Month: July 2017

Jacques Lemans Brings Two Boutique Series To Inhorgenta Munich Watch & Jewellery Show

Austrian watchmaker Jacques Lemans will bring two new masterpiece series to the Munich Watch & Jewellery Show to attract everyone’s attention.
‘Our Nostalgia collection is inspired by the classics of the masters of the past. Jacques Lemans also created contemporary history-that is the design benchmark of this masterpiece. It is not only a model of 3 craftsmanship but also a chronograph stopwatch The masterpieces in the design, design and manufacturing are perfect, ‘said Alfred Riedl, CEO of Jacques Lemans.

 ‘We are particularly proud of our High Tech Ceramic watch series, as evidenced by its 20 years of precious raw material experience. These watches are so amazing that they have made a unique display and the materials show Beautiful elegance and coolness, these watches are perfect works that never stop. ‘Alfred Riedl said.

High Tech Ceramic
Source: Jacques Lemans