Month: March 2014

Longines Macau Plaza Flagship Store Grand Opening

The new flagship store of Macau Plaza is grandly opened. The design of the store adopts the concept of ‘Elegant Curve’ and ‘ElegantWave’ to fully display the brand’s traditional values-elegance, spirit, tradition and heritage. Furnishings.
The flagship store of Longines in Macau Plaza is two storeys high with a total area of ​​over 137 square meters. The streamlined piano-lacquered wood cabinets on the walls are equipped with a white-toned wall, creating a simple and elegant feeling. Special guests Ms. Xie Tingting and Ms. Gou Yunhui went to Qijiang for support.
   The brand new Macau Plaza flagship store is grandly opened. The store’s design implements the concept of ‘Elegant Curve’ and ‘Elegant Wave’, which fully displays the brand’s traditional values-elegance, spirit, tradition and heritage.

   On November 20, 2012, Longines, a Swiss brand with more than 180 years of traditional watchmaking technology, opened its flagship store in Macau Plaza, Macau. For the flagship store of Sinaqin, the concept of “Elegant Wave” and “Elegant Wave” are used in the design of the store to fully display the brand’s traditional values ​​– elegance, spirit, tradition and heritage, in the furnishings of the store. Integrating with modern elements, it embodies the spirit of ‘Elegance is an attitude’.

   Longines has developed rapidly in Hong Kong and Macau. So far, it has opened a total of 6 flagship stores and 3 specialty stores. To celebrate the opening of the third flagship store in Macau this year, Mr. Charles Villoz, Vice President and International Sales Director of Longines, came from Switzerland to host the opening ceremony with Miss Ouyang Chuying, Vice President of Longines Hong Kong. For the solemnity of the event, two special guests, Ms. Xie Tingting and Ms. Gou Yunhui, were invited to come to Qijiang for support. At the event, two men’s models, Zhao Jinhao and Song Douhuan, performed a number of Longines watches, and then led a noble dress, accompanied by Xie Tingting and Gou Yunhui who wore The Longines Saint-Imier series and 180th anniversary limited edition, highlighting women Multi-faceted elegance, showing the brand philosophy of Longines’ ‘elegant attitude, true personality’. Subsequently, four guests started the celebration ceremony together. The flying wing hourglass logo rose in front of Macau’s landmark samba, symbolizing Longines’ grand exhibition in Macau. In the end, the brand invited the lion dance performance to celebrate. The guests took the lucky bags after finishing the two lion dances, and congratulated the new store for its booming business and the atmosphere was hot.

   The flagship store of Sinaqin, located in Macau Plaza, is two stories high and has a total area of ​​over 137 square meters. The streamlined piano-lacquered wood cabinets on the walls and the white-toned wall create a simple and elegant feel. Vertical posters extending from the ground to the ceiling are displayed in the store, showing the attractive charm of Longines’ elegant ambassadors. The comfortable and soft lighting in the store is matched with the spacious sense of space in the store, which is permeated with a warm and warm atmosphere. The layered lighting design and the ring table column group in the store can better highlight the light of various diamonds and limited watches. detail. The exterior and floor of the flagship store are made of Italian white marble, showing Longines’ elegant elegance and luxury.
   Longines adheres to the principle of customer first, provides the most professional, comprehensive services and elegant and comfortable shopping environment, so that customers can carefully watch the collection of Longines watches and enjoy a distinguished shopping experience.
Longines new Macau Plaza flagship store
Address: G / F and Penthouse, Macau Plaza, 43-53A, Main Street, Yin Prince, Macau