Month: August 2016

French Elegance Dior Haute Couture Watch

Dior’s new custom-made dior christal haute coture brand new watch allows you to re-experience French elegance and return to the most beautiful moments worth remembering. Record every minute of joy as a witness of joy. Dior christal haute coture
OrDior’s haute couture concept was born in 1858 and has a history of more than 150 years in France. The French clothing union has strict requirements for this special title to ensure its fine handwork, scarce production, and handmade features. It is also because of such strict standards that Haute Couture has become the highest level of top luxury in the apparel industry. As the Dior brand that rises after World War II and is characterized by elegance and detail, its annual high-end order uniform series are leading the trend and attracting the attention of professionals from all walks of life. Especially when John Galliano, a talented designer, assumed the post of director of Dior’s women’s clothing design, his innovative design and magnificent colors that shocked the visuals showed the ultimate and luxury of the dior brand.
As a fully developed brand, when Dior2001 decided to set up its own watchmaking workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Jurassic region of Switzerland, combining Dior’s gorgeous and noble French style with top Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. The extreme craftsmanship and infinite creativity that Dior promoted in the field of high fashion customization were also brought into the design of the watch field by dior, which brought people infinitely amazing.
Dior christal haute coture
全新 Dior christal haute coture new custom watch series, return to the original beauty, showing true French elegance. In the perfect size of 33mm, which is most suitable for noble women’s collection, the classic and most representative high-end uniform design concept of dior is assembled, and every detail can be found in its spirit and characteristics, such as the layering of the dress hem Stylized embroidery embellishment or bold and bright color application, just like a piece of high-end custom dresses turned into different styles of jewelry watches, each detail can be customized according to demand, and each wrist The bracelets of the watch are made of rare gems and sapphire crystals of the same color, emitting different levels of light. From the connotation to the outside, they exude a stylish and elegant attitude to life. Each piece is a unique rare work.
The rare gems embedded on the watch are unpredictable, with blue-violet cordierite, crystal clear mandolin, and sparkling tsavorite, from the selection of gemstone sources, the perfect proportion of cutting to The precise setting of each gem is done by maison bunter, and the bracelet of each watch is made of rare gems with the same color of sapphire crystal. The dot design of the watch dial echoes the high-end custom dress.
The tourbillon movement is used in high-end jewellery watches in terms of technology. There is no need to say anything about the dior’s crystal diamond watch-the tourbillon series ruby. The aesthetic design is also exciting, the complex timing structure and balance spring device. A clear view under the transparent red sapphire crystal dial, showing the perfect combination of Swiss professional watch manufacturing and French high-level custom design.

Tissot Becomes The Official Timing Brand Of The World Sports Congress

The fighting games of the World Sports Congress will host 15 martial arts and fighting sports and will be held in St. Petersburg from October 18th to 26th. Participants in the fighting games of the First World Sports Conference held in Beijing in 2010, such as boxing, judo, jujitsu, karate, kendo, boxing, muay thai, sambo, sumo, taekwondo, aikido, martial arts And wrestling sports representatives will participate in such games again. The difference is that fencing and Savate (French boxing) are added to the list for this event.

   This year, the watch brand Tissot has become the official timekeeping brand of the 2013 World Games Sports Fighting Games. The company’s president, Francois Thiebault, stated that he believes: ‘We are proud that Tissot is proud to be the official timer for battle games at the World Sports Congress. Martial arts prioritizes respect, discipline and love of traditional values ‘We fully understand these concepts, so the Olympic Games will be an ideal platform, Tissot, once again prove the brand’s spirit of struggle.’

Daytona, Rolex In Rolex

I often say that I buy a lot of watches out of ‘accidental’. Many times when I buy a watch, I totally rely on ‘touching’ and ‘luck’. At the right time, I come across a watch with the right price, and I didn’t deliberately find it before I encountered it. This Daytona was given to me by a friend and was transferred to me at a price lower than the current price. I can only say that for a table of 116500 that is ‘something you can’t find,’ I’m really lucky.

Rolex Daytona 116500
 I sometimes feel that I am not a ‘standard’ watch fan, because I am completely Buddhist, and do not refuse to come to all kinds of famous watches, do not require, do not picky eaters, and do not chase speculation. But this time when I met this Daytona 116500, I knew that this watch had to be taken down. Anyone familiar with famous watches knows the current position of 116500 in the watch world.
King of Kings in Rolex.
 I was very fascinated by Rolex (now Buddhism), and I thought about it. Who is the king of Rolex’s hot list? In the end, I think Daytona is the king of Rolex.

Rolex Daytona 116500
 Some people will say that Rolex DAY DATE is the flagship series of Rolex, a full line of precious metals, many famous figures and leaders wear it, why is Daytona the king of kings. Daytona can claim the title of Rolex for several reasons.
 1. From the Rolex auction records, the Rolex Daytona is the most valuable Rolex in the world and the most valuable watch in the world. On October 26, 2017, Rolex Daytona Paul Newman 6239 (Paul Newman’s ‘Paul Newman’) was sold for US $ 17.725 million and about RMB 117.8 million, making it the most expensive watch in the world.

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman himself Paul Newman is currently the world’s most valuable watch, valued at 117.84 million yuan.
 2, from the current market Rolex market point of view, Daytona is the highest Rolex watch. In recent years, the market price has risen all the way. The price of steel shell 116,500 is 90,000, and the actual price can reach 150,000. Rainbow Circle Jindi, the public price of 750,000, the actual price can reach more than 1.5 million. This is unmatched by other watches.

Rolex’s new Rainbow Daytona has an actual price of more than 1.5 million.
 So from the perspective of antique Rolex or Rolex sales, Daytona is the most valuable watch among Rolex. The explosion of Rolex Daytona is also related to Daytona’s very limited supply, high recognition and the current trend of popular sports watches. At present, Rolex ceramic steel case Daytona 116500 is either out of stock or tied up with other watches (such as DD). As a result, the time and economic cost of obtaining Daytona 116,500 is very high. It is the law of the market that things are rare and expensive.

Rolex Daytona 116500
 The quotation mark of 116500 ‘can not be met’ is because Daytona 116500 is available in the domestic secondary market, but the actual price is very expensive. For example, my 116,500 was met by a friend when I went abroad. At that time, I bought it at the public price (95,000 public price). After arriving in China, because the wolf has more meat and less meat, the price will increase. At present, the domestic secondary market spot Daytona 116,500 can reach 150,000 unused, second-hand is also 130,000, 140,000, the price of white noodles is a little higher than black noodles. So, as long as the money is in place, buying Daytona is not difficult. As for spending 100,000 or tens of thousands to buy a Dayton, whether it is worth it depends on whether you like it (and if you are willing to invest). If you like it, it is worth it. For me, value.
What kind of watch is the Rolex Daytona 116500?
 Rolex Daytona 116500 is a new generation of steel case Daytona launched in 2016 (the previous generation Daytona steel case 116520 was produced from 2000 to 2016). The new generation of Rolex Daytona 116500 has been upgraded from the outside to the previous Gangdi. The upgrade is mainly in the following areas.

Rolex Daytona 116500
 Bezel: The Rolex Daytona 116500 used a ceramic bezel for the first time in a steel case Daytona, which is also the biggest change of 116500. Ceramic bezels have two advantages, one is that they are very scratch-resistant and the other is that they do not fade (the Rolex ceramic ring looks black, but at some angles, the color is slightly brown). After years of use, it still looks like new. There is a detail change on the new Daytona 116500 bezel, which is the speed measurement number on the bezel. The number arrangement direction has changed compared with the old steel Di 116520. The numbers of the new 116500 are arranged concentrically, the old 116520. The numbers are arranged horizontally.

Rolex 116500 (top) and 116520 (bottom), we can compare the difference between the new and old models.
 Dial: Rolex Daytona’s 116500 color palette uses black and white ‘Panda’ color matching, especially the white version. The Panda dial is highly recognizable and very beautiful. At the same time, this panda dish also has a ‘likeness’ with the antique Daytona Paul Newman, further increasing the popularity of Daytona 116500 (this is also why the white plate is a bit more expensive than the black plate).

Rolex Daytona 116500
 Movement: Although Rolex Daytona 116500 still uses Rolex’s own self-winding 4130 movement (4130 movement was launched in 2000). However, because Rolex has improved its standards in recent years, the red tag has been upgraded to a green tag, and the travel time standard of Rolex watches has been increased to a daily error of + 2 / -2 seconds. Therefore, the new Dayton has a travel time accuracy of 116500 that is better than the old model Tuna.

Rolex Daytona 116500
 Now, as a Buddhist player, after getting a new watch, he has less ‘excitedness’ as in the past. When wearing the Daytona 116500 in his hand, he still felt familiar and had the feel of Rolex. Rolex’s watch size is not very large (except the ghost king), Daytona 116500 is also a 40 mm caliber. However, due to Rolex’s wide lugs and shoulder guards, the size of the watch has been indirectly increased, and the size is very suitable after getting started. In addition, there is also a folding button on the Dayton to quickly adjust the length, which is very convenient to wear.

Rolex Daytona 116500
 The crown of Daytona 116500 is relatively large. The exposed black waterproof rubber ring and huge timing button lock after the crown pops up show a strong sense of tool. If you use the language to describe a car, you have a strong sense of battle. However, in the coarse expansion, the shiny ceramic ring, K gold hands, scales, polished case, and small crown show a delicate side. In the sports watch, Rolex brings together a sense of battle, fine workmanship, and some fashion elements. It can be seen that the premise of being fried is that it is strong enough.
 PS. At the end, I put a full set of pictures on the attachments to verify my body.

Proud Watch Queue Pilot Series Top Gun Navy Air Force Miramar Chronograph Watch Mark Xviii Pilot Series Top Gun Marine Air Force Miramar Watch

Pilot Series TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR chronograph watch uses single date display instead of triple date display in the 2016 pilot watch year, and is equipped with an accumulator that combines hours and minutes. The new Mark XVIII pilot series TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watch joined the proud MIRAMAR pilot watch queue in 2016. Two MIRAMAR watches are replacing soft-body straps with embossed green calfskin straps this year.

IWC Pilot’s Watch TOPGUN MIRAMAR chronograph watch_IW389002?

   When the Swiss watchmaker IWC first introduced two TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watches in 2012, their extraordinary appearance surprised the watchmaking industry. First, the watch has a military design, and second, the watch displays minutes and seconds on the outer edge of the dial, and the hour can be read in a separate red inner ring. The dial design is based on the historic precision navigation watches of the 1930s and 1940s (also referred to as B-Uhr in German). At that time, in long flight, accurate reading of minutes and seconds on a precision navigation watch was extremely important for astronomical positioning. The military look is reminiscent of the birthplace of the TopGun elite, the US Marine Pilot School in Miramar, California.

   Today, the TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR chronograph watch has been successfully integrated into the IWC series, and has become an integral part of the pilot echelon.

IWC Pilot’s Watch TOPGUN MIRAMAR chronograph watch_IW389002?

   A new feature this year is the sports strap in green embossed calfskin. Watch connoisseurs will surely remember: Mark Eleven watches for decades have been equipped with green nylon straps, also known as ‘Nato straps’, which has become one of the characteristics of watch appearance. With a new leather strap, IWC continues this tradition in appearance while meeting today’s high quality standards, while calfskin is more formally stable than nylon. The crown, buttons and bottom are made of titanium, which highlights the close connection with the TOPGUN navy air combat series. Both watch cases are engraved with exquisite TopGun emblems on the case back.

Improved comfort

   The designers of IWC reduced the diameter of the ceramic case of the pilot series TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR chronograph watch (model: IW389002) to 44 mm for easy wearing. In addition, this chronograph abandons triple dates
   Display instead of single date display. As a result, the dial is more neat and tidy. The small dial at ’12 o’clock’ is equipped with an accumulator that combines hours and minutes, which improves the reading comfort of the watch and makes the time reading as simple and convenient as the second time. The central hand is used to record the seconds. With the integrated flyback function, just press the reset button, the running chronograph hands will return to zero, and you can start a new chronograph immediately. The 68-hour comfortable power reserve benefits from IWC-manufactured calibre 89361. An antimagnetic soft iron inner shell effectively protects this sophisticated masterpiece from magnetic field effects.

IWC IMG Mark 18 Pilot Series TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watch_IW324702?

Continuing the tradition of the Mark XI watch

   A new member joined the TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watch series in 2016: the Mark XVIII Pilot Series TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watch (model: IW324702). This timepiece borrows from the dial design of a traditional precision navigation watch, and its biggest feature is the excellent readability of seconds and minutes. Therefore, only these two items are usually displayed on the dial outer ring, while the hours are relatively restrained in the central inner ring. The Mark XVIII Pilot Series TOPGUN Navy Air Combat MIRAMAR watch has a diameter of 41 mm and is driven by an automatic 30110 movement, which provides a 42-hour power reserve. The ceramic case is water-resistant to 6 bar and equipped with a soft iron inner case, which can effectively resist the influence of magnetic field effects. With an anti-magnetic soft iron inner case and a solidly assembled glass watch that can withstand the sudden drop in pressure, this watch inherits its exemplary tradition and is in the same vein as the Mark 11 watch introduced in the 1940s. The Mark XVIII Pilot Series TOPGUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watch is the brand’s first entry-level ceramic case watch.

Pilot’s Watch TOPGUN MIRAMAR Chronograph

Model IW389002

Technical characteristics

Mechanical chronograph movement-Date display-Hour, minute and second chronograph function-Hours, minutes and seconds displayed at 12 o’clock-Flyback function-Small seconds with stop device Movement is immune to magnetic field effects – Screw-down crown – Robust assembly of glass glass to withstand pressure drop without loosening – Special engraved case


IWC-manufactured movement 89361
Vibration frequency: 28800 times / 4 Hz
38 precious stones
Power reserve 68 hours
Automatic winding


Material Model IW389002: Polished ceramic case, smoky dial, green (embossed) calfskin strap, sandblasted stainless steel folding clasp
Double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass
Water resistance 6 bar
44 mm diameter
Thickness 15.5 mm


Model IW324702

Technical characteristics

Mechanical movement – ​​Date display – Central seconds hand with stop device – Soft iron inner case protects the movement from magnetic field effects – Screw-in crown – Glass watch is firmly assembled to withstand sudden pressure drops without loosening – Special engraved case back


Caliber 30110
Vibration frequency: 28800 times / 4 Hz
21 jewels
Power reserve 42 hours
Automatic winding


Material Model IW324702: Ceramic case, smoky dial, green (embossed) calfskin strap, titanium pin buckle
Double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass
Water resistance 6 bar
41 mm diameter
Thickness 11 mm