Month: August 2018

2018 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Glashütte Original Innovations Summary

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2018, Glashütte Original launched a series of new watches, attracting a lot of attention both in appearance and design, highlighting the beauty of Glashütte’s original craftsmanship.
Glashütte Original Councillor Series

   Glashütte Original launches three new and striking new appearances in Basel for the gentleman who values ​​personal style. Following the launch of the classic-style initial model in 2016, Glashütte Original has launched a slightly larger 42mm stainless steel model, with three dials: Galaxy Grey, Indigo and Hao White. Based on the Calibre 36 automatic movement, the brand expands the award-winning Senator Excellence family of watch excellence with a modern, elegant design. Despite the new look, the Calibre 36 movement is still inherited from the inside. These latest models are just as good as other MPs’ watch models, with standards of stability, runtime, precision and aesthetics.

News material: This series is designed for those who have sophisticated taste, admiration or experience the charm and scenery of that era. This series of watches has the unique characteristics of the 1960s watches: arched sapphire glass, curved hands and Arabic numerals with period characteristics. But the most striking thing is the cool green retro dial. The special ‘gradient effect’ makes the dial tone gradually darken from the center to the edge. In addition, there is an exclusive feature: the dials of the 1960s and 1960s calendars are decorated with fine textures, which are processed by the original tools and methods. These two watches are available for one year only, and are available in Glashütte Original Boutiques and selected distributors around the world.

News information: This watch uses hollow-out technology, and the dark gray dial is carved out with exquisite large calendar display, moon phase, week, month and leap year display, and each display has a stepped three-dimensional frame. The watch also adds two iconic features-a large calendar display and a refined moon phase display. The large calendar uses large numbers and there are no dividers between the digits, while the dark blue night sky displayed by the moon phase is set against shiny silver stars. The limited edition of the Senator Excellence Watch also keeps pace with the times, with a blue embellishment in a 42 mm white gold case, a dark gray rhodium-plated ring, and polished hand-embedded hour markers and a plated grey movement.

News material: This watch is casual and elegant, and it is specially made for attractive men. The new stainless steel large date chronograph watch, the white dial reflects the dark black details, elegant, eye-catching black and white contrast and its modern and modern design will no doubt attract countless quality sportsmen. The 42mm diameter stainless steel case is polished and satin-finished for a sporty elegance. By matching various straps to meet different personal styles. Equipped with 37-01 chronograph movement, it ensures excellent precision.

News material: The display of this watch is specially designed to ensure excellent legibility, and the mechanics behind it are very complicated. During the development process, Glashütte engineers added complexity and modernity to the product line, while paying particular attention to its ease of use. The wearer can set the time in two time zones at the same time, which is convenient and practical. Equipped with Caliber89-02, a self-made movement with a power reserve of at least 72 hours.
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Everyone Is Her Own Zhou Xunchu, Ambassador Of Iwc Iwc, Creates Extraordinary

Twenty-five years ago, Zhou Xun’s dream of life set sail. Since then, he has challenged and created a brand new self in different roles. In the last second, she wore pilot equipment, from hoods, jackets to precision watches, to complete the task with ease. The next second, she changed into a black silk satin evening dress, with a light smile, and passed by with passersby. Every time she changed her identity, she did not forget her original intention and moved from her heart. After breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, the gorgeous transformation, and then continued to fly, starting the next journey.

Some people say that they can act well if they forget about themselves.
But I think,
Each of her is me.
When life becomes flying, it will take off immediately after landing.
Every minute is different,
Do not forget the original intention of landing and landing.
Set sail for the target
   In an interview with ‘The Wind Listener’, Zhou Xun mentioned that before the age of 19, he was a person who did not know what he wanted, and then he sang and danced with his classmates every day. With the increase of experience, I began to have a clear dream and motivation to move forward-from then on, life became flying, starting and landing without forgetting the original intention.

Move forward and invest
   After each time his work was defeated, Zhou Xun always felt a sense of loss. ‘The mood during the shooting was like a sudden sudden braking like driving. It’s gone, it’s frustrated, so I usually stay in the room where I live for another day after the filming, comfort myself, and then go.’ — Every time Zhou Xun will be desperate to change his identity and live in the present, that is, to hone himself with every experience.
Extreme change
   Zhou Xun, who has never filmed a Qing opera, took this year’s film ‘Rugao Biography’ and was asked how to break through herself in the drama. She said, ‘The answer is very long. I will answer you with the most extreme Qing opera.’ —— No matter how time turns, Zhou Xun still completes every challenge and attempt without any thoughts, letting each character return to reality, while also injecting her own soul to the ultimate interpretation of the cause.
Never forget the beginning
   It is the working principle of Zhou Xun to return to the truth and not change his original intention due to any temptation. ‘I particularly want to be a documentary-type actor. Jump out of familiar places and return to the most authentic place of human nature. As far as possible, remove the traces of the performance, and more tend to natural interpretation and the expression of true emotions. ‘No matter where the landing point is, Chuxin always guided her flight, beginning and ending.
   The watch records the passage of time, performs momentary frames, and remains in memory forever. Smart and confident Zhou Xun flew with the IWC Pilot Automatic Watch 36 on his wrist, soaring the sky together, exploring a wider life journey.
Pilot Automatic 36

   Pilot Automatic 36, model IW324001, case diameter 36 mm, very attractive for watch lovers who prefer slightly smaller elegant timepieces, it is the smallest model in IWC’s current pilot watch ‘echelon’ . Wear it, and you’ll love flying ever since.