Month: October 2016

Lamborghini In The Table, Roger Dubuis Ignites The ‘super Run’ Soul!

In 2017, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini cooperated for the first time. The cross-border cooperation between watches and sports cars is quite remarkable. Roger Dubuis draws inspiration from sports cars to innovate and brings a difference. Visual experience. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, the brand created a series of new Excalibur King Series timepieces with gorgeous luxury and subversive design, including ExcaliburOne-Off watches, ExcaliburHuracán watches and ExcaliburHuracánPerformante limited edition watches. Roger Dubuis previously introduced an Excalibur AventadorS watch, taken from the Lamborghini Aventador model (also known as the ‘big cow’). This year’s new models are inspired by other models. The Roger Dubuis ExcaliburOne-Off watch corresponds to the Lamborghini SC18Alston (the only customized version in the world), while the Roger Dubuis ExcaliburHuracán watch corresponds to the Lamborghini Huracán (also known as ‘Mavericks’ ‘).

  The Roger Dubuis ExcaliburHuracán watch is inspired by the classic Lamborghini Mavericks Huracán. This model is the ‘entry’ model of the Lamborghini V10. For watch lovers who like sports cars, it will be a bursting visual feast. This ExcaliburHuracán watch combines the aesthetic characteristics of the Huracán supercar, and many typical elements of the automotive world can be found in this watch. From sports cars to wristwatches, Roger Dubuis cleverly blends exquisite mechanical engineering and dazzling design aesthetics, and can feel the magical charm of sports cars at his wrist. (Watch model: RDDBEX0748)

Watch real shot

  The 45mm Roger Dubuis ExcaliburHuracán watch combines avant-garde design with outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship. The bezel is a unique triangle pit pattern of the King series, which is decorated with black digital scales and lines. The recognizable shape design is unforgettable.

  The design of the crown also comes from the nuts on the wheels of the super sports car, which further strengthens the racing style of the watch. Sports car elements can be seen everywhere on this watch.

  The hollowed-out plate design is extremely creative. Huracán’s iconic carbon atom hexagon is applied to the watch, bringing a strong visual impact. Rhodium-plated scales covered with white SLN luminous paint and needles filled with white SLN luminous paint hands. A date window is set at 6 o’clock, which can only be displayed from a dedicated window, and cannot be interpreted from the back.

  The automatic top and movement splint on the back of the watch are taken from the wheels, brake discs and brake calipers of the Huracán supercar. The movement is equipped with another brand-new movement. This movement is a movement specially developed by Roger Dubuis in cooperation with the LamborghiniSquadraCorse sports department. The balance wheel is set at a 12-degree angle and is set at 12 on the front of the watch. We can see that at the o’clock position, the balance wheel rotates quickly, showing a charming visual effect, just like the speed and passion brought by a sports car during the galloping process. The upper plate of the movement mimics the ‘engine room tie rod’ design of the Huracán V10 engine and interprets the car aesthetics. The movement has a 60-hour power reserve.

  The watch uses a dual-material strap with a black rubber frame inlaid with grey Alcantara® fabric and black stitching, an adjustable folding clasp, and a quick release to ensure quick strap changes Device.

Summary: This year’s Roger Dubuis ExcaliburHuracán watch, in addition to the silver watch introduced above, also has a blue version, a titanium alloy and rose gold version. Roger Dubuis ExcaliburHuracán watch boldly cross-border cooperation Lamborghini, combining the aesthetic characteristics of sports cars and watchmaking technology, racing style and watch charm is fully reflected. The public price of this model is about 330,000, which is not limited. You can pay more attention to your favorite table friends. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

In-depth Comparison Analysis Of Volkswagen Cc And Tag Heuer

Three things in a man’s life are the most embarrassing: throwing a pen, pushing a car, and shaking a watch. Maybe there is less chance of such awkwardness in luxury products, but luxury products are accompanied by high prices, so we always dream about what we can have someday in the future. So for ordinary consumers, can it only make dreams bloom on pillows? No, I think it’s actually similar to the daily limit of stocks. Bright Eyes is not to buy whichever goes with the upswing, but to find superior stocks, and then hold it to see its potential.

  Deep in my memory, I have very deep memories of the two car advertisements. The first one was the Cadillac CTS. The car drove through the cave at high speed and burst out with a lot of leaves. This advertisement has no language and the scene is very simple, but the visual impact is very strong, and the effect conveyed is very good. The second is an advertisement for Jetta. The little boy is sitting in the back seat of his father’s bicycle. As the scene changes, the boy gradually grows into a man. He opens the Jetta’s door and lets his father get on the car. The picture is rustic and warm and touching. Cater to the positioning of the car itself, and also achieve the corresponding advertising effect.

  The main way of knowing about goods once came from advertising. And now it is good to see a car and a watch, not only to look at the publicity point, but also to be the identity of the user, to actualize the cost performance. So today I will not tell you about Bentley and Breitling, nor about Blancpain and Lamborghini. Let’s talk about CC and Carrera, which is more practical and more grounded. I don’t know if the friends who come to the Watch House have Volkswagen CC and Carrera users. If so, be sure to leave a message, because here we are not only the readers and editors, but also the discussion between friends.

  The popularity of the coupe was doomed from the start. The smooth appearance, the handling of the sports car, and the space of the car are satisfied in one car. CC, as one of the hottest coupe, satisfies many fan’s fantasies about coupe. It’s not too expensive, but it’s not too delicate either, and it appears in the streets with powerful figures. Users are happy to make various changes. Similarly, TAG Heuer Carrera is one of the popular and applauding series in the TAG Heuer family. The price is not too expensive, but user feedback is very good. Especially Carrera1887 automatic chronograph, the appearance is smooth and concise, the function is also very good. Below, I will make a product comparison for everyone by CC and this watch, hoping to find some interesting.

Item 1: Body VS Case

  In terms of appearance, CC adopts the currently popular wheel arch highlighting and waistline design in the world, which meets the exterior design concept of sports cars and makes it more sporty. Of course, this design also makes its driving resistance smaller, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.29. With a body length of 4799 mm, as a B-Class sedan, such a length and a streamlined arc make many fans excited. From the front of the car, the CC is a very cruel one in the Volkswagen family’s Facebook, showing its high personality.

  This automatic chronograph has a relatively large diameter in sports watches, reaching a diameter of 43 mm. Concise atmosphere
The appearance is made of polished stainless steel, which looks more sturdy and durable. Compared with other precious metals, stainless steel is more convex.
Obviously practical, the waterproof design of 500 fans shows the fearlessness of sports watches.
Dashboard vs hands

  The black instrument panel on the white background is eye-catching, and the driving computer in the middle is also very rich. After starting, waiting for the high idle speed to slide down, the engine running became stable, and the dashboard was very synchronized. During the acceleration process, the cooperation between the speedometer and the accelerator is very accurate. When you sit in the car and accelerate, you can’t see the envy or jealous eyes outside the window, but the deeper and deeper the throttle, the more you look at the speedometer, it always makes you feel inexplicable.

   In order to facilitate reading, Calera did not design the hands to be red, but to echo the dial, it was designed to have a more contrasting black, decorated with white thin lines, which is more eye-catching. It may be that TAG Heuer allows users to enjoy the fun of timing more. The chronograph design of the watch is very sharp and vivid, as if to remind you not to let go of those times that are worth enjoying.

Engine vs movement

  Volkswagen CC is equipped with a 2.0T electronically controlled turbocharged engine, direct injection in the cylinder plus DSG dual clutch transmission. Many people say that this engine plus dual clutch is a golden combination. The maximum output of the engine is 200 horses, the peak torque can reach 280, and the acceleration is smooth. It takes 7.73 seconds from zero to one hundred. Full acceleration or sudden braking, the compression of the suspension system is not large, and the grip is strong. Because the engine tuning is relatively hard, the performance of the same class car is still very fierce!

 In fact, it is not recommended to choose an imported V6 engine, because the acceleration smoothness and the fuel are not as good as domestic ones. On the big platform, German cars have better handling, but the engine noise is also an indisputable fact. I want to give you an explanation to soothe your emotions: a real good car will start, who will listen to songs? You’ve long been intoxicated by the sound of engine braking, haven’t you?

  This Carrera watch uses Calibre 1887, self-winding, 39 rubies with a diameter of 29 mm, and fast and extreme adjustment. This movement is one of TAG Heuer’s more outstanding movements. Very stable operation in automatic movements. The frequency of 28.800 vibrations per hour, without using the timing function, the power reserve is about 50 hours long, when using the timing function, it is about 40 hours. Of course, watch movements cannot run like car engines, but better quality is the same pursuit of both brands.
Chassis vs lugs

  CC’s chassis design is very solid. Qian McPherson’s rear multi-rod structure is relatively compact and has a good road feel, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively low in comfort. Of course, this is related to the positioning of CC itself. It tends to the chassis of sports cars, which is naturally running and More superior performance. Toughness is more controllable and support is better than other styles. Different from the rear drive device of many cars, the CC uses Volkswagen’s consistent front drive system. At the same time, the power is fast, but it does not feel resistance to control. I hope to extend this style to a higher level in the future.

  The comfort of a car is largely determined by the chassis, so what does the wearing comfort of the watch come from? It is the lugs. The extension of this Calera’s lugs is relatively long, we can see in the picture that the lugs that have been removed from the corners are connected to the strap with a glossy texture, and the gap between the spaces is small and tight. At the same time as the case, the wrist can also move freely. Very comfortable to wear. The crown is also flattened, so that it does not feel oppressed.

Tire vs Strap

  CC1.8T and 2.0T all use tires of model 235/45 R17 94Y. Tires are already relatively high-end in the brand product line at the level. The tire width is moderate and the tire pressure is relatively stable. The tire’s rim diameter is 17 inches, and the flatness ratio is not large. It matches well with the body and performance and is good at high-speed galloping. Coupled with a domineering chassis, the stability and handling are excellent.
  This watch uses a brown leather design to make it more comfortable to wear, a porous design, easy to wear, and highly breathable. This leather design is somewhat similar to the old-fashioned treatment, and the style can better show the chic and personality of retro sports.
Gearshift VS Timing

  Many people said that since CC uses DSG dual clutch, the acceleration paddle is undoubtedly a display. This is not the case. For those who really love motor sports, the accelerating paddle is an essential device. On the one hand, the driver can quickly switch to manual control without leaving the steering wheel, and on the other hand, he can quickly downshift to realize reverse dragging. In fact, this function was first applied to high-end sports cars, and then the small paddles flew into ordinary cars. It is also an affirmation of car performance. The key is to make the driver and the car itself cooler.

  12-hour timekeeping function for precise countdown. Many moments worth remembering should use the timing function to emphasize the concept of time. Just like the car’s accelerometer, many cars don’t have this feature, but once you have it, you can make it impossible. Such a function is like an energy field, which can add a lot of happiness and satisfaction to others in your life.

  The development of light industry and heavy industry in the world tends to be synchronized in speed. While a good brand can bring more benefits to consumers, it also has a certain driving role for the entire industry. Volkswagen and TAG Heuer, seemingly irrelevant species of the two worlds, are inextricably linked in a sense, that is, the development of better engines and movements, allowing users to stimulate the product’s greater potential, The added emotional value of the user to the brand is higher.
  Summary: The main factor in determining whether a car is a good car is whether you can give it enough trust. Imagine that when you are driving on the highway, there are luxury cars in the eyes of others that compete with you, and you can confidently play with each other on the accelerator. The key point of losing and winning is never to be able or not, but to dare. In fact, CC is not a myth-level car, but those who know it also know that it must not be vegetarian! So I think the same is true for watches. Expensive ones are not necessarily good. Instead of looking at the stars in the sky, it is better to hold the diamond in your hand. Sometimes, the real value for money is worse than the luxury of nothingness. No matter whether you are driving or wearing a watch, you actually play with it. !!