Month: January 2015

Tiger Heuer Hosts ‘maintenance Stop Challenge’ And ‘supercar Gallery’ In India

The AUTOCAR performance exhibition organized by AUTOCAR (the number one automotive magazine in India) has become a perfect place to show the relationship between TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) and motor sports.
   More than 50,000 car enthusiasts gathered at the Mumbai exhibition to witness the latest products from world-renowned brands from Rolls-Royce to Mercedes-Benz.
Tag Heuer (TAG Heuer) supercar library
   Tag Heuer (TAG Heuer) has created a TAGHeuer (Tag Heuer) supercar library, showing Ferrari and Lamborghini cars, the background shows TAGHeuer (Tiger TAG Heuer) and racing cars and inspired watches. Needless to say, it became the most popular area throughout the exhibition.
Tag Heuer (TAG Heuer) pit stop challenge
   From the perspective of audience participation, the most popular event in the entire exhibition is the TAGHeuer maintenance pit challenge. The audience must take part in a group of four to participate in the challenge. A total of 45 groups participated in the challenge, and the team that won the championship successfully pitted in a short time of 9 seconds.