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2015 ‘watches And Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch Fair Next Day Aftertaste

A total of 12 brands participated in this year’s ‘Watches and Miracles’. Yesterday we visited 8 brands. Today we will go to see the remaining 4 brands. The reason for this sort of order is also the order in which the media visiting group is located.
Baume & Mercier

   This year is the 185th anniversary of the Baume & Mercier watch. I have always felt that Baume & Mercier’s propaganda efforts in China are not strong, especially on the Internet. However, from the end of the year, Baume & Mercier has plans to strengthen publicity in China and plans to find a spokesperson. And this time, the model of the famous person is my favorite, very beautiful.

   This time, Baume & Mercier launched a Clayton series 18K red gold 1830 five-minute timepiece pocket watch to commemorate the 185th anniversary of the brand. This 18K red gold pocket watch has a diameter of 50 mm and its case is polished with polished satin finish. The silver-white arc-shaped dial is decorated with Arabic numerals and 18K red gold studs. The hands are also made of red gold. The timekeeping mechanism is driven by a sheath key located at 4 o’clock, which sounds once every hour with low bass, and once every five minutes with successive bass and treble. This timepiece pocket watch can not only make the clock sound on time, but also play a unique and melodic melody like an instrument. It is also equipped with a ‘full switch’ safety mechanism. If the right button of the case is not pressed to the bottom, the timekeeping mechanism will not be activated, thereby avoiding incorrect timekeeping. In addition, the manual winding movement of this pocket watch is very beautiful, the strap is also beautiful, the watch box and storage bag are very beautiful.
Van Cleef & Arpels

   Van Cleef & Arpels continues to draw inspiration from nature, the pavilion is cleverly arranged, and its models are dressed like the spirits in nature.

   This time, a new poetic complex watch was launched, which transformed the charming scenery of nature between the dials. The dial’s craftsmanship and its complexity, the filling and reeling enamel, feathers and other elements made the female guests linger on the scene.
   As the leader of the German watchmaking session, Lange just released its new Lange 1 model just before the show, using a large calendar display and continuing the characteristics of the Lange 1 watch, which is well worth buying.

   At this show, this special edition of the 1815 CHRONOGRAPH store, which is only available in its store, has attracted much attention. First, the dark blue printed dial and silvery white dial are visually intertwined. In addition to the dark blue printed dial elements, this watch is set on the peripheral pulsometer scale to measure heart rate. Stop counting when the 30th heartbeat is counted. The sweeping chronograph second hand will point to the pulse meter scale and directly display the number of heartbeats per minute. Each hand also forms a rich color combination, the hour and minute hands are made of rhodium-plated 18K yellow gold. Sweep chronograph seconds, integrating dial, small seconds are made of blue steel. I feel that the special edition of the store will make a lot of people sigh.
Vacheron Constantin
   Vacheron Constantin’s thinnest chronograph automatic chronograph watch released at the Geneva Watch Fair earlier this year and the most complicated pocket watch 57260 just released were shocked. I thought Vacheron Constantin would never again What new products did you expect?

   The first is the launch of a new jewellery and women’s watch series, the Heures Créatives series. The design of the Heures Créatives watch combines the characteristics of three iconic art periods: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and 1970s art. The Heure Romantique, Heure Discrète and Heure Audacieuse timepieces form a wonderful trilogy dedicated to three different women who are elegant and individual.

   In the case of men’s watches, the Historiques Cornes de vache 1955 watch is re-interpreted with a ‘horn-shaped’ lug design, using a platinum 950 case with a diameter of 38.50 mm. The watch strictly continues the original model at 3 The layout of the 30-minute chronograph dial at the o’clock position and the small second hand at the 9 o’clock position, by design, make the overall layout more relaxed and more readable, improving the readability of various functions. The area of ​​the silver-plated milky dial is extended with Roman numerals. The hour markers and hands are made of 18K white gold, while the central chronograph seconds hand, 30-minute chronograph hands and tachymeter scale are selected in royal blue, which further completes the dial. For legibility, the movement bears the Geneva Seal. Although this watch is not limited, it only produces 100 watches per year, and it may not be easy to buy in the first one or two years.
   Twelve fine watch brands interpreted this ‘watches and miracles’ together. Let’s see ‘watches and miracles’ next year. They should still be in Hong Kong.
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Share The Story Of Girard Perregaux With Young Watchmakers

FRANÇOIS A boy walking between virtual and reality

 As a child, I was deeply hooked on TV. I often watch cartoons and other children’s programs in front of the TV for a few hours. This annoyed my mother because I took over the TV and made her unable to watch her favorite shows. One day she went out shopping and brought back a gift that has changed my life ever since: a Nintendo Game Boy.

 Her strategy worked: the little game console became my inseparable playmate. As a teenager, I made some good friends, and we often went to a game center called Las Vegas to play and often lingered. Here I am more and more obsessed with a game called Pac-Man. These clunky consoles are so fun that they have me and my friends addicted to them and become our door to another world.

 Many years later, the development of gaming technology has advanced by leaps and bounds: these big game consoles have now turned into small PlayStation and XBox consoles. My favorite game center is closed. Now, when I get home from work, I play games like Battlefield: set up my character, enter a virtual world, and then chase my enemies.

 Although this is far from my childhood game center, one thing remains unchanged: Even in this virtual world, I can still meet my old friends by accident. Of course, here we pursue common goals, not fighting or killing each other.

Favorite Movie: Matrix

Favorite quote: ‘There is only one first impression and never a second chance.’

Favorite Song / Musician: Le fond et la forme (Lofofora)

My wish list: what we want to see in the future

Personality: Tolerant, a little crazy, grumpy

If I were not a watchmaker, I might become …: God knows!

In the next 30 years, I …: Two years before retirement

Favorite Girard Perregaux watches: Triple Gold Tourbillon Platinum or Chronograph (99150) and GP 1966 Platinum Full Calendar (49535)

Lise: Handball team players ‘fearless opponent challenge’

 I have loved watching my mother participate in handball games since I was young, and I was deeply attracted by the beauty of its original power. When I saw my mother playing alongside my teammates, I felt proud.

 I started playing handball when I was 11 years old, and I initially played with friends. My teammates played the same goal and inspired myself to do my best: This is also one of the driving forces of my watchmaker, which is to create masterpieces that can be passed down from generation to generation .

 Team sports, as well as life, have a dual conflict between offense and defense: For example, in a ball game, opponents are losing ground, and one of the players appears frustrated. I don’t know why, I became her vent target, and she threatened to beat me after the game.

 How can I be bullied? I’m not afraid to return color, and it’s clear she’s just pretending. As I expected, she started to shrink back, and she smiled at me for the rest of the game (in the end my team won). As in watchmaking, loyalty and self-confidence are very important. Of course, loyalty to teammates, respect for the rules of the game, and respect for the craft tradition are also essential. I will never forget that experience.

Favorite Electric Shape: O’Brother

Favorite slang: I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be present when death comes ~~ W. Allen (Alive Aaron)

Favorite Record / Artist: System of a down (Toxicity)

Key points of the worklist: Write your own worklist!

Personality: Happy, party girl, but a bit stingy ??

If I were not a watchmaker, I would be …: Photographer

30 years later I will …: more savvy

Favorite Girard Perregaux Timepieces: Cat’s Eye Women’s Steel Watch