Month: March 2019

Wrist’ Expectations The Future Of Zenith Zenith The First Xi’an Skp Store Invites You Tasting

Recently, the well-known Swiss watchmaker ZENITH Zenith opened its first SKP store in Xi’an. On November 24th, it attracted attention and focused on the celebration of Zenith’s first SKP store in Xi’an. Time is set here to open a new chapter. ZENITH invites you to appreciate the brand’s legendary masterpieces, outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship, the perfect fusion of beauty and complex craftsmanship. While admiring the charm of the modern watch series, we will further approach the futuristic style and open the door to the future of the watch world.
    Since 1865, ZENITH has promoted excellence, precision and innovation in a spirit of truth, courage and passion. The forward-thinking watchmaker Georges Favr-Jacot obtained the precision timepiece certification shortly after the establishment of ZENITH in Le Locle, Switzerland, and won 2,333 precision timepiece awards in just a century and a half, creating an unparalleled record. Today, ZENITH has made new achievements in time measurement, including the DefyElPrimero21 movement with accurate time measurement to 1 / 100th of a second; and has given the world’s most accurate watch the DefyLab in the 21st century with new mechanical accuracy. By strengthening the link between the proud vitality of tradition and avant-garde thinking, Zenith is writing about its future … and the future of the entire Swiss watchmaking industry.

Legendary Master of Time and Space Complex
    In the century and a half since the brand was founded, Zenith has continuously created masterpieces that have entered the annals of history. Among them, highly complicated timepieces are the most prominent. Three questions, double sesame chain, eccentric tourbillon, gyroscope … The delicate and delicate parts constitute a sophisticated and complex mechanical palace, which shows the peak watchmaking skills. A number of rare and top-of-the-line limited edition boutique watches, including the distinguished series and the flagship series, all came to the scene to showcase their true beauty in the legendary space.

Zenith Premium Columbus Hurricane Limited Edition

    Inspired by the marine astronomical clock, this watch not only combines ElPrimero movement and gravity control system, but also has a third outstanding device to eliminate isochronous errors. This design is equipped with an ingenious sesame chain transmission system, which can keep the swing amplitude stable during the life of the power reserve, and then ensure the stable power of the watch. Limited edition of 25 pieces worldwide

Zenith Premier Series Minute Repeater

   In addition to the most complex minute repeater function, the distinguished series minute repeater also has an unprecedented timepiece device that reflects its exclusive characteristics. This patented device uses a unique tone harrow with three tones, demonstrating the unique spiritual connotation of the ElPrimero chronograph series.

Upstart in the future space-time era
   Novel design, cutting-edge technology, unique style, and excellent performance. No matter from aesthetics or mechanical design, the Defy series is undoubtedly the vane of future innovation, representing the pioneering giant system of Zenith. In particular, the DefyElPrimero21 and DefyLab models, which came out in 2017, symbolize the brand’s peak in watchmaking with its epoch-making transformational significance, and indicate the future direction of the global watchmaking industry.


Zenith DefyElPrimero21 watch with diamonds
   Equipped with the revolutionary TIMELABCOSC Swiss official observatory tester certification 1/100 second chronograph movement, the case bezel and the timepiece are set with sparkling diamonds totaling 5 carats. New short-term concept store opened and specially launched

Zenith DefyClassic

   Powered by a high-performance precision movement, it blends elegance and sporty style, laying a unique fashion tone. Hour hand, minute hand, central second hand, and date-these basic functions condense more strongly the aesthetic essence of DEFY