Month: September 2016

Crazy Hours 24/7 Grand Party In Hong Kong

Swiss independent watch brand FRANCKMULLER is famous for its superb high-end watchmaking technology. Its iconic CrazyHours watch series subverts the traditional time display method with bold and innovative design. Since its introduction in 2003, FRANCKMULLER has presented a new VanguardCrazyHours Asia Special Edition series in 2019.

   To celebrate the launch of the new series, the brand held a ‘CrazyHours24 / 7’ party on March 29, 2019 at Kingston International Center. FRANCKMULLER’s Asia Pacific brand ambassador Zhang Zhilin and his wife Yuan Yongyi, as well as celebrities Red Star, including Ren Dahua and Qi Qi , Wang Minde, Ma Shihui and daughter Wang Manxi and son Wang Yueying, Cai Yizhi and Zhou Xuefang, Lv Liangwei and Yang Xiaojuan, Zhang Yushan, Sheng Pinru and Cai Yifeng, Zhu Kaiting and her husband Lin Deqin, Huang Kaijie, Cai Xinyi, Ma Tianyou, Deng Juming, Gao ——–