Month: August 2010

Selection Of Chronographs Within 100,000 Next Part 50,000-100,000 Choices

In the previous article, we compiled less than 50,000 (including a Breitling B01 watch that is more than 50,000) worthy of a chronograph, so this article takes a look at those 5 The selection of the price segment of 10,000 to 100,000, it should be said that the choice of this price segment is too rich, but there are some representative, it is still relatively easy to choose. Above 100,000, I don’t think it’s necessary to choose, PP, VC, AP, etc., the price range is also very different.
Portuguese meter Portuguese meter Everyone has a good heart-Portugal IWC

Model: IW371491 Price: ¥ 56000

   In the public price of more than 50,000, the most popular chronograph is Portugal IWC. Portugal has many clocks to choose from. The black and white dials were the classic before, and today there are more blue dials to choose from. The classic Portuguese watch is that it has a very coordinated and delicate dial design. The narrow bezel makes the watch’s dial look very atmospheric. The three-dimensional Arabic numerals enhance the three-dimensional feel of the dial and cancel the 12-hour timekeeping function. With only 30 minutes left, the face is very symmetrical. Behind this is the 7750 movement that IWC has changed, the IWC model 79350. Obviously, it is an elegant, mechanical watch with a sense of movement, which can be formal and casual, and it is no wonder that so many men will fall for it.
Watch details: Model: 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773 Price: ¥ 56200

   Zenith is a predator in the field of timekeeping. The high-frequency timepiece introduced in the second half of the last century is still a very representative achievement of the brand. The unique design of Zenith and the polymorphism of the movement are really exciting. . In recent years, Zenith has also launched a lot of vintage-themed watches, reminiscent of the golden years of the last century. This pilot series chronograph is one of the themes. It has the pilot’s iconic design elements: large Arabic numerals, angular serpentine hands. The 45 mm atmospheric case, coupled with the ‘Coffee Knight’ gives it a unique cultural meaning, making this watch interesting and stylish. The distressed stainless steel case, large onion crown, and chronograph pedal-type chronograph buttons are all enough to distinguish it from other brands’ watches, showing its personality.
Watch details: Model: Price: ¥ 59800

   It is in the same price range as the previous watches, but has a superior configuration. This is the Omega Seahorse series Zhizhen Observatory coaxial chronograph watch. Let’s enumerate what high-tech things it has: first, big Most watch dials are brass substrates plated with other materials, and this Omega watch has a black ceramic dial. Secondly, the black ceramic bezel is equipped with orange rubber, and the scales are filled with patented liquid metal. One point and a half; third, as a professional diving watch, the case is much more complicated, water-resistant to 600 meters, with a helium valve; fourth, built-in Omega 9900 chronograph movement, certified by the Zhenzhen Observatory, antimagnetic 15000 Gauss, silicon material Gossamer, anti-magnetic escapement. The above configurations are better than some chronographs of the same level. However, in terms of price, it is still controlled within 60,000 public prices. Because it uses a rubber strap, it is cheaper than some other chronographs with 9900 movement. some. It can be called the most cost-effective chronograph at the same time, but also very personal. The only disadvantage is that it is too thick. After all, it needs to be waterproof and the function is complicated.
Watch details: Brand value-Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysics Master Chronograph

 Model: 1538530 Price: ¥ 64500

   If the budget rises to more than 60,000, you can reach some more powerful brands, such as this Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical watch, which is one of the most popular chronograph watches this year. The reason is simple. Jaeger-LeCoultre Inside are recognized Swiss first-tier big brands, big technical bulls, at the top of the watchmaking pyramid, although there will always be some small flaws. Buying Jaeger-LeCoultre’s complex watches at more than 60,000 prices is somewhat unimaginable, because the basic level must be above 80,000, but that is what Jaeger-LeCoultre provides. Portugal is a few thousand dollars more expensive, but in terms of brand positioning and movement value, it is more than that. Jaeger-LeCoultre uses a self-made movement because of its strong watchmaking technology. This is an 751G self-winding movement, but the only regret is its dense bottom, so the movement cannot be seen. Well-balanced dial layout design, stainless steel case, classic series of master series, square timing buttons. From the perspective of price, brand, and movement value, it is obviously very advantageous.
Watch details: Model: 95.9000.9004 / 78.R582 Price: ¥ 81900

   In 2017, Zenith ushered in a small outbreak. As Biver said at the beginning of the year, several LVMH watch brands have not yet been launched by Zenith. When he took full charge of Zenith from the beginning of the year, he hoped to be able to Let Zenith return to the top of watchmaking. Sure enough, Zenith released a new Defy series watch in 2017. Its technology is amazing. This chronograph is one of the hollowed out versions, with a public price of over 80,000, but there are also non-hollowed versions, with a public price of 75,000, but I personally think that if you buy such a high-tech watch, why are you hiding it? Cool. Its technical content is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, two sets of escapement systems, one set of independent travel time and one set of timing, which is completely different from the general timing system; second, the speed adjustment mechanism used by the timing system, vibration frequency Up to 50HZ, which is 10 times the vibration frequency of the conventional travel time system and can record 1/100 seconds; Third, even at such a high vibration frequency, the full-string state can last for 50 minutes, and the normal travel time is 50 hours; fourth, Zenith official Announced that this watch can withstand ‘more than 15,000 Gauss’ magnetic force. From these points, it is indeed full of confidence, because 1/100 second timekeeping, even in Tag Heuer, although it has been owned many years ago, it is still not a mass-produced watch, and Zenith has already Mass production.
Watch details: Model: 116500LN-78590 Price: ¥ 95000

   To say which chronograph is the hottest, it should be Rolex Dayton. Although the rapid rise of the sports watch market in recent years, coupled with the fueling of the auction market, has made Rolex Dayton steel prices high, and Rolex The extremely low quota has also made it difficult to obtain a steel model on the market. It goes all the way, without exaggeration. The used black steel di / white steel di is still strong, surpassing the new water ghost price . And ceramic ring steel Daytona, either price increases or tying, this is the actual situation, unless the sports watch market drops, their prices can return to rationality. Very small production watches can have such value. Although this daytona has a public price of 95,000, even if it is purchased abroad, it will not get much benefits. It is still difficult to buy it at the public price.
Watch details: handsome as attractive as Hu Ge-Piaget Polo S automatic chronograph

 Model: G0A41006 Price: ¥ 100000

   The price came to 100,000 yuan, which is already a very high budget for buying a watch. Although there are more expensive watches, at this price, the pursuit is no longer just about functions. Of course, it is more about taste, artistry, Brand Value. Piaget, many people may know more about their jewellery, while those on the bezel, of course, know more about their excellent watchmaking standards. Earl, the name itself is very dominant. It has a taste of aristocracy, and then the value of the brand. It has no need to say more about its history and achievements. It chose Hu Ge as the brand spokesperson. The girls are fascinated, and even many men love it. This is not a simple star effect, but a recognition of quality, taste, and spiritual core. Piaget POLO S series finds a balanced shell design in the square circle, plus the stainless steel case material, with angular scales and hands, everything is full of sports, but it is not exactly like a design for sports Tool watch, this is its charm, elegant, gentleman and dynamic, built-in brand-made 1160P self-winding chronograph movement, it is worth mentioning that its case diameter 42 mm, thickness 11.2 mm, very easy to wear.
Watch details: ‘Master of the Watch’-Breguet Chronograph

 Model: 3817ST / X2 / 3ZU Price: ¥ 109200

   Slightly over budget, the public price came to 109,200 (Of course, within 100,000 can definitely be obtained), we can choose a Breguet 3817 chronograph, perhaps many people think that Breguet is a very European style , A formal watch with a refined style, or a gentle female model like the Queen of Naples series, but Breguet has always had a very military-style series Typ XX-XXI-XXII. The retro dial tone, large Arabic numerals, stainless steel case, and textured watch all describe its old-fashioned military watch charm. But it is a Breguet with a self-made 584 Q / 2 self-winding chronograph movement, which is regarded as a classic in Breguet chronographs.
Watch details: breguet / 43713 /
In summary: These are popular watches with a public price of less than 100,000, and they have bright spots. However, we should also know that there will be a gap between the public price and the purchase price. If calculated based on the actual purchase price, Then some watches need to be kicked out, and some watches can also be added, such as Blancpain, Panerai, etc., but for most people, the choice of purchasing channels is limited, so we still take the public price as the standard and give everyone reference.

Richard Miller Launches New F1 Watch

Brazilian Felipe Massa officially participated in F1 in 2002. In 2004 he wore RM 006 to compete in F1. Since then, Felipe Massa and Richard Mille have started a close collaboration. In 2009, Richard Mille launched the new F1 watches RM 004-V2 Felipe Massa and RM 008-V2 Felipe Massa for Felipe Massa and applied the yellow-green color of the Brazilian flag to the watch design-RM 004-V2
Limited edition of 40 pieces, of which 25 pieces are made of rose gold, 10 pieces are made of platinum, 5 pieces are made of titanium
Manual winding movement RM 004-V2
Functions: chronograph, double-second tracking hand, hour, minute, running second, 30-minute chronograph, power display, torque meter

RM 008-V2
Limited to 10 pieces, 5 pieces in rose gold, 5 pieces in platinum
Manual winding movement RM 008-V2
Functions: Tourbillon, chronograph, double-second tracking, hours, minutes, running seconds, 30-minute chronograph, power display, torque meter