Month: April 2019

Iwc Portuguese Flagship Flagship Portuguese Super Complicated Watch

IWC Schaffhausen first pioneered the world 20 years ago, bringing together the most sophisticated and sophisticated watch technology in the same watch, bringing super complicated watches. Today, it is housed in the Portuguese case for the first time and continues to retain the outstanding technical features of the super complicated: perpetual calendar, minute repeater, automatic chronograph movement.
More than 500 years ago, Vasco da Gama crossed the Cape of Good Hope and discovered that the maritime route to India was under the control of the Nau Sao Gabriel. Today, this IWC’s most famous collection introduces its latest flagship model, the Portuguese Complexity Watch. The super complicated watch is the top model of IWC. It was born in 1990. At that time, IWC was the first to create a watch that integrated the most sophisticated complex clock technology into one and can be worn on the hand. This top-notch, distinguished timepiece is limited to 50 numbered editions per year. This classic timepiece now takes on a new look with a Portuguese case.

背后 Behind the noble title of “super complex” in the high-end watch industry, there is an ancient dream: to bring together all the most important discoveries of watchmakers in the field of watch oscillation, operation and even timekeeping. Twenty years ago, the mechanics of IWC fulfilled this dream and completed a world-renowned feat. After more than seven years of in-depth research and development, hundreds of independent parts can finally be assembled in a very small space, creating a perfectly crystalline work: Despite its complex performance, the operation is extremely simple and completely suitable for daily use. Only the most talented designers and watchmakers can complete this masterpiece. This is why the production of this remarkable watch series is extremely limited.
The Portuguese superb complex watch adopts a new case with a diameter of 45 mm, inheriting a series of proven technical performances: 79091 automatic chronograph movement with a cumulative time of 12 hours, minute repeater-specially constructed A kind of complex performance, the most modern and reliable among similar mechanical devices. Finally, it is an autonomously running perpetual calendar, which displays the year, year, century, and millennium with four digits, and it is unparalleled to this day. To display the day of the week, date, and month. The perpetual calendar and moon phases linked to the calendar show that there is only one day difference between the actual operating cycle of the moon within 122 years and no adjustments or pauses are required before 2100. All calendar instructions are mobilized in a mechanical program and synchronized manner.
Thanks to the patented sliding slide device, the super-complicated watches that were previously launched (and will continue to be launched simultaneously) have a water resistance of 1 bar; but if equipped with the minute repeater performance and want to achieve this waterproof depth, it is almost a a task that can not be done. However, the water-resistant depth of the new Portuguese Super Complex watch has been increased to 3 bar. The latest flagship of this watch family fully adheres to the spirit of the Portuguese oceangoers, which can be seen from the relief of the sextant engraved on the bottom of the rose gold watch: like a watch, the sextant is an indispensable tool in sailing , Here represents a spiritual fit.
大幅 The silver-plated dial, which has been greatly increased in size, provides the perfect backdrop for the calendar display of this sophisticated watch. The dial is engraved with a low-key globe with longitude and latitude-accurately displaying the tilt angle of the earth axis of 23.4 °; above it is a sub-dial with a combination of timing performance and calendar display, as well as a small second dial and a moon phase display. Arched double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, rose gold-set indexes, Arabic numerals, orbital minute ring. The rectangular shallow-angled chronograph button completely extends the low-key style of the Portuguese case. Only the left side of the case can issue a ‘sound of music’ slide, which shows the accurate minute repeater device hidden in the watch to the master. The increase of the waterproof depth of the case does not harm its speaker performance, volume and sound quality balance. All this is not only due to the enlarged sound chamber and clever mechanical design, and the sound is transmitted outward through the sapphire glass. At this moment, let’s get on board the latest flagship of the Portuguese fleet-set sail!
Portuguese Super Complex Watch Ref. IW3774, 18K rose gold case, 45mm diameter 79091 automatic movement, composed of 657 mechanical parts, automatic chronograph movement, with day, date, month and four-digit year display Perpetual calendar, perpetual calendar moon phase display, minute repeater, small seconds, 44-hour power reserve, 30 meters waterproof, dark brown alligator leather strap with 18K rose gold folding buckle. Portuguese Grande Complication engraved with the sextant relief on the bottom of the watch.