Month: March 2010

Domestic National Brand Seagull How About Seagull Watches?

Friends who like domestic watches must be very familiar with seagull watches, but some friends who do n’t know will often ask: how about seagull watches? Seagull watches were born in 1955. Although not the earliest domestic brand, Seagull has made outstanding contributions to domestic watchmaking. As a national brand, Seagull Watch adhering to the spirit of continuous improvement and pioneering spirit of the Chinese people. Manufactured the first watch in New China! And now Seagull has the most advanced watchmaking technology, and its products have been recognized by users all over the world. The brand is also known as ‘China’s Patek Philippe’!

How about the seagull watch movement?
   Seagull watches all use their own movements, although there is still a big gap with the top Swiss watchmaking brands, it is difficult to compare them. But you can use the ETA movement from the Swatch Group for comparison. Every classic movement of ETA is the best teaching material for Seagull. While studying the excellent design and manufacturing concepts of the ETA movement, Seagull also continues to integrate its own characteristics and improve the quality of its own production movement. At present, Seagull has nearly 180 types of movements, including ST16, ST17, ST18, ST19, ST21, ST25, ST36, ST41, ST80 and ST82. The annual output of the movement is 5.5 million to 6 million, and the production line design in various places is expected to produce 6 million to 10 million. It is a trusted choice.

How about the quality of seagull watches?
   The Seagull Watch has a history of 61 years since its establishment. Along the way, Seagull watches have evolved from Chinese national brands to luxury goods in China and the world. It fully illustrates the hard work and determination of Chinese watchmakers. At present, Seagull has more than 2,000 advanced production equipment and testing instruments at home and abroad. Among them, advanced equipment in various countries accounts for about 30% of the total equipment. Nearly a hundred products such as automatic watches and movements. Seagull Watch is the first in the industry in the country to pass the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. And has a rigorous management, high-quality, sophisticated sales team, marketing ‘Seagull’ brand watches throughout the country.

How about the design of the seagull watch?
   In product design, Seagull fully refers to the classic watch designs of some well-known brands in Switzerland. And incorporating its own unique style, the product can be said to be very delicate and beautiful. Some of the more complicated models, such as cutouts, chronographs, day and night displays, are also very cleverly designed. It is not only beautiful, but also has no effect on reading. The overall color of the watch is also very harmonious and looks very comfortable. It is these advantages that make Seagull watches stand out from many watch brands.

   The above is the answer to ‘How about seagull watches’. I believe you already know the brand of seagull. The Seagull watch brand is the pride of all Chinese people. Finally, I sincerely wish this watch brand that represents the spirit of the Chinese is getting better and better!