Month: December 2015

Longines Elegant Ambassador Peng Yuyan Appeared At The 2017 Longines Hong Kong International Competition

Longines, a Swiss watch brand, is honored to be the title partner and official timekeeper of the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Competition’ for the sixth consecutive year, participating in this year’s high-profile international horse event. Longines is pleased to present the elegant Longines to the winners of four international first-class events. Ryan Moore, who was twice named ‘Longines World’s Best Jockey’ in 2014 and 2016, rode ‘Highland Reel’ and took off ‘Longines Hong Kong Bottle’ (2400 M) Laurel crown. Nash Rawiller and horse ‘Mr Stunning’ won the ‘Longines Hong Kong Short Distance Championship’ (1200m). The Longines Hong Kong Mile Award (1600m) was won by Jockey Leung Ka-joon, rider of “Beauty Generation”. As for the highly anticipated ‘Longines Hong Kong Cup’ (2000m), Zac Purton won the ‘Time Warp’. The jockey also won the 2017 Longines International Jockeys’Championship on Wednesday.

   In addition to watching the event at the event, audiences can also see the elegance of Longines Ambassador Peng Yuyan. The Taiwanese actor embodies the brand’s motto: “Elegance is an Attitude” and presents the “Longines Prize of Elegance” to the most fashionable ladies on the day. Earlier in the day, Peng Yuyan visited Xingguangxing Longines Store, where he met with a group of supporters and signed autographs. He also received an official watch from the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’. This Longines Record series watch is expected to become the brand’s masterpiece. In the latest TV commercials that the brand is currently broadcasting in Asia, this watch that combines classic elegance and superior performance also debuts with Peng Yuyan.

Dior’s Latest Watch Dior ‘8’ Series Watch

Dior Dior’s latest watch Dior ‘8’ series watch, the biggest feature is that it can read the fashion city time in 8 different time zones at the same time, very exciting, Dior has always Customized attitude to make watches, perfectly fit the concept of luxury with watches.
You can see the cities in different time zones only in the bell in the hotel lobby, but this DIOR ‘8’ series watch is realized for you. This watch is the result of the co-development of Dior and watch movement designers Orny and Girardin. The ‘Dior 8 Fuseaux Horaires’ automatic winding movement was created for the first time. In order to achieve the idea of ​​displaying the time of 8 cities at the same time, interlocking geometric rules were adopted.
腕表 The charm of this watch is no less than a high-end custom dress. The dial of the clock is mainly composed of a circular ring. The geometric and moving dial design has a satellite effect, and the black ring-shaped second hand rotates on the dial once a minute, the satellite dial rotates once every 12 hours, and at the same time there are 8 time zone satellite rings. One rotation every 24 hours. The direction of the hour hand in the satellite of the dial indicates the self-set local time, and the rest of the time zone is displayed by the numbers corresponding to the dots below the city.
8 time zone watch
This Dior ‘8’ series watch is the most distinctive and the most complicated is the local time set on the hour hand satellite, because the satellite dish is used to indicate the time zone time is the black points of different cities, black It means night, and gold means day. In addition, when the hollow gold minute hand and the smart black ring-shaped second hand are accurately read, this has played a contrasting effect on tone and shape.
Dior “8” series watches are available in mother-of-pearl, gold and high-jewelry lacquer models, inspired by the Dior installation style to create a movement, the bracelet is unique, and the mother-of-pearl with gold foil dial is used to strengthen Mobile device effect. The movement features a black python belt, and the bracelet has sapphire crystals. From the materials to the workmanship, the Dior ‘8’ series expresses the purpose of advanced customization, and the watch is full of fashion.