Parmigiani Plays The Perfect Tribute To Brazilian Music

Pershing Samba Madeira pays tribute to Brazil with wood inlay craftsmanship

 Parmigiani’s elegant and dynamic Pershing collection adds another masterpiece-Pershing Samba Madeira: 的 It was born to add an extraordinary work to the fine watchmaking palace-in the name of Parmigiani, decorated with With bright colors and lively samba rhythms, Pershing Samba Madeira expresses his respect and praise for the country of Brazil.

 To pay tribute to the music tradition of a country through a watch, watchmakers often just display a few elements on the dial that represent musical characteristics. This is also the most common practice. However, Parmigiani in Fleurier was not content to do just such a superficial article-they completely built the entire watch into an instrument. The Pershing Samba Madeira complication watch depicts a guitar in close-up. The sound hole of the guitar and the tourbillon cage exactly match the appearance and size, which is exquisite. The charming escapement rotates non-stop in the sound hole of the guitar. This guitar is given life and uses time to play endless movements perfectly.

 Pershing Samba Madeira watch

 Perming Samba Madeira watch (back)

 At a closer look, the dial actually uses a wood inlay craftsmanship process, showing a beautiful ‘mural’ -like picture, delicate and colorful, of which the fun can only be truly understood by using a magnifying glass. Wood inlay is a traditional craft. The main process is to first outline and cut out the required inlaid wood chips, and then assemble these tiny wood chips, like a mosaic puzzle, to finally show an extremely delicate and delicate decorative effect. . The entire process is completely completed by hand. According to the design draft, each piece of wood is custom-formed after carving, including 6 hair-like guitar strings.

 In January 2013, Parmigiani launched two tourbillon watches with the same musical theme. They are Tonda Woodrock and Tonda Woodstock, both of which use wood inlay craftsmanship to present guitar patterns, showing the British flag and the American Stars and Stripes respectively , A tribute to British and American rock music. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is praised by Brazil, so the background pattern of the guitar is also like the Brazilian flag:  Brazil’s national motto “Ordem e Progresso” across the starry planet;  colors on the Brazilian flag :  green, yellow and dark blue spread throughout the dial wall and Hermes strap, exuding the beautiful passion of Brazil.

 This unique watch has a 192-hour power reserve, and its PF510 movement is composed of more than 237 parts, all of which are hand-finished using the purest traditional watchmaking techniques. The back of the movement features superb chamfering, the bridge is decorated with exquisite Geneva ripples, and the superb craftsmanship of the entire watch is also used to the utmost.

 The elegant titanium case and the 18K rose gold bezel are in perfect contrast, showing a harmonious balance of beauty. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is limited to one and comes with a watch display case decorated with hand-painted patterns in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

 Parmigiani has been a partner of the Brazilian Football Confederation since 2011. The release of Pershing Samba Madeira once again confirms Parmigioni’s relationship with Brazil and Parmigioni’s love for music-this The love of cultural bridges.


The LOGO of this official name has a French tricolor flag, and also shares Swiss watch knowledge and French lifestyle. But all this has a premise: always love your motherland! –Mr. Ye, I was born on October 1, 2019 in Yongjia Farmland, moved to the suburbs of Wenzhou in 1990, moved to the center of Wenzhou in 1996, moved to Shanghai in 1998, studied abroad in 2002, worked in the British Consulate in 2007, and became a World Expo 2010 The British Pavilion received VIPs, contacted watches in 2011, and plans to open an independent watchmaker’s shop in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai in 2019. I have to thank all those who love my country! Will use my whole life to carry forward the ingenuity! Red is a color. Women’s red gauze, the bishop’s red suit, and the red brick of the palace wall are even more ubiquitous in history and culture. In the West, strong religious thoughts represent the rebirth and destruction; in the East, since the ‘Chou Ren Shang Chi’ began to rise to the ‘national color’ level. Fortunately, the meanings that have diverged for hundreds of years have finally been unified in modern times, and are sexy, enthusiastic, and energetic, and are deeply loved by modern people. But above the watch, red is a color that is very difficult to render perfectly. The thickness of the hue itself makes it particularly important in the square inches of the plate: more points are more greasy and less points are lighter. Therefore, the red dial can be shocking, and all of them are fine watchmaking. Just like HYT’s unique liquid timepiece brand, it is also an artist with a free imagination. In the world of HYT, red is the color of time. The red liquid in the catheter slides slowly, indicating the passage of time, as if telling the world ‘to cherish the present’ in the most striking color. In the world of HYT, red is the color of confession. It may be the overall tone of the skull decoration, or it may be a glimpse of the strap, hands, and hour markers. Seemingly tiny, but with a loud sound, it brings a strong visual impact. In the world of HYT, there are many possibilities for red, but whatever it is, it contains a fiery and vigorous emotion. Wearing it will make people involuntarily think of the phrase in ‘My Name is Red’: Such a magnificent red, thinking of myself will soon be part of it, thinking of myself being so close to her, I can’t help crying.

J12 Global Limited Edition High Jewellery Watch

‘I chose a diamond because it contains the greatest value in the smallest volume.’ Ms. Chanel once commented on her personal Bijoux de Diamants, the first high-jewellery series exhibition in 1932. Since the advent of the Chanel J12 series, it has introduced black and white high-tech precision ceramics, chronographs or tourbillon watches, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies, etc., which have a status just like N ° 5 in the perfume kingdom, becoming The logo of the Chanel watchmaking industry. Today we want to recommend the J12 series of diamond limited editions launched this year.

The J12 watch is designed to celebrate the opening of the 18 Jewelry Watch Boutique in Paris
高级 This high-end jewelry watch is a timeless design that brings together the most precious and irreplaceable materials: 18K white gold, black high-tech precision ceramics, and Ms. Chanel’s favorite-diamonds;
限量 Limited to 12 pieces in the world, and each engraved with an independent number, it has the glory of rare treasures, which is irresistible.

2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters Lottery Ceremony Held In Rolex World Bund

On October 10, 2015, the Shanghai Rolex Masters, hailed as the best men’s tennis tournament in Asia, will begin. On the same day, the men’s singles draw draw will be held at the ‘Rolex World’ on the Bund 27 (The Rolex Experience) was officially held. Several celebrities and senior figures include Deputy Director of the Shanghai Rolex Masters Organizing Committee, Sun Weimin, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, Jiang Lan, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Rolex Masters Organizing Committee, Nicolas Quibel, General Manager of Rolex (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Australia Tennis legend Rod Laver Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic, Chinese player Wu Di, Yang Yibin, director of marketing of Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd., director of the international department of Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd., ATP board Member Shi Chengwei and Roosevelt China Investment Fund President Xie Yidong attended the ceremony together, and selected the 2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters draw to determine how 56 men’s singles players from the world will compete for 1000 ATP points and the title of this championship.

   From October 10th to 18th, the Shanghai Rolex Masters will be held in Qizhong Tennis Center. The Swiss watch brand Rolex once again teamed up with the Shanghai Masters this year to continue the title sponsorship and to serve as the official designated timekeeper for seven times. Perseverance in excellence and a special interest in tennis have inspired Rolex to fully support the development of the sport for a long time. It is precisely the common pursuit of perfection in watchmaking and tennis that promotes close cooperation between the two.

   With the release of the men’s singles, the 2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters officially kicked off. As one of the highest-level tournaments in the ATP World Men’s Professional Tennis Tour, Asia’s only stop in the ATP1000 Masters, this year’s Masters player lineup shines. (Image copyright belongs to: ROLEX / Kai Hartmann)