxi World Tour from south to north, the riders’ physical strength, riding skills, and teamwork ability are rigorously tested in various forms. On the afternoon of October 21st, in the Guilin City Stage, Fabio Jakobsen, the fast-walking floor team leader, surpassed Bola-Hansgrohe sprinter Pascal Ackermann at the last moment and achieved His second victory in this Gree World Tour • Guangxi Tour. Gianni Moscon from Sky Team finally won the championship after riding over 900 kilometers in 6 race days and won the championship of the Guangxi World Tour. The second overall runner-up was Bola-Hansgrohe driver Felix Groschartner and Astana driver SergeiChernetski.

Fierce competition in the Tour of Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour

Gianni Moscon of Sky Team won the Guangxi World Tour Championship in one fell swoop
   The Guangxi Women’s Road Cycling World Tour on the same day started at 9 am in the Guilin Garden Expo. With the perfect preparation for the successful Women’s Road Bike Elite Challenge last year, this year’s women’s race has been upgraded to the World Tour level. There are 15 women’s teams participating in this competition from 20 countries and regions. As the last match of the women’s world tour system this year, Astana women’s team Arlenis Sierra tops the list. . Sofia Bertizzolo, also from the Astana Women’s Team, won the UCIWomen’s WorldTour points for the best youth. In order to reduce the distance between cycling enthusiasts and professional bicycle racing, the organizing committee has also set up ‘honorary cycling’ and ‘Mengbao cycling’ links to invite local cycling enthusiasts to use professional competitions. Equipment, show your skills on the track, and participate in this world-renowned cycling event immersively.

Tissot booth at the Tour de Guangxi

Derived from racing now precision
   Tissot has been active in a number of cycling events since its cooperation with the International Cycling Union (UCI) in 1995. Adhering to the spirit of paying tribute to fair sports with precise timing, it has become the time master of the cycling world. As an official timing partner, Tissot has developed and customized leading bicycle timing and scoring systems for a number of international cycling league events, and used them to provide reliable time and performance records for related events. This time around the Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour, Tissot also helped, and paid tribute to the sport with a special series of racing bikes.

Tissot Racing Bike Special Edition
   Tissot’s special bike series watch incorporates many bicycle elements into its stylish ergonomic design, and the design of each part of the watch is deeply inspired by the bicycle. The bracelet and lugs are inspired by the frame’s fork design. The dial outer ring and the tachymeter bezel are inlaid on the carbon ring and adopt the wheel shape. The chronograph button incorporates the brake lever element. The back cover and crown can capture the figure of a bicycle flywheel, and the inside of the strap is intentionally engraved with a chain shape. The large hands and clear surface make it fast and easy to read during rapid riding. In addition, the dial uses carbon fiber to reproduce the matte texture of the bicycle track. This series has a variety of colors to choose from, everyone can easily find what they like, whether on the track or daily travel, this watch is your versatile choice.

Tissot Racing Bike Special Edition
Technical Parameters:

Tissot Racing Series Bicycle Special Watch Reference Price: 3,850RMB

-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement
-316L stainless steel case, carbon fiber composite material
-Aluminum bezel
-Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Silicone wristband, standard buckle
-Gray-black two-color PVD coating
-Size: 44.5mm * 44.5mm