Month: January 2019

Parmigiani Launches New Music-inspired Work — Tonda Tourbillon Solo De Jazz Watch

Every year, Parmigiani launches new works inspired by music. These watches represent the long history of Parmigiani and Montreux Jazz Festival. Beginning in 2015, Parmigiani was appointed Global Partner of the festival-the brand’s ‘music’ persistence has been formally rewarded. In celebration of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Parmigiani’s wood-encrusted watch launched in 2015 proudly bears the name of jazz. The new Tonda Tourbillon Solo de Jazz watch is vivid and lively, as if swinging in the rhythm of jazz!
Same theme, rich change
   Fully expressing music-its universal charm, its energy, its strong emotion that has been thin since the first note … This is the face of Parmigiani’s watch series dedicated to music. challenge. From this point of view, the pure and harmonious appearance of the Tonda Tourbillon series provides an extraordinary ample expression space. The 2015 work pays tribute to jazz. The new work sets the image of the trumpet player and its instrument in the background of the city, and the trumpet trumpet cleverly acts as a tourbillon for the watch. This ultra-complex design is enough to be the eye-catching decoration of the watch, not to mention it also uses a rare large size, as if all the notes of the music itself are to be injected into the watch.

Mosaic and watchmaking-the ultimate combination
   Trying to capture the vibrancy of the scene with pieces of wood, everything is condensed in a small dial-it looks crazy enough. But Parmigiani dares to meet this challenge, and it is this spirit of chasing perfection that has made Parmigiani today. The pieces must be firmly assembled together so that they can be cut into the patterns defined on the design drawings to ensure that the dimensions and all angles are presented with maximum accuracy. Then, it is the moment to witness the miracle! No glue, no connecting parts, after adjustment, all the wood pieces are tightly connected. Amazing! The finished fine work will be pressed for two weeks. The beautiful scene is so forever fixed and forever new.

The perfect ‘note’ on the wood
   Mosaic work is a highly precise craft, unlike jazz, there is no room for improvisation; it requires a high degree of sensitivity, even some degree of intuition. The artist must carefully choose the texture of each piece of wood based on the atmosphere to be expressed. Parmigiani hopes that his new work will convey a warm and harmonious atmosphere, so the dial background uses soft colors. The musician’s face is made of pear wood, which is a smooth wood that is perfect for expressing skin, but the mustache that characterizes is made of walnut wood. Walnut is also used to express the natural folds of the shirt, while the coat is dyed birch. The trumpet is made of Ceylon lemon tree wood and boxwood. Finally, maple brings the urban landscape to life, creating immersive and stunning effects. Inlay craftsmen are fully prepared in conceiving their ‘symphony’ work-in the choice of wood type. He knows what kind of wood will change color over time, so he has taken these factors into account when selecting the material. According to his predictions, the Tonda Tourbillon wood inlay craftsmanship dial will surely become more beautiful over time.

Rich details
   Just as truth does not come easily, so often does not appear superficial. But in any case, truth exists objectively, and so is the refinement—in the almost imperceptible lines of wood, they outline the musician’s hands, face, and shirt, giving it an unparalleled sense of exquisiteness. This sense of refinement can also be seen in the trumpeter’s shirt-the mosaic-like check pattern is vividly presented, and the rose gold spots created by the thermal application process make the pattern come to life, making it emit an amber light. This complements the colors of the case, hour markers, power reserve, and tourbillon frame, as they are all made of rose gold, creating a warm and luxurious harmony. With the magnification of the inlay craftsmanship, accompanied by the movement of the hour, minute and large seconds hands, the Tonda Tourbillon wood inlay craftwork dial is vivid and engraved. The watch was completed at Parmigiani’s craft center, paying tribute to the great tradition of pursuing excellence and also the brand’s characteristics. The manual-winding movement PF510 makes it reliable and precise. Geneva corrugated decoration and hand-chamfered bridges prove the watch’s insistence on the characteristics of Haute Horlogerie, which are just two of the characteristics of this loyalty. To ensure perfection in every aspect, the Tonda Tourbillon Solo de Jazz is equipped with a Havana cigar-colored Hermes crocodile leather strap with a rose gold pin buckle. As a fusion carrier of time and rhythm, this watch is absolutely the same and is the only watch. Long live jazz!

Parmigiani wooden inlay watch
· 2013 — Tonda WoodroCK and Tonda Woodstock watches pay tribute to Anglo-Saxon music. Both models are embellished with craftsmanship guitar designs, with the British or American flags as backgrounds, respectively.
· 2013 — Pershing Samba Madeira watches pay tribute to Brazil. In addition to a guitar in the foreground, the dial also has a star-shaped sphere with Brazil’s national motto written on it.
· 2014 — The dial of the Tonda Tourbillon Mambo watch depicts a Cuban musician playing a guitar. The first such design in the series.
Tonda TourbillonSolo de Jazz
Winding: manual
30-second tourbillon movement with power reserve indicator
Power reserve: one week
Frequency: 3 Hz-21,600 vibrations / hour
Size: 15 ” ‘-33.84 mm diameter
Thickness: 5.55 mm
Number of parts: 237
Number of jewels: 30
Number of barrels: two barrels in series
Decoration: ‘Geneva Ripple’, hand-chamfered bridge
Hours, minutes
30 Second Tourbillon
Power reserve display at 12 o’clock
Shape: ‘Three-segment’ round case
Size: 42 mm diameter
Thickness: 11.5 mm
Material: 18K rose gold
Finish: Polished
Water resistance: 30 meters
Table mirror: anti-reflective sapphire
Crown: 7 mm diameter
Case back: Sapphire
Case back cover engraving: individually numbered and ‘MODELE UNIQUE’
Color: Maroon
Hour markers: rose gold plated appliqued hour markers
Finishing: wood inlay
Hands: triangular hands with luminous coating
Material: Crocodile skin
Color: Havana Cigar
Brand: Hermes
Type: Pin type
Material: Rose Gold