Month: June 2010

Master’s New Chrysmer Series Pair Watch: Witness Romantic Love!

Adhering to the superb craftsmanship and versatility of the automatic movement watch of the Chrysma, Baume & Mercier’s new Chrysma watch presents the classic and timeless traditional beauty. The perfect design of the watch highlights another legendary classic of Baume & Mercier! Adhering to the superb craftsmanship and versatility of the Chrysmer Automatic Watch, the new 33 mm 18K red gold automatic ladies’ watch from Chrysmer is fully elegant and can be described as the existing 39 mm red gold Clay Simak’s perfect echo. Baume & Mercier (baume & Mercier) new Chrysmer pair watch · women
Demonstrate classic elegance, the gold-plated hands, Roman numerals, eight 0.03 carats of delicate diamonds and sparkling mother-of-pearl dials on the new Chrysme women’s ladies’ watches reveal feminine style. This watch is perfectly integrated into the Chrysmak series. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can watch the oscillating weight with the snailed Geneva ornament and the brand’s logo PHI. The high-quality Swiss-made movement provides hour / minute / second indications. The date display of this watch is also placed at 3 o’clock. The new Chrysler watch is a fusion of classic and fashion. It is equipped with a black alligator strap and pin buckle, and is waterproof to about 30 meters.
Baume & Mercier New
克莱 In response to this, the Men’s Chrysler menswear watch perfectly adheres to the restrained elegance and noble and fashionable male charm. The case is 39 mm and is equipped with a high-precision self-winding mechanical movement. Through the hollow window, you can see the oscillating weight with Geneva decoration and the engraved brand logo PHI. The silver linear pattern, gold-plated Roman numerals, gold-plated hands and black alligator leather strap add to the extraordinary quality of the watch.
Claismai series presents the classic and timeless traditional beauty to the watch, it is a symbol of rich connotation. It will never boast and show off, but only share it with those who appreciate it.

Romantic Moments Eternal Because Of Love Ebol Road E-commerce New Products Join Hands With Jd Mall World Premiere

On October 16, 2017, the world-renowned Swiss watchmaking brand Ebo Road Watch held the world premiere of E-Bo Road e-commerce new products and Jingdong Mall in the Jingdong Headquarters Building of Beijing Yizhuang Economic Development Zone. This is a conference of special significance, because in the past few years, watch brands have only completed contact, presence and integration with e-commerce brands, but only a few brands have truly realized online and offline It is a completely different customer base and adopts different marketing methods. Yibo Road launched new products for e-commerce platforms, marking that the brand has begun to truly professionalize its online operations. Mr. Gu Yue, Vice President of Yibo Road (Far East) Co., Ltd., and Ms. Chen Wan, General Manager of Jingdong Mall Watch & Clock Business Department attended the premiere together to reveal the new e-commerce products for guests and the media, and the significance of the cooperation between Yibo Road brand and Jingdong Mall .

Left: Mr. Gu Yue, Vice President of Yibo Road (Far East) Co., Ltd.
Right: Ms. Chen Wan, General Manager of Jingdong Mall Watch & Clock Business Department

   Ebolo was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1856. Its romantic trademark originated from an interesting story: At a noble ball, the brand’s second-generation head ERNEST BOREL and his beloved girl were at the ball. Dance. The momentary touch immediately turned into a permanent touch of the soul. This scene attracted the reporters present to press the shutter, so the silhouette design of the double dance pose became the brand logo of Yibo Road, leaving this century-old romantic standstill. Since then, romance has become the most important synonym for Ebolo watches, integrating elegant mechanical aesthetics, excellence in quality, and deep brand culture into watchmaking concepts, thus enjoying the reputation of “Swiss Couple Watches”, thus For those pursuing a sophisticated fashion lifestyle, we provide exquisite watches.

Mr. Gu Yue, Vice President of Yibo Road (Far East) Co., Ltd.

   Mr. Gu Yue, Vice President of Ebo Road (Far East) Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the press conference, emphasizing the brand spirit of Ebo Road Watch and the good wishes of cooperation with Jingdong Mall: ‘Ebo Road Watch in Switzerland has always been known for its elegance and romance. Recognized and supported by the global audience, since its birth in 1856, Ebolus has been adhering to the watchmaking concept of excellence, combining the new fashion of the times, high-end technology and traditional Swiss watchmaking, to present consumers with countless fashion, elegance, Classic and romantic watch styles. With the rapid development of the Internet era, e-commerce has become an indispensable link in life. As an e-commerce giant, Jingdong Mall is committed to providing the highest quality products to consumers worldwide and making it more convenient. Nowadays, JD Mall has become a widely preferred online shopping platform for consumers. Today, Swiss Ebo Road Watch and JD Mall are romantically together in this towering Beijing JD headquarters building, and jointly release new e-commerce products. We will launch Six new watches on exclusive e-commerce platforms-legendary automatic series and elegant series Column. The reason why we chose JD Mall as the launching place for the new watch, we hope that consumers can use this high-quality e-commerce platform to deeply feel the unique romance and rigorous watch culture of Yibo Road. We are convinced that Yibo Road Joining forces with not only can provide consumers with a better and more convenient experience, but also open up a broader road for the cooperation between e-commerce platforms and brands. It can also promote Eber Road Watch and Mall respectively. Rapid development in the field. In the coming days, we will cooperate with JD Mall in more diversified ways, and provide more diversification to global consumers through more online styles and exclusive preferential activities. Romantic and exquisite watches that set the trend. ‘

Ms. Chen Wan, General Manager of Jingdong Mall Watch & Clock Business Department

   Ms. Chen Wan, general manager of Jingdong Mall’s watch and clock business department, also has high hopes for this cooperation: ‘Jingdong as a national and even the world’s leading e-commerce platform, our Jingdong watch business has been growing along with our brand, especially today in the Swiss watch category Inside, it has become the first e-commerce platform in the country. Next, we will continue to cooperate with brands and cooperate in depth to continuously improve our customer experience from product development, marketing, and supply chain integration. We are very Happy to be able to carry out in-depth and innovative cooperation with a 161-year-old brand and jointly launch some of the world’s first products. I believe we can bring more and better products to us through more innovative methods. Consumers. ‘

Models showcase new ebolo watches

Models showcase new watches from Ebolo e-commerce

Ebola Legend Automatic E-commerce Watch

   At the start of the conference, Yibo Road presented the romantic charm of six new e-commerce products in the way of model display. The legendary automatic series watches show the essence of their design with an inclusive and unique layout. The new products are inspired by the day and night of the fantasy ocean world. The black and white mother-of-pearl dials with iridescent characteristics reflect the wear. The unique giving of sex and elegant neutral charm. The watch uses the unique ‘handshake’ strap structure of the Ebolus Legend Automatic series, which allows the leather strap to be more closely connected to the case and integrate with each other; both Ebolus neutral watches boldly use a diameter of 38.5 The large millimeter dial displays, allowing the wearer to show a unique and neutral personality in a high profile on any day and night. Yes, these are two unisex watches that can show the magical luster of the magical ocean whether they are worn on the wrists of men or women.

4 new elegant watches

Two of the new elegant collections

   The elegant series set its sights on the classic ‘Water Lily’ created by the French Impressionist master Lauder Monet. The new work is set with a rose gold and steel UP pattern lining like a delicate flower core in the center of the dial of the watch. Against the colorful petal texture of the colorful MOP mother-of-pearl literally, it is like a vivid water lily blooming on the watch. Eight petal-shaped stone support stones with natural zircon inlaid on the water lily like dewdrops, exuding the unique elegance and intelligence of women. The mother-of-pearl literally has been specially processed to make each date of the calendar window appear under the ‘water lilies’ like a coy woman, moving slowly. The watchmaker also devoted himself to the color of the strap, hoping to use different colors to express the different personality and charm of each watch-demure and comfortable lake blue, pure and flawless lily white, charming And the noble lilac purple, elegant and simple log coffee, all kinds of unique feminine postures of the women instantly show their eyes, it is addictive!

Mr. Gu Yue, Vice President of Ebolu (Far East) Co., Ltd. presented awards to the winners and took a group photo (one of the representatives of a couple watch did not come to the scene)

   At the event site, Yibo Road Watch joined hands with Jingdong Mall to start the selection of the best couple photos. Five couples were selected through the selection of pre-collected couple photos offline, and then voted by the on-site event participants. The best couples took a group photo, and Yibo Road presented them with a pair of exquisite couples. The other four couples took part in the photo selection event. They also gave romantic gifts to them.

   Ebolo’s new e-commerce watch is now available at

Longines Watch Beijing International Equestrian Masters Coming Soon Superstar Steed Dances Elegant Style

Horse is the most noble temperament — the chic appearance, the quiet heart and the courageous spirit, which resonates with the elegant superstars. The mature and restrained Guo Fucheng has always regarded horses as close friends of human beings, and each shot reflects the close tacit understanding between the rider and the horse race; the intellectual Qin Lan’s dialogue with the steed is delicate and elegant, and he has reached the realm of understanding with the ‘spirit’ foal; Wen Wan is wise like Zhang Yuqi, and through the interpretation of the noble atmosphere, she shows the nobility of equestrian, the ‘king movement’. The elegant charm and sporty spirit of the three superstars are perfectly condensed on this wrist watch-Longines Compaq watches.

 From April 18th to 20th, the ‘Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters’, which represents China’s highest level of professional equestrian events, will be staged at the ‘Bird’s Nest’ in China National Stadium. Swiss watchmaker Longines, with its outstanding watchmaking expertise, will serve as the title sponsor and official timekeeper for the third time in a row. The equestrian event, the stars together, Guo Longcheng, the elegant ambassador of Longines, will bring Qin Lan, Qin Hao, Zhang Han, Li Dongxue, Ke Lan and other star guests to experience the exciting moments of equestrian events and witness the presentation of the Longines Compaq watches Elegance.

 Mr. Guo Fucheng, Longines Elegant Ambassador, presents the intimate understanding of humans and horses

 Longines Companion Series Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

 The delicate and elegant dialogue between intellectual Qin Lan and the steed

Longines Companion Series Stainless Steel Diamond Women’s Watch

Zhang Yuqi’s noble style of equestrian ‘king movement’

 Longines Companion Rose Gold Women’s Watch

The Longines Conquest Classic is dedicated to flat horse racing, a sport that coexists with elegance and speed. It explains Longines’ passion for horse racing for nearly a century, and integrates the brand’s elegant tradition and sportsmanship. The magnificence of the wrists and the elegant knights are seamless, and the viewers accompanying the horse racing witness the exciting moments together.

Longines’ passion for equestrian sports dates back to 1878, when Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch with a rider and his horse engraved on it. In 1926, the brand served as the official timekeeper for the Concours Hippique International Officiel in Geneva, which opened the long-term relationship between Longines and equestrian racing. With superb watchmaking technology and the concentration, precision and experience that perfectly meet the requirements of equestrian competitions, Longines has timed equestrian sports for nearly a century. At the end of 2012, the cooperation between Longines and equestrian has been further improved. Longines has signed a ten-year cooperation agreement with the International Equestrian Federation, becoming its top partner, and will be the official sponsor of the International Equestrian Federation timing and timepiece To carry out a series of cooperation in the seven major areas of the International Equestrian Federation.