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Jacques Platinum Tourbillon Watches Priced Over 10 Million

The only platinum high jewelry spherical tourbillon watch customized by Jaeger-LeCoultre for the Beijing Financial Street Jaeger-LeCoultre flagship store is RMB 12,735,000, the only one in the world. This watch uses Jaeger-LeCoultre’s spherical tourbillon, which completely breaks through the traditional tourbillon structure. Two tourbillon frames rotate around two different axes, allowing the watch to be at any angle and position. Can effectively offset the effect of gravity on its travel time.

In terms of design, this watch is also a classic, using the noble all platinum material, the case and bracelet are set with large diamonds, the number is 459, and the total weight is nearly 59 carats. The watchmaker also uses special materials to create a spherical tourbillon device, and uses advanced transparent glass to show the superb time error fixed gears above the dial, as well as the unique arc-shaped perpetual calendar date display. Avant-garde style. Below the dial, the design is simple, showing the beauty of the tourbillon, the perpetual calendar and the eight-day long power reserve display are not overwhelming. Itabashi is sculpted with metal filaments, letting people see the dial at a glance, admiring the balance wheel and escapement structure in the spherical tourbillon. The back is equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal, which presents a wonderful retrograde leap year display, making the entire watch impeccable.

Seiko New Look The Charm Of New Mechanical Movement And Perpetual Calendar

Premier is Seiko’s pointer gentleman watch series. For many years, it has achieved outstanding success all over the world, first in Europe, and then successfully in the world. Its appeal lies in its very modern and extremely elegant appearance. The design of the watch is derived from ancient architecture, but it is combined with moving modern design style. Similarly, this duality is also reflected in the internal movement. The Premier line includes traditional mechanical movements, as well as the latest man-powered movements. All in all, the fusion of classic and modern is the essence of Seiko Premier.
Brand new look
    The 2011 model has a new interpretation of the duality of classical and modern fusion. The case has become rounder, the face plate has more charm, the crown is new, and the band of the strap is slightly smaller and softer to fit on the wrist. Compared to the 2010 model, these changes seem subtle, but they can be seen at a glance. The new Premier looks more elegant and softer in appearance.
Brand new movement
    The 2011 Premier model is equipped with a new mechanical movement specially developed for it, 24 stones, 21,600 vibrations per hour, and a power reserve of 41 hours. At 9 o’clock on the dial, you can admire the gold-plated escape wheel, which is the heart of the movement. The entire movement and the specially carved automatic dial can be seen through the case back. At 11 o’clock, it is decorated with a small 24-hour bezel and three hours, minutes and seconds. The automatic and manual winding movement 4R39 is an important new member of the Seiko mechanical movement. It will also become the Premier series in the next few years. Mainstay.
The new movement 4R39-the charm of a unique ‘Happy’ mechanical watch perpetual calendar
    At the heart of Premier is Seiko’s unique and highly successful Perpetual Electric Perpetual Calendar. The prestigious movement 7D not only displays the perpetual calendar without adjustment until February 2100, it also has Seiko’s unique human power sleep function. As long as you leave your wrist for more than 24 hours, you can enter a ‘sleep’ state for up to 4 years. When you put it on again, the hour, minute and second hand will automatically chase the hand to the current correct time. The calendar display keeps the correct date. This series launched 6 new models this year, one of which is a very conspicuous all-black model to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Seiko’s founding. This watch features a black and clear black faceplate, a black high-hardness plated case, and a black belt, solemnly showing its extraordinary temperament in commemorating an important business anniversary.

Perpetual Electricity Perpetual Calendar —— Seiko’s 130th anniversary commemorative model ‘Black Need’.
2011 Premier Series
    In 2011, a total of 16 watches from the Premier series were launched, five of which were women’s watches, two of which used mother-of-pearl dials, and all the watches were innovative and elegant, which will always be Premier Watch features. The collection will be available in the summer of 2011 and will become Premier’s latest and most specific icon, a modern interpretation of classic elegance.

Premier Women’s Watches-Newly shaped straps are softer and more elegant.
Mechanical watch and 24-hour display
Movement: 4R39
Automatic and manual refining
Hour, minute and second hands
24-hour display
Power reserve: 41 hours
振动 21,600 vibrations per hour
24 stone
Movement diameter: 27.4mm thickness: 4.7mm
Case: stainless steel
   See-through case back
Strap: stainless steel tri-fold press seat belt buckle (SSA021 / 023/024)
   Belt with stainless steel push-belt buckle (SSA021-2 / 023-2)
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Waterproof: 10 bar
Antimagnetic: 4800A / m
Suggested retail price in Europe: € 540-590
Perpetual Electricity Perpetual Calendar
Movement: 7D48
Case: stainless steel
Strap: Stainless Steel Tri-Fold Pressing Safety Belt Buckle (SNP039 / 041-1 / 042)
   Belt with stainless steel push-belt buckle (SNP041-2 / 044)
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Waterproof: 10 bar
Suggested retail price in Europe: 720-790 Euros
Perpetual Electricity Perpetual Calendar-SEIKO 130th Anniversary Model
Model: SNP045
Movement: 7D48
Case: Black high hardness plated stainless steel
Strap: Belt with stainless steel tri-fold press seat belt buckle
Glass: Anti-glare coated sapphire crystal glass
Waterproof: 10 bar
Suggested retail price in Europe: 840 Euros
Female calendar
Movement: 7N82
Case: Stainless steel (SXDE01 / E01-2 / E02)
   Stainless Steel Mother of Pearl Face Plate (SXDE04 / E05)
Strap: Stainless Steel Tri-Fold Pressing Safety Belt Buckle (SXDE01 / E02 / E04)
   Belt with stainless steel push belt buckle (SXDE01-2 / E05)
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Waterproof: 10 bar
Suggested retail price in Europe: 300-390 Euros

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Limited To 28 Montblanc ‘transformers’

Playing Transformers on a watch is very gimmicky, it is important to attract attention. Montblanc launched this limited edition of 28 pieces of products. It has already made a lot of money just by attracting the attention of the media and watch fans.

From left: Mr. Demetrio Cabiddu, technical director of the Minerva Institute for Advanced Watchmaking Technology, Johnny Girardin, creator of Metamorphosis, Franck Orny
Favorite watches are fun and enjoyable, so how do you get happy? The most popular course at Harvard University in the United States is Positive Phychology, a branch of psychology. The Chinese translation is ‘happiness’. Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar teaches this course that the basic principle of happiness is deformation, which deforms itself according to external information (according to INFORMATION Perform TRANSFORMATION), the real happiness comes from your own adjustment.

Montblanc Metamorphosis Watch
Playing Transformers on a watch is a gimmick. But catching the eye is important. There are two very important data for business, one is traffic, and the other is conversion rate. The conversion rate is determined by the competitiveness of its own services and products. Therefore, increasing the traffic as much as possible is the main means to increase revenue. Montblanc launched this limited edition of 28 pieces of products. It has already made a lot of money just by attracting the attention of the media and watch fans.

Montblanc Metamorphosis watch function demo
怎么 How Metamorphosis can change:
Montblanc’s Metamorphosis watch adopts an irregular drop-shaped shell design. The flowing shell, black-gray tone, and one-button timing of Minerva’s signature make the overall design full of beauty. The change start is operated by moving the ten-point starter of the case, and the deformation time is about 15 seconds. Setting this time up to 15 seconds is convenient to fully appreciate the deformation process. The so-called deformation is mainly reflected in the following points:

Demonstration of transformation process: before transformation
The first is the standard needle design for different axes of the hour and minute hands. The time indication is similar to the design of the standard hand, and the hour and minute hands are on different axes. The function of the hour and minute hands is unchanged in this watch regardless of whether it is deformed.
Second, the minute hand and second hand are coaxial. The function of the long second hand has changed before and after the deformation. Many friends are worried about the beautiful large long second hand fixed by Diton. The Montblanc design fully moves the second hand. In the normal running state, it is the second time display, and in the chronograph state, it is used as the chronograph second hand.

Transformation process demo: transformation
The third is the change of the 6-point dial function before and after the deformation. At the 6-point position of the dial, Montblanc’s signature dial was established from the Nicholas Cage chronograph. In the timing state, this dial is transformed into a chronograph minute hand. It is used as a calendar in the normal running state Indication effect. Leaving aside technology, this watch has a heritage of innovation and classic elements of its own product line. At first glance, it is the design of a major manufacturer with a deep foundation. It can also recognize whose product it is without a trademark.

Demonstration of transformation process: after transformation
Twenty-four is the change of the face before and after the deformation. The hour dial at 12 o’clock is a Roman numeral time scale in normal travel time and an Arabic numeral time scale in technical time. The 6 o’clock dial will also change to the minute hand cumulative dial or 31-day date dial, and the date display is still very carefully made into a large calendar structure with a coaxial dual disc combination. The small dial in the center displays the ten-digit date and the peripheral display Bit date, very particular about the details.
Be aware that the general tourbillon watch is composed of more than 200 parts, the perpetual calendar watch has more than 300 parts, the double tourbillon or minute repeater is composed of about 350 parts, and the perpetual calendar plus tourbillon is only more than 400 parts. The Metamorphosis table is made up of 567 parts, showing its complexity.

Taipei 101 Jaeger-lecoultre’s Brand-new Concept Store Is Grandly Opened. President Daniel Riedo And Film Emperor Zhang Xiaoquan Are Present At The Ribbon-cutting Ceremony; The New Geophysic And Master Ultra Thin Squelette Series Take The Lead In The World

Jaeger-LeCoultre, the top Swiss watch brand with extraordinary craftsmanship of the last two centuries, held a grand opening event for the brand new concept store in Taipei 101 on October 6 to implement a new brand new image ‘ ‘Open A Whole New World’, specially invited Mr. Zhang Xiaoquan, a well-known actor who has outstanding performance in the film industry and is also a brand enthusiast, as the opening ribbon cutting guest, and Mr. Daniel Riedo, President of Jaeger-LeCoultre. ) Visited Taiwan for the first time and visited the new concept store in Taipei 101, making this year’s event a lively event. In addition, in order to give back to watch fans, Jaeger-LeCoultre also gathered a number of exclusive limited edition models for exclusive exhibition and sales during the opening period, allowing Taiwan watch fans to see the beauty of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s outstanding craftsmanship!

   Entering the Jaeger-LeCoultre Taipei 101 concept store, whether it is compared to the book collection room planning, ceiling design, or in-store browsing of the Swiss factory, you can see that Jaeger-LeCoultre wants to bring you a new feeling that is different from the past.

   In order to convey the brand’s new spirit, Jaeger-LeCoultre specially invited the well-known French designer Marika Chaumet to redesign the Taipei 101 Concept Store. : Historical heritage, eternity, invention, multi-faceted, etc. are integrated into the design of the new concept store. It can be seen everywhere that Jaeger-LeCoultre wants to bring everyone a new feeling that is different from the past.

Photographer Zhang Xiaoquan and Mr. Daniel Riedo, President of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Taipei 101 Jaeger-LeCoultre concept store; [Elites from all walks of life interpret the new brand spirit and write a brand new page]
   Jaeger-LeCoultre Taipei 101’s new concept store is the only store in Taiwan. In order to show its importance to this grand opening, Mr. Daniel Riedo, President of Jaeger-LeCoultre, visited Taiwan for the first time and visited the ribbon-cutting site. In response to the spirit of the new brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre invited Mr. Zhang Xiaoquan, who has outstanding performance in TV and movies, as the guest of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Zhang Xiaoquan, who has been busy with filming and promotion recently, said:
   ‘In fact, I am a fan of Jaeger-LeCoultre. I highly respect the brand spirit, like its low-key brand image and specialize in watchmaking technology. I myself have practical models such as sports collection and military use. I work in performing arts. Over the years, trying to figure out each new role is just like the watchmaker’s insistence on the precise details and design of the watchmaking process. The long-term commitment and support of the filmmakers by the Jaeger-LeCoultre is like the importance and care of the watchmaking process. I am deeply impressed and moved as a passionate performer. ‘
   Among the many models, Zhang Xiaoquan particularly likes this Geophysic Universal Time series of world time watches worn by his hands. For him who travels around the world to shoot movies, the world time zone function is even more important.

Mr. Daniel Riedo, President of Jaeger-LeCoultre Global, and Mr. Zheng Xinxin, General Manager of Jaeger-LeCoultre Taiwan

[New Geophysicâ Geophysical Observatory Series Published in Taipei 101 Leading]
   In celebration of the opening of the new concept store in Taipei 101, Jaeger-LeCoultre will be airlifted to Taiwan for the first time at the Watches & Wonders exhibition in Hong Kong last week, as the world’s first stop market, and later in Korea , London, New York listed successively or simultaneously.
   Geophysical True Second series of real seconds watch, rose gold case, diameter 39.6 mm, hours, minutes, jump seconds, date, Jaeger-LeCoultre 770 automatic mechanical movement, power reserve 40 hours, vibration frequency every Hours 28,800 times, silver grained dial, appliqued hour markers, alligator leather strap.
   Geophysic True Second watch, stainless steel case, 39.6 mm diameter, hour, minute, jump seconds, date, Jaeger-LeCoultre 770 automatic mechanical movement, power reserve 40 hours, vibration frequency per hour 28,800 times, silver grained dial, appliqued indexes, alligator strap.
   The debut of the new Geophysic Geophysical Observatory series is expected to create a whirlwind in Asia. This series is equipped with a complex function movement, but the price is easy to approach. The four complex function watches have an entry price of more than 200,000; the entire series does not exceed one million, and the cost-effectiveness meets the expectations of emerging watch fans in Asia. Emerging markets were first announced by the Hong Kong Watch Fair. Asian movie director Mr. Liang Chaowei came to introduce the series to the event guests. Taiwanese movie director Zhang Xiaoquan took over and released new models. South Korea will also be unveiled by Mr. Che Shengyuan. Roving press conferences in different Asian cities are showing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s determination to expand its market.

   Geophysic Universal Time World Time Watch, rose gold case, diameter 41.6 mm, hours, minutes, jump seconds, world time, Jaeger-LeCoultre 772 automatic mechanical movement, power reserve 40 hours, vibration frequency every 28,800 hours, blue lacquered dial, appliqued hour-markers, alligator strap.
   The new Geophysic Geophysical Observatory watch series originates from the 1958 International Geophysical Year’s tribute to science and technology. In 2015, in order to let the majority of watch fans experience the classics with rich historical significance, Jaeger-LeCoultre combines complex functions and aesthetics to design a new model that is more modern and practical. The Geophysic True Second series And Geophysic Universal Time. The unique True Second function is the essence of this series of watches. The second hand moves on the dial with an accurate rhythm. For a mechanical movement, this function requires superb watchmaking technology to achieve. For this reason, Jaeger-LeCoultre designed the new 770 and 772 movements, which will give full play to the stop-second mechanism and accurately grasp the second hand without trembling. In addition, this series will be equipped with the Gyrolab® balance wheel used in the advanced complex Extreme Lab 1 watch, and applied to the Geophysic watch series. I-shaped balance wheel reduces air friction and makes balance wheel rotation more precise. High-complexity equipment comes at a relatively decent price. It is sincere to watch fans who love to collect and research watches.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Squelette Skeleton Watch (18K White Gold Diamond), Q1343501
[The new Master Ultra Thin Squelette is released simultaneously]

   A collection of simple, pure and elegant designs, the Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch is also the first classic to be displayed in Taiwan. It uses the 849ASQ type mechanical movement with a thickness of only 1.85 mm and uses a sophisticated skeleton process. Carve out the inner refinement. In line with Hybrid Artist Artistica’s extraordinary and sophisticated craftsmanship series, this series launched a total of four watches, large and elegant appearance, but also the ultra-thin aesthetics to the extreme.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Squelette (18K White Gold), Q13435SQ
   Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch, combining enamel and skeleton movement, only 3.6 mm thick. 18K white gold or 18K rose gold is engraved with a guilloche pattern, and then the case is flattened with enamel pigment, and repeatedly baked until the desired color tone is displayed. The other two diamond-set watches present a delicate and elegant visual effect. The natural mother-of-pearl is engraved by hand. With a bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds, it gives the dial a dynamic rhythm. It shines on the case with a thickness of only 4.7 millimeters. The entire series is limited to 100 pieces.
[Various limited editions exclusive exhibition sales in Taiwan]
   In order to give back to the majority of watch fans, Jaeger-LeCoultre has assembled a number of limited-edition watches for exclusive exhibition at the new concept store in Taipei 101, including Jaeger-LeCoultre’s famous master watches: a clever combination of flying tourbillon and perpetual calendar functions and adding moon phases The Grand Master Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique à Quantième Perpétuel, a masterpiece of Jaeger-LeCoultre that pays tribute to the theme astronomy of the year, Master Grande Tradition Répétition Minutes, which is known for its retro and sexy design, but also for its highly detailed watch functions. Here are the traditional three-question master series watches, the Rendez-Vous Ivy Secret dating series that represents the perfect fusion of classic aesthetics and jewellery inlays, as well as the 101 jewellery watch that echoes Taipei 101, the smallest movement in the world. Exclusive to everyone.