Month: April 2012

New Boll Watch Commemorates 100th Anniversary Of Central Station In New York

2013 is a centennial year for the Central Station of the New York Railway Hub. Now the Bol brand with an inseparable connection to the railway construction is launching a commemorative watch—Engineer Master II GCT, especially suitable for the Big Apple City. Homesick tourists and immigrant friends. Its second time zone feature uses Central Station Time (GCT) instead of traditional Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
New Boll Watches-Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of New York’s Central Station
    This watch is limited to 999 pieces, with a diameter of 44mm and a stainless steel case. It is equipped with a Bore Caliber 651 automatic movement. There are two types of straps: stainless steel and pin buckle calfskin. There are 15 self-illuminating miniature gas on the dial and hands. Lights-the exclusive technology of the Bol brand, providing the best lighting at night.
New Boll Watches-Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of New York’s Central Station
    Another highlight is the second time zone feature. On the small dial at 6 o’clock, the central time is displayed, which is the time in the New York City time zone. No matter where the watch owner is in the world, he can be with Central Station. Ball’s respect for Central Station is also reflected on the watch dial, next to the Ball logo is the traditional GCT logo. The bottom cover is very famous, and there are four clocks close to a century in the station hall. The watch contains the newly disclosed GCT Centennial Logo. The Bore Engineer Master II GCT belt retails for $ 3,699 and the steel belt retails for $ 3,799.

Winning Gp Girard-perregaux China Spokesperson, Chen Xiao Said That Time Is A Good Medicine For Him

Someday ago, I received a mysterious invitation: ‘Do you want to do an interview with Chen Xiao?’ Two images appeared in my head-‘The Condor Heroes’ Yang Guo and Shen Xingyi of ‘The Flower That Blooms That Year’. In my eyes, Chen Xiao is basically defined by these two roles, and he quickly asked a question: ‘Best friend of the brand?’ The other side said, No, it is the spokesperson of the Chinese region, and it will keep me a little more secret for the next day. Official announcement. Then, as usual, I waited until the news was released: Chen Xiao became the spokesperson for Girard Perregaux in China. What I was thinking was that the snatch of resources on the front line of Swiss watches and clocks was almost coming to an end. Basically, it was relatively gratifying that the male actors with relatively works won the battlefield. In fact, the interview lasted just over 10 minutes, but Chen Xiao’s love for his profession has been felt, and it has reached a level where he can compare and quote at any time. “The cooperation with Girard-Perregaux was discussed just a few months ago. At first glance, I felt that the brand was very beautiful, not public, and had a low-key feeling hidden in my heart.” Chen Xiao said, especially I was moved by this year’s theme ‘Skywalker’, ‘This is what I want to do and live as I want it. Master the rhythm yourself, don’t feel a lot of pressure.’ GP Girard Perregaux this year’s new theme It is still very interesting and imaginative-based on the earth, with the exploration of the universe as the core of design. Skywalker is not a series, but the related works of each series are included in this theme. There are currently 12 watches in total. Chen Xiao said that every man has his own favorite things. In addition to his watch, he prefers to collect things he used to play when he was a child, such as posters and ribbon stickers. He has a warehouse of memories at home. For him, the watch is the closest thing to the skin, and a watch often represents a memory. ‘My pursuit of watches, quantity is not the focus, quality is the first priority.’ He said. I asked him what you appreciate the Girard-Perregaux watch for a while. He thought for a while and answered: ‘The exploration of the new field, and the fine sense of watchmaking itself, is similar to the performance.’ I switched to the professional field and told me that he was shooting a movie recently. He used new technology when shooting, that is, the type of precise click: ‘We need to repeat the performance. The card is very accurate. Several times the director said, But I think I have to try again, and it can be better. Sometimes I want to grind it slowly for the accuracy of half a second to make the performance more real. I am happy about this. ‘Out of habit, I deliberately Looking at the watch on Chen Xiao’s wrist that day, it was a Bridges Golden Bridge series Neo Bridges Skywalker watch. This watch is made of titanium and the outer layer is a black DLC layer. He also secretly disclosed to me that he and GP Girard Perregaux collaborated on a limited edition Skywalker watch. At present, he only knows that there is an asteroid design pattern on it: ‘This design was actually the Swiss team conceived many versions. I also gave my own opinion, and the one that was finally selected has not yet been listed, and I haven’t seen the watch yet. I am looking forward to it. ‘We can also look forward to it. Actually, I remember the host asked a very common question. What does time mean? As a result, Chen Xiao thought for a while and said honestly, ‘Maybe there will be time to go to Switzerland in the second half of the year (visit the factory with Girard Perregaux).’ Of course, we also have a very serious official dialogue, he mentioned Everything in life doesn’t need a lot of settings. There are many changes every day. The filming also follows the feeling of the scene. Q: What does time mean to you? A: Time is a good medicine. Time can heal everything, that’s what time means to me. Q: Are you afraid of time? A: I don’t think it will be better if we don’t fight against time. Q: What is the best time in life? A: I want to say that the best time is now. Q: How to combine time with learning? A: Learning is a difficult task. You need patience to figure out all the details from the start. Never be afraid to be a beginner. If you pursue shortcuts, you will not get anything. For example, one day your toy is broken, you can fix it yourself if you know how it actually works. But if your toy was bought elsewhere and you know nothing about it, then you can only buy new ones. I want a sense of accomplishment, so I do it myself. Q: How do you coordinate filming with real life? A: I’m more willing to feel and experience daily life than filming. Life experiences shape the way in which characters are interpreted. Therefore, in Chen Xiao’s eyes, being a true self, full of passion and love for life, is the source of inspiration, not only artistic. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!