Month: August 2014

Cartier Panthère Mystérieuse Cheetah Decoration Mysterious Hour Watch

As the first protagonist of Cartier’s animal world since 1914, when the cheetah gorgeously smashed Cartier’s mysterious aesthetic tradition for more than 100 years, it immediately created the new Panthère Mystérieuse cheetah decoration mysterious hour watch.

 Like real three-dimensional jewelry sculptures, cheetahs are embellished with diamonds and black lacquer spots, elegantly embracing the edges of the dial. Leopard heads, claws, and emerald leopard eyes, every detail is ingenious and lifelike. In contrast, it is the suspended hands on the transparent dial. The 9981 MC movement on the watch is subtly hidden. This new watch with high jewelry craftsmanship is delicate and beautiful, showing the balance between translucent beauty and Cartier’s signature complication.

 In 1912, the first mysterious clock was born and named ‘Modèle A’. As praised by the fashion magazine ‘La Gazette du Bon Ton’, it is a ‘miracle in the history of watches and clocks’, as if liberating time from gravity. The Panthère Mystérieuse watch is a clever combination of Cartier’s two iconic designs: a mysterious movement and a cheetah motif.
Panthère Mystérieuse Hour Quartz 9981 MC
Case: 18K rhodium-plated white gold and black lacquered case,
Set with 8 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Diameter: 40 mm
Crown: set with 37 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Cheetah pattern: 18K rhodium-plated white gold pattern,
Set with 533 brilliant-cut round diamonds,
Leopard eyes inlaid with two pear-shaped emeralds
Hands: Rhodium-plated sword-shaped steel hands
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K rhodium-plated white gold folding buckle,
Set with 43 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Mirror and case back: sapphire crystal and case back
Case thickness: 8.50 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)
Diamond-paved bracelet
Cartier 9981 MC workshop crafted a manual winding mechanical movement with mysterious hours.

Movement diameter: 13 and 3/4 of a cent, that is, 31.28 mm
Total movement diameter: 31.90 mm
Movement thickness: 4.61 mm
Number of ruby ​​bearings: 27
Number of movement parts: 158
Balance frequency: 28,800 times per hour
Power reserve: about 48 hours

Turn Each Itinerary Into A Journey: Ball For Bmw Gmt Chronometer Watch

BALL Watch launched an exclusive discount price, allowing consumers to choose their favorite limited number for their favorite BALL For BMW GMT Chronometer. This limited-edition BALL for BMW GMT Chronometer model will be sold in 1,000 pieces, with a choice of a stainless steel case with a steel strap, or a black DLC case with a premium rubber strap. When you purchase, you can also choose your favorite limited number.

   Whether you choose a stainless steel or black DLC steel case, you can match it with a black, blue or gray dial-you can also choose to add the BMW logo on the dial or not-and you can also add a personalized Personal engraved name. Pre-order and select your preferred limited number at an exclusive discounted price.

   BALL for BMW GMT Chronometer watch, stainless steel case or stainless steel case with diamond-like carbon (DLC) treatment, diameter 42 mm; thickness 12.64 mm, black, blue or gray dial, hours, minutes, seconds and date display , Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, locked crown, anti-glare sapphire crystal glass back case, BALL RR1201-C automatic movement, COSC Swiss Observatory certification, 13 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps, placed on the surface, hour and minute hands, Convenient for reading at night, the second time zone display, patent-registered Amortiser® anti-shock system, antimagnetic performance of 4,800A / m, water resistance of 100 meters / 330 feet, stainless steel shell with gradually narrowing stainless steel strip, or black DLC High-quality rubber strap.
Iconic design based on the 125th anniversary of watchmaking history
   At the pinnacle of automotive engineering, BMW has led the automotive industry for 100 years through innovation, design, performance, and environmental management. Since 1891, Ball Watch (BALL Watch) can still accurately tell the time in the harsh environment, from the establishment of the United States Railways official timing standards, to today affect the timing standards established in Switzerland. Every BALL for BMW series watch is equipped with sturdy design and advanced technology, including patented anti-vibration system and revolutionary self-luminous miniature gas lamp.

The BALL for BMW GMT Chronometer is available in a stainless steel case with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) treatment.

Limited numbers add icing on the watch
   When choosing a stainless steel shell or a diamond-like carbon (DLC) -treated stainless steel shell, consumers can choose their favorite limited number. Simply enter your favorite number, if the limited number is available, we will reserve 15 minutes for you to complete the payment process. If the limited number has been selected, BALL Watch will suggest other limited numbers to choose from. You can also inquire your favorite number directly by email.

The anti-glare sapphire crystal case back can be added with a personalized personal engraved name.

Tried and tested, accurate and durable
   The BALL for BMW GMT Chronometer model allows the wearer to explore the world. With a diameter of 42 mm, this model is rugged and can withstand any harsh environment, and its dynamic lines can be elegant in any occasion. This type of movement is certified by the Swiss Observatory to ensure its accuracy, and the patented Amortiser® anti-vibration system can reduce the impact of side shocks and protect the mechanical movement. The dual time (GMT) function allows the wearer to easily read two time zones. The dazzling gas light allows the watch to read the day and night clearly. In addition, this model is inlaid with 13 self-luminous miniature gas lamps with a life span of up to 25 years. This revolutionary technology ensures that the wearer can still read clearly in the dark. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and magnetically resistant to 4,800 A / m. The stainless steel case is coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC), which makes the watch harder and more durable.

Consumers can choose to have the BMW logo on or off the dial

You can choose to have the BMW logo on or off the dial
   On the dial of the BALL for BMW GMT Chronometer model, you can choose to add or not add the BMW logo — further personalized design. On the edge of the stainless steel case on the sapphire crystal case back, you can add a personalized personal engraved name.
Exclusive discount ends on July 17, 2016
   Pre-purchase at full discount and full payment, while stocks last. Limited pre-orders will end on July 17, 2016. The expected delivery date is September to October 2016 (tentative, subject to the Swiss production schedule and arrival date). This model will be on sale in November 2016.

The BALL for BMW GMT Chronometer is equipped with 13 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps placed on the surface, hour and minute hands for easy time reading at night.

Notes for ordering:
BALL Watch must charge the customer full payment before confirming the order.
Customers can pay online via VISA / MasterCard / American Express.
After successful online payment, if your order is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email.
Pre-order from September to October 2016 (tentative, subject to the Swiss production schedule and arrival date), and pick it up at the Bohr agency agreed by the customer.
At that time, a customer service specialist from the local Boer table branch will contact you and suggest relevant pickup rules
After 3 days from the order date, the order or engraved content cannot be cancelled or changed.
General terms and conditions can be found at Different pickup methods and terms of service apply to different countries. For more information, please contact our local customer service center.
In case of any dispute regarding terms and conditions, BALL Watch reserves the right of final decision.
Personalized bottom cover engraving service:
Only English letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation.
Special characters, accents, and non-English letters are not accepted.
Laser engraving is limited to one line, up to 21 characters (including spaces).
All text will be centered and engraved.
It is recommended to print capital letters for easier reading.
We reserve the right to reject any custom made cover that is deemed inappropriate.
The engraved name on the bottom cover is a customized service and is not eligible for return.
In all cases, laser marking will be performed in full accordance with the confirmation email from BALL Watch.
After 3 days from the order date, the order or engraved content cannot be cancelled or changed.

Bruno Fernandez Wears The Tag Heuer Submarine Watches That Are Always With Him To Relax And Relax In The Wind And The Waves

The owner of this adventurer-spirited story is an entrepreneur who is busy working in the skyscrapers of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) or in the evolving high-tech industry.

   Attending financial meetings, contacting customers, seizing market opportunities, and managing excellent teams has no rest; for him, time is especially precious. The early morning water sports allowed him to rest during a busy work day; here he was able to sort out his thoughts and feel the adrenaline soaring, but it was very different from the tension in the conference room. It made him more confident.

   For more than 150 years, TAGHeuer has represented the pinnacle of Swiss-made quality and precision watchmaking; but its avant-garde philosophy is the real secret to making the brand stand out. TAGHeuer has always been boldly innovating, introducing wearable luxury products adhering to the adventurous spirit and subversive attitude of modern people; making the brand a perfect portrayal of the most ‘adventurous spirit’ under the SWR lens.

   The unique design of the TAGHeuer watch demonstrates the resolute spirit of ambitious entrepreneurs, and it can also provide outstanding performance in the moment of ‘#DontCrackUnderPressure’. Modern life can better reflect the preciousness of time. Whether in the meeting room or on the cusp, TAGHeuer is a true companion of passionate people in life.

Baucherei Palavis Evotec Series Watch First Release In Mainland China

Balavi EvoTec DayDate watch, and Plavi EvoTec BigDate women’s watch specially designed for women, these masterpieces of the watchmaking craftsmanship of Bucherer will be comprehensive for the first time in mainland China Go public. In the following months, Bucherer will display EvoTec series watches in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Yinchuan, Hangzhou, Xi’an and other major cities, and witness it with Chinese watch lovers The glorious glory of the century-old watchmaking of the Bucherer family. The ‘Ahead of the Times’ brand philosophy is once again highlighted in the attention. These complex functional innovations and thoughtful details design reflect the passion for innovation and the pursuit of perfection in the century-old watchmaking of Bucherer. This is the pride of Bucherer, and it is also the solemn promise of continuing its glory as a top international brand in China.
   Carl F. Bucherer, the world’s top watchmaking brand, was founded in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1919, and has passed through three generations of the family. For hundreds of years, Bucherer has created countless classic timepieces with superb independent watchmaking technology and excellent jewelry setting technology, from the birth of the first quartz movement in Switzerland to the groundbreaking curved design of women’s watches; from The development of dial window technology has brought glory to designing exclusive models for the German and Thai queens; until the birth of the self-made movement CFB A1000, it has even shocked the watchmaking industry. These glorious moments worth engraving have condensed the courage and persistence of the three generations of watchmakers of the Bucherer family. In the tide of globalization weakening individuality, Bucherer always adheres to itself, surpassing the times and trends, and insists on inheriting the brand’s precious traditional craftsmanship and core ideas in a family-run mode.

   In 2008, the self-developed and self-developed CFB A1000 self-winding movement was released, which witnessed a new milestone in the development of watchmaking technology. Peripheral rotor on the outer edge of the movement, plus two patented technologies: the innovative suspension system (DSA) and the dual adjustment system (CDAS) are perfect; they follow it perfectly Later, the Bellevue EvoTec DayDate watch based on the CFB A1000 movement, and the Bellevue EvoTec BigDate women’s watch specially designed for women.

   As policymakers at Bucherer started discussing the feasibility of setting up their own watchmaking factories and making their own movements, they quickly realized that they wanted to take a very different path to independence and autonomy. Bucherer’s goal is to produce the highest quality and highly reliable professional movements. To achieve this goal, Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA watchmaking factory has the most modern equipment, extraordinary creative artisans and experienced technicians, dedicated to The research, development and production of watch movements and functional modules ensure that every Bucherer watch is an exceptional treasure. In addition to a powerful production line, the comprehensive “innovative technology” of 宝 Ezro technology 宝 Evolution Technology ﹞ watchmaking concept (ie EvoTec) has a profound impact on movement development, mechanical structure and additional functions. Dr. Albrecht Haake, deputy chief executive officer of the Bucherer Technology Division, said: ‘Our mission is not to create the world’s most complex watch or a highly demanding or even inoperable mechanism. On the contrary, we will use unprecedented innovative technologies, Provide the wearer with a highly accurate and reliable watch. ‘

   This concept is based on the brand’s unique ‘Smart SimPlexity®’ theory to develop movements, mechanical structures and additional function modules. ‘Smart SimPlexity®’ technology deliberately avoids the ‘more complex the better’ motto that the watch industry has believed for years. Although it is common to use complex methods to solve problems, the Bucherer watchmaker advocates finding the best solution instead of the simplest method. This innovative technology was the first to be applied to the CFB A1000 self-made movement, and three Plavi EvoTec models launched in 2009 and 2010, showing perfect results.