Month: December 2011

Guo Fucheng Helped Longines Marseille ‘love General’ Win Over 2 Million Bonuses For Him

At 11:25 on December 8th, the Longines Hong Kong International Competition Opening Ceremony was held in the horse’s debut circle. The most noticeable performance star at the scene was Guo Fucheng.

 Longines’ image advertising endorsers include Simon Baker, Graf, Agassi, Yevgenia Kanayeva, and Lin Zhiling. Among the most famous in Hong Kong are Guo Fucheng. Guo Fucheng is passionate about brand fashion, and especially loves it. Famous watches, in 2005 he joined the Longines watch family as the image ambassador.

 This year’s Longines Hong Kong International Tournament is regarded as the home of Guo Fucheng. He naturally came to help. The Longines brand’s elegant ambassador also presented souvenirs to the Hong Kong Cup.

 When Guo Fucheng participated in the Longines International Jockey Championship on December 4th, he said that horse racing should be studied in addition to sports. He revealed that his investment in Jiayi “Love General” won him more than two million prizes. .

 ‘Familiar with the horse racing information, the chance of winning is high, but don’t blindly bet, you have to study.’ Guo Fucheng said. When someone asked him about the results of the two love horses ‘Love General’ and ‘Call of Love’, he said: ‘My’ Love General ‘has made more than two million dollars so far. The cost of horses. ‘Will he continue to buy horses if he tastes the sweetness? Guo Fucheng replied: ‘It is enough to have two horses, but you can buy them together when you meet a friend. Keeping a horse is a happy thing. The happiest thing is to meet a lot of friends in the horse circle, meet more friends, and talk about the world. Buy new The horse’s plan will go with the flow and will not be forced. ‘

 Former British internationals Irving and Manchester United (Weibo data) Former coach Ferguson is the owner, Guo Fucheng’s ‘love general’ has won 4 matches. As a horse owner, Guo Fucheng admits that raising horses can help reduce stress, temporarily quit work, and enjoy a relaxing moment.

 On December 8, Guo Fucheng’s love horse ‘Love General’ played in the 10th game and ran second. Some people suggested that he test the jockey’s license, and Guo Fucheng said with a smile that he had no intention of taking the test. Guo Fucheng said: ‘This Longines International Race is sponsored by Longines for the second year. It is one of the world’s best high-prize races. I hope that Aima will have a good result and can report to a short-distance championship next year.’