Month: December 2018

Record The Time Of Love, Thank The Father For His Love

Compared with the nourishment of mother’s love, the father always silently cares for the children and pays attention to their growth with silent love. Time flies, fatherly love supports every childlike innocence, grows with it, and gives them strong strength. On Father’s Day in 2010, Tissot recorded the time of love with a seat table with time “secret”, thanking his father for his love.

Tissot watch
The ‘secret’ of time
The power of the Tissot watch is as eternal and powerful as father’s love. It uses a manually wound mechanical movement ETA6497 with 17 gems and a power reserve of up to 49 hours. It hides the ‘secret’ of time, and through the transparent dial you can see the ‘heart’ of the watch-the precise movement of the movement. The transparent dial makes such a powerful seat watch movement an open secret, which allows older fathers to play with it.
Time of love
For the expression of father’s love, choosing Tissot watch may be the best choice. The 12 dials of the Roman numerals on the outer surface of the transparent dial have a clear atmosphere. These scales are based on white and decorated with detailed sun patterns, reflecting the exquisite design and workmanship. The minute scale is on the inner ring of the Roman numeral hour scale, and the color is consistent with the case, which perfectly echoes. The retro hollow hands are more retro and nostalgic against the movement and gems. The crown of the pocket watch is usually at 3 o’clock, while the button of the Tissot watch is at 12 o’clock, which is balanced and elegant. The design of the case is also very special. It is located on the other side of the dial. Opening the case allows the seat table to stand on the table for easy reading at any time. The table is also equipped with a chain that can be carried in your arms. The design of the different plating makes the seat table available in gold or silver. Gold is gold-plated and silver is rhodium-plated, which meets the different preferences of fathers.
Tissot launched the Tissot watch on Father’s Day, aiming to present its strength to the gentlest character of men-father, thank them for their efforts and return their speechless love.
Technical Parameters:
Manual winding mechanical movement ETA 6497, 17 gems, 49-hour power reserve
Coated case
With chain