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How About Breguet Watches? What Is The Breguet Watch Ranking?

About Breguet
  Breguet has been the most important synonym for Swiss timepieces for many years and has undergone corporate restructuring in recent years. Breguet was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1747. He lived in Paris most of his life and created countless great inventions throughout his life. He was active in every field of watchmaking. A series of breakthroughs made his career continue to climb. High peaks, such as improved automatic watches, invented bell springs for self-belling bells; shock absorbers, etc .; and its simple neoclassical design is even more surprising.
  World historical celebrities such as French King Louis XVI, Queen Mary Anthony, Tsar Alexander I, Queen Victoria, British Prime Minister Churchill, William Prussia, and the United States Secretary of State Dulles, although not in the same period, but all A common connection is the lovers of Breguet watches.
  Breguet’s glorious history
  Abraham Louis Breguet (1747-1823), born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, has been making watches in Paris since the age of 17, and soon, his talents and vigorous invention ability became apparent, and Received the appreciation of the then literary advocate, King Louis XV of France.
  In 1775, Breguet opened its first watch shop in Paris. Because of his profound knowledge of machinery and his unique talents for the characteristics and technology of clocks, he attracted the interest of the best craftsmen at the time, devoted himself to it, and became successful in his seductive training. The imagination has become a moving and outstanding work.
  Breguet designs and manufactures timepieces with diversified products. No matter the timepieces, marine astronomical clocks and clocks, the unique design ingenuity makes him known as the most outstanding figure in the watch industry. Breguet has achieved excellent results in all aspects of the watch industry. At first, it has been amazing and has made many innovations. For example, the automatic watch (Perpetuelle) introduced in 1780, and later it also invented a bell spring that greatly reduced the width of the self-timer. , And the world’s first watch shock-resistant device (Pare-Chute), so that the watch is no longer easily damaged and more reliable performance.
  Breguet’s timepieces were greatly appreciated by King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Anthony of France. Equipped with innovative mechanisms and continuously improved lever or cylinder escapement, its neo-classical style is very economical. The Breguet-designed hour hand has hollow dots at the near end (called the Pomme hour hand, and later simply called the Breguet hour hand), which has more elegant numbers on the enamel surface. As for the gold case, and later the silver dial, it was carefully carved by hand with an engraving machine, which is the thinnest and most delicate case since the surface of the hand.
  In 1975, a large number of new inventions and creations were introduced, including the Breguet balance spring balance; the Dingli wheel; the world’s first luggage clock sold to Napoleon; the Souscription watch; the watch can be adjusted for the recessed watch Sympathique clock for school time; Tact watch that can tell time by touch; and standard tourbillon timepiece which was patented in 1801.
  In terms of marine astronomical clocks, Breguet made a significant contribution. In 1815, it won the reputation of ‘horloger de la Marine’ navy watchmaker. With his efforts, watchmaking has gained new impetus and breadth in art or technology. Breguet died at the age of 77. His achievements were not only widely praised during his lifetime; today, he is still considered the greatest genius and watchmaker in history.
  Important inventions of Breguet’s life include TOURBILLON, The balance-spring overcoil, The Sympathi-que clock, The Constant force escapement, and 3. The spring for minute system of the minute repeater
yepeater) and other outstanding designs have brought profound contributions to the watch industry today.
  Today’s Breguet is a strategic alliance of Montres Breguet, Nouvelle Lemania and Valdar. Due to the capital injection, the research and development and marketing capabilities have been greatly improved. With market-oriented product strategies, Breguet has actually gone out of silence and began to show its vigorous vitality.
  After the reorganization, the company strived to reform and reorganize the company. The number of employees increased from 170 before the merger to 230, and the production efficiency was greatly improved. In terms of parts production, Breguet has already handed over most of the components to Nouvelle, which produces chronograph movements and advanced mechanical movements with the same group company.
Lemania takes over, and Valdar specializes in micromechanics and precision parts. Breguet is only responsible for the manufacturing and development of the most special parts, which also allows more manpower to devote to design and research and development.
How about Breguet watches
  Netizen evaluation one: Baoji watches, how to say, old watches more than 200 years old, Louis XV and Napoleon are very fond of, handmade, you have to buy a deposit of more than 10 million US dollars, after a 7, After 8 years, I will make a table for you. Its ad text is: ‘No one deserves to own this watch, and you buy it just to leave a legacy for your descendants.’ Many people have never heard of it, and it is not unreasonable. You can certainly buy a Breguet watch, so these elites can only buy Vacheron Constantin at most, which is why it is not famous in China.
  Netizen evaluation 2: Breguet watch, one of the world’s top watch brands (fourth in the world’s top ten watches), the brand is made by A. Louis Breguet (A.
Louis Breguet) was founded in 1775. This world-renowned classic in the history of watches and clocks first developed the brand in Paris and then Switzerland. Breguet watches are loved by the royal family. King Louis XVI of France and Queen Mary are admirers of Breguet. Balzac, Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, Hugo and other writers have also mentioned Breguet watches. Celebrities such as Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Churchill are Breguet customers. Today Breguet belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group.
  Netizen evaluation 3: Swiss high-end brand has a long history. Each Breguet watch is a work of art. Breguet’s half-moon pointer is a major feature, and the noble royal family is its loyal supporter.
  Netizen evaluation 4: As the world’s top watch brand, Breguet watch was a brand loved by many historical celebrities. Today, the charm is still the same, and it is still a luxury brand loved by many celebrities. Breguet is world-renowned for its superior design and outstanding user experience, and has become the brand of choice for high-income people in the United States.
  Netizen evaluation 5: For more than two centuries, the pursuit of excellence in complex movements has always been the constant pursuit of Breguet watches. The biggest impact on the watch industry is the tourbillon technology invented by its founder Breguet. The tourbillon is a speed-regulating device that can correct mechanical errors caused by gravity. Even today, the tourbillon belongs to the luxury equipment of a mechanical complex chronograph, which represents the highest level of technology. At present, there are not many manufacturers capable of producing such watches. Breguet watches have many well-known series, one of its masterpieces is the 3894 series big spring reed timepiece. This watch is a manual winding movement, a minute spring, and a perpetual calendar. The manufacturing process is superb.
Breguet watch rankings
  Breguet watches are among the top ten watches in the world. Previously, Breguet’s global ranking could basically be around fourth. The top three were Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. Now, Breguet is undergoing reorganization, and the ranking will fluctuate, but it is definitely among the top ten global watches.
Breguet’s most popular watches
Breguet Heritage 5177BA / 29 / 9V6

Number: 5177BA / 29 / 9V6
Series: Heritage Series
Style: Automatic, 38 mm, men
Material: 18k yellow gold
RMB: ¥ 178,600
Movement model: Cal.777Q
Number of gems: 26

Breguet Classic Complex 5335BR / 42 / 9W6

Number: 5335BR / 42 / 9W6
Series: Classic Complex
Style: manual machine, 40 mm
Material: 18k rose gold
RMB: ¥ 1,218,000
Movement model: Cal.558SQ2
Number of gems: 25
Power reserve: 50 hours
Appearance correction
Dial material: Silver-plated gold with hand-engraved pattern
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Back Through: Back Through, Sapphire Glass
Water resistance: 30 meters
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