Month: March 2017

Jaeger-lecoultre Launches A New Ultra-traditional À Qp 8 Jours Sq Skeleton Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new ultra-traditional à QP 8 Jours SQ skeleton watch launched this time. Inspired by the super-complex series of pocket watches in 1928. This watch combines the most outstanding enamel, cutout (aka SQ) and sophisticated engraving technology to present the Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber876 perpetual calendar movement in the form of cutout.

The watch is issued in a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide, a 42 mm white gold case with a thickness of 11.55 mm, a manual winding movement and an 8-hour power reserve.

In addition to the normal time display, the watch can also display the date, day of the week, month, and even the year and moon phase. From the picture above, you can see that there is a pusher at eight o’clock to adjust the calendar and time display.

Inspired by the Jaeger-LeCoultre pocket watch of 1928

In addition, the outer edge of the case is inlaid with a circle of blue enamel using infill enamel technology, and the surface has been carefully polished to exude a unique personality and hue.

Seiko Grandly Presented A Variety Of Seiko’s 135th Anniversary Limited Edition Watches

Japan’s leading watch industry brand SEIKO has been in business for 135 years. To commemorate this glorious moment, we will offer various series of commemorative watches on January 18th to meet watch fans’ expectations of SEIKO collection. Prospex, a professional diving sports series designed by Hyundai Kosugi, launched the SBEX005J, which is not only equipped with a 10-vibration mechanical movement, but also a high-performance diving watch with a 1,000-meter deep dive function. The mechanical watch series SEIKO Presage launched the 1956 ‘AUTOMATIC’ The commemorative model SARW027J invites watch fans to taste classics; SEIKO Astron GPS solar watch series launches a watch set with five natural sapphires SSE117J1; SEIKO Brightz launches a commemorative model SAGA225J that sets off the intellectual image of men, together with SEIKO 135th anniversary honoring gift.

   Since the founding of Hatei Katarou by SEIKO, the founder of SEIKO in 1881, he has maintained the brand vision of ‘one step ahead’ and started the sales and maintenance of imported watches. At the time when pocket watches were the key product, SEIKO was aware of the needs of the era, and began to develop all parts by itself, combined with the Yamato national craftsmanship, launched products that combined aesthetics and technology and took into account the needs of the times, causing shocking topics in the watch industry. , Has become a watch brand with a profound impact on the world. Therefore, on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, SEIKO launched various series of stunning watches, concentrating the professional watchmaking technology of 100 years in each watch, and attracted watch fans.

Hattori Kintaro
   Concentrating on SEIKO’s traditional watchmaking technology and continuous innovation and development for 135 years, Seiko hopes that by launching various series of commemorative watches, it will convey the SEIKO spirit of ‘innovation and chain washing’, and also bring more surprises to watch fans.
SEIKO Prospex kilometers deep dive challenge the deepest ocean
   SEIKO Prospex is the leader of professional diving sports watch. In order to be used safely by professionals who have been working in the deep sea for a long time, in 1983, it cooperated with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. Various types of diving watch airtightness experiments are performed in a helium atmosphere at 30 bar. Compared with other brands, the airtightness of SEIKO diving watches is several times better.

To celebrate the 135th anniversary of SEIKO’s founding, the Prospex 1000m deep diving professional watch SBEX005J is specially launched
   In order to commemorate the 135th anniversary of the founding of SEIKO this year, a 1,000-meter deep diving professional watch SBEX005J was specially launched. It was designed by modern master Kosugi Kosugi. The dial plays a deep blue scoring wave to create a deep ocean feel. It is also equipped with a high-precision 10-vibration high Vibration frequency mechanical movement 8L55, the error is between -3 and +5 seconds per day, which is more accurate than the -4 and +6 seconds certified by the Swiss Observatory. The case is made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant titanium. The one-piece design with SEIKO’s exclusive patented L-shaped gasket is the exclusive design of the world’s highest level of air-tight helium.

SEIKO Proxpex 135th Anniversary Model Titanium case, sapphire crystal, 1000m saturation diving, one-piece case, patented L-shaped gasket, unidirectional rotating bezel, lockable crown, 8L55 automatic winding machine Core, 36000 rpm, power reserve 55 hours, number of stones 37, static day difference + 15 ~ -10 seconds, date display.
   In order to improve the user’s convenience, the blue rotating bezel is designed to be easy to grip and zigzag. The crown is designed at 4 o’clock, which greatly reduces wrist interference during diving activities and improves safety. The silver numbers on the bezel are anodized, and an acidified coating is formed on the metal surface after electrolytic treatment. It can produce color through the refraction of light, which is not only easy to fade, but also greatly increases the clarity of identification. The hour, minute, and second hands are equipped with a luminous paint developed exclusively by SEIKO. Its light storage time is 60% longer than in the past, improving the visibility of the watch at night or in the deep sea.

1956 SEIKO produces and releases Japan’s first self-winding watch
SEIKO Presage relives the classics, re-engraving the 1956 ‘AUTOMATIC’ self-winding mechanical watch
   SEIKO Presage is a collection of mechanical watches with practicality and elegance. Since the launch of the first domestic watch ‘Laurel’ in 1913, technology has been continuously improved in the development of mechanical watches. In the second half of the 1960s, SEIKO participated in many Swiss observatory competitions, and repeatedly stood out among many professional and long-established watch factories, esteeming its reputation. After more than 100 years of mechanical watch development experience, SEIKO Presage not only inherits traditional craftsmanship, but also integrates SEIKO’s unique technology. In 1956, SEIKO produced and sold the first domestically produced self-winding watch. Nowadays, with mechanical watches as the mainstream market, the popularity of automatic winding ‘AUTOMATIC’ can be said to have contributed. With the help of modern technology, SEIKO Presage replica SARW027J is launched again.

In 1956, Seiko made the first automatic watch ‘AUTOMATIC’ in Japan with the ‘Snake S’ logo on the dial.

SARW027J reproduces the ‘Snake S’ logo on the crown
   The ‘AUTOMATIC’ faceplate is printed with the brand logo and the first English alphabet of SEIKO, and the design uses the S logo called ‘Snake S (Hebiesu)’. SARW027J is inspired by the domestic self-winding mechanical watch from 1956, so it reappears the ‘Snake S’ logo on the crown. In addition, in order to recreate the curved face plate and one-way sword-shaped rod pointer of the original ‘AUTOMATIC’, in addition to the original gold needles and gold characters, the staff also hand-crafted the ‘bending needle’ (bending needle technology) to make the scale perfect. Radius of veneer disk. At the same time, the prototype’s power reserve at 12 o’clock was also moved to 9 o’clock, giving it a more modern look. In order to echo the ‘AUTOMATIC’ automatic mechanical watch produced in 1956, the SEIKO Presage 135th Anniversary model is limited to 1956 pieces worldwide.

SEIKO Presage 135th Anniversary stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, alligator strap, 6R27 self-winding movement, power reserve 45 hours, power reserve display, 29 stones, static day difference + 25 ~ -15 Seconds, date display, see-through back cover, limited to 1956 worldwide.
135th Anniversary Gift: SEIKO Astron World’s Thinnest GPS Solar Watch
   In 2012, the world’s first GPS solar watch SEIKO Astron was born, which realized that no matter where you are, you can receive GPS satellite signals with just one button, and immediately get the correct time in your location. To commemorate the 135th anniversary of SEIKO’s founding and the 5th anniversary of SEIKO Astron, a commemorative model SSE117J1 with five natural sapphires on the face plate is launched. It is equipped with an 8X22 series movement and has a thickness of only 12.4mm. Thin GPS solar watch. The watch uses a titanium metal material and a ceramic bezel. The SEIKO exclusive ring receiver is located under the faceplate. No matter what angle the watch is at, the receiver plays a high receiving function, which is the first choice for business people.

SEIKO Astron 135th Anniversary Model SSE117J1, titanium case, ceramic bezel, super anti-glare sapphire crystal, GPS satellite radio reception, waterproof 10 bar pressure, date display, perpetual calendar (automatic correction to February 2100), Automatic hand position correction function, world time (40 time zones worldwide), environmentally friendly solar energy / power saving mode / power reserve display / summer time, flight mode, 8X22 GPS solar movement.
Constructing the concept of perfect time: SEIKO Brightz eco-friendly solar radio watch
   In order to commemorate the 135th anniversary of SEIKO’s founding, SEIKO Brightz launched the commemorative model SAGA225J, which can best reflect the intellectual image of men. It is equipped with accurate world time radio function, allowing users to construct the perfect time concept in any city. The model is based on a simple black large dial and a classic three-eye design. It is set with natural sapphire at 3, 6, and 9 hours. The small bezel at 6 o’clock is embellished with intellectual blue. In addition to the intellectual image of men, A more perfect interpretation of contemporary fashion, suitable for business, leisure or any occasion.

SEIKO Brightz 135th Anniversary Model SAGA225J, titanium case, super anti-glare sapphire crystal, environmentally friendly solar power is fully charged for about 6 months, power saving mode (full power for about 2 years), radio wave correction function (Japanese-American virtue) Middle), chronograph, world time (25 time zone), mandatory reception, reception and fruit display, date display, perpetual calendar, 8B92 solar radio wave movement.

Panerai Joins Hands With ‘time-time Design, Design Time’ Art Exhibition To Reach Jingcheng

Since ancient times, ‘time’ has long been a topic of endless pursuit by artists all over the world. With the successful conclusion of the Milan exhibition, on March 7, 2013, Triennale Design Museum cooperated with the Italian Embassy Cultural Office in Beijing to hold a new exhibition [Time-Time Design, Design Time] in the Beijing Central Museum of Art, which is also worthy of attention. The thing is that this exhibition is co-organized with Italian fine watchmaking brand Panerai. Watch House was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the exhibition and the entire process of participation. Next, please follow the text and pictures to experience the artistic charm from time.

   The exhibition venue was chosen to be held in the very famous Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum. Many well-known exhibitions will be held here. The museum is 24 meters high, 6 floors in total, 4 floors above ground, and 2 floors underground. The ground floor is an office area with offices, creative rooms, and conference rooms. The venue is very open.

   Following the guidance of the staff, we came to the first floor of the art museum and entered the gate. The bright red [time-time design, design time] background board and the pure white building structure formed a sharp contrast, unique artistic atmosphere. Come on.

   [Time-time design, design time] The media conference for the art exhibition was held on the first basement floor of the museum. We received simultaneous translation headsets at the check-in desks, and brought our special pencils and notebooks from Panerai to the venue.

    The media seats in the back row got up early and set up a ‘gun and short cannon’ to capture the wonderful moment of this event.

   The guests at the [Time-Time Design, Design Time] art conference media conference were all heavyweights. In addition to the responsible person of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the designer of the exhibition, Patricia Urquiola, We are very familiar with the CEO of Panerai brand Angelo Bonati, who also came to the scene and expressed his great honor to be able to participate in such activities. At the same time, as a businessman who sells time, what he wants to do is sell endless time to everyone. Of course, he knew it was just a joke. Although it is difficult to achieve this, it is possible to sell to everyone the perfect time, and this is also the realm of the Panerai brand. A reporter at the scene asked Mr. Angelo Bonati what he thinks about the development of the Panerai brand in China. He said: China has become the center of the world in the current era. We came here to use our own technology and design for this. People provide the best timepieces, and we are also confident that people here will deeply fall in love with this niche Panerai.

    As Mr. Angelo Bonati himself said, Panerai’s unstoppable controversy has become popular among domestic watch fans, as if all of us were indulged in its very different design and extraordinary craftsmanship overnight.

   After the exciting press conference, we can finally bring all our curiosity and excitement to the third floor of the art museum to watch the [Time-Time Design, Design Time] exhibition scene. Before entering the scene, a clock logo combined with an electronic display attracted the attention of many people, and also highlighted the theme of this time.

Before officially entering the exhibition grounds, eight Panerai watches were placed at the door. Their display was carefully designed, and it has also become a gathering place for passersby. It is not the protagonist of the exhibition, but it is indeed a grab. Full of limelight.

Because no spotlight is installed, the watch is a little dark.

Although the number of watches on the scene is limited, this really makes friends who love Panerai feel a bit unpleasant.

For this ‘Time-Time Design, Design Time’ exhibition, the British artist Damien Hirst specially designed two exhibits, both of which use rotating painting techniques and painted on canvas with Panerai dials and home lacquer. to make. One of them is an artwork called Beautiful Sunflower Panerai Painting.
These two artworks are the result of the collaboration between Panerai and Damien Hirst. Damien Hirst has also used Panerai’s dials for many paintings in the past. For example, in 2005 ‘Skull with Watch’, he painted a Panerai on a table with drugs and a skull Watch. In the works of The Tranquility of Solitude (for George Dyer) (2006) and Killing Time (2008), he even used authentic Panerai watches.
的 The exhibits at the exhibition site are very abstract, and at the same time everyone is enjoying and communicating with interest.
At the end of the event, all the invited guests came to the stage to cut the ribbon for the [time-time design, design time] art exhibition, and also had a very good wish for it. I hope that this event will allow more people to deeply appreciate the time Feeling time, as a watch lover, I even hope that Panerai can become a better ‘time seller’ in the future.