Month: January 2014

The First Italian Boutique Of Breguet Will Be In Milan (Official Update On July 25)

Breguet has selected the first Italian boutique in the world-famous fashion city Milan. Breguet welcomes you in a 120 square meter boutique located on the 19th floor of the famous Via Montenapoleone, in Milan’s famous smart district.

   Breguet’s boutique has a new design concept: elegant and refined. The main color is emphasized by the warm brown leather accessories of walnut. The pearl glass curtain wall remembers the ‘Clous de Paris’ dial Breguet’s famous hand-carved arabesque decoration. The oval on the ceiling reproduces the oval collected by Ryan’s Naples. A white granite staircase wall reaches the second floor, where visitors are invited to discover Breguet’s seminars, through interactive films on different themes, in Joux in the River Valley. To explore in these places through the touch screen, customers of Breguet are able to appreciate the dexterity and chamfering skills required to appreciate the artistic carving work, polishing and chasing action, making each of the watches unique,

   Breguet, founded in 1775, truly embodies the fusion of art, history, tradition and technological innovation. Milan’s boutique displays offer this spirit of exclusivity in exclusive creations.