Month: August 2017

A Tribute To Mr. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Hommage Flying Tourbillon Watch Real Shot

Hommage Flying Tourbillon Tribute to Mr Roger Dubuis watch-a complex structure dedicated to the father of the wheel, with infinite tribute … Introducing this recently resurrected Hommage collection designed to promote excellence in watchmaking, Roger Dubuis realizes that this collection is dedicated to Mr. Roger Dubuis, both the brand founder and the original Hommage collection. The creator of the style-it’s such a natural fit. The Hommage Tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis watch brings the watchmaker’s movement creation to a compelling new stage, equipped with a tourbillon, large calendar window and power The stored RD540 movement is protected by a rose gold case, and the dial is decorated with elegant details, giving a new interpretation of classical elements.
    As the founder and ‘Soul Master’ of the watchmaking factory, Mr. Roger Dubuy continues to play an inspirational and inspiring role in it. At the same time, he communicates with Gregory Bruttin, director of the research and development department, and other team members. It also has substantial importance. This ultra-elegant new timepiece is filled with high respect for Mr. Roger Dubuis, the great watchmaker who first created this watch collection and praised his professional predecessors and watchmaking art.

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