Parmigiani Plays The Perfect Tribute To Brazilian Music

Pershing Samba Madeira pays tribute to Brazil with wood inlay craftsmanship

Parmigiani’s elegant and dynamic Pershing collection adds another masterpiece-Pershing Samba Madeira: 的 It was born to add an extraordinary work to the fine watchmaking palace-in the name of Parmigiani, decorated with With bright colors and lively samba rhythms, Pershing Samba Madeira expresses his respect and praise for the country of Brazil.

To pay tribute to the music tradition of a country through a watch, watchmakers often just display a few elements on the dial that represent musical characteristics. This is also the most common practice. However, Parmigiani in Fleurier was not content to do just such a superficial article-they completely built the entire watch into an instrument. The Pershing Samba Madeira complication watch depicts a guitar in close-up. The soundhole of the guitar and the tourbillon cage exactly match the appearance and size, which is exquisite. The charming escapement rotates non-stop in the soundhole of the guitar. This guitar is given life and uses the time to play endless movements perfectly.

Pershing Samba Madeira watch

Perming Samba Madeira watch (back)

At a closer look, the dial actually uses a wood inlay craftsmanship process, showing a beautiful ‘mural’ -like the picture, delicate and colorful, of which the fun can only be truly understood by using a magnifying glass. The wood inlay is a traditional craft. The main process is to first outline and cut out the required inlaid wood chips, and then assemble these tiny wood chips, like a mosaic puzzle, to finally show an extremely delicate and delicate decorative effect. The entire process is completely completed by hand. According to the design draft, each piece of wood is custom-formed after carving, including 6 hair-like guitar strings.

In January 2013, Parmigiani launched two tourbillon watches with the same musical theme. They are Tonda Woodrock and Tonda Woodstock, both of which use wood inlay craftsmanship to present guitar patterns, showing the British flag and the American Stars and Stripes respectively, A tribute to British and American rock music. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is praised by Brazil, so the background pattern of the guitar is also like the Brazilian flag:  Brazil’s national motto “Ordem e Progresso” across the starry planet;  colors on the Brazilian flag:  green, yellow and dark blue spread throughout the dial wall and Hermes strap, exuding the beautiful passion of Brazil.

This unique watch has a 192-hour power reserve, and its PF510 movement is composed of more than 237 parts, all of which are hand-finished using the purest traditional watchmaking techniques. The back of the movement features superb chamfering, the bridge is decorated with exquisite Geneva ripples, and the superb craftsmanship of the entire watch is also used to the utmost.

The elegant titanium case and the 18K rose gold bezel is in perfect contrast, showing a harmonious balance of beauty. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is limited to one and comes with a watch display case decorated with hand-painted patterns in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

Parmigiani has been a partner of the Brazilian Football Confederation since 2011. The release of Pershing Samba Madeira once again confirms Parmigioni’s relationship with Brazil and Parmigioni’s love for music-this The love of cultural bridges.

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Bright Stars And Montblanc Light Up The Red Carpet Moment

The 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards) kicked off on January 29, local time in Los Angeles, USA. As a member of the important annual awards in Hollywood, the Actors Guild Awards have been dedicated to honoring outstanding actors in television and movies since 1995. As the most important award held before the Oscars, the American Actors Guild Awards have also been used as Oscars. A weather vane exists. This year’s awards ceremony is also crowded with stars. In addition to the fierce competition for awards, the red carpet shape has also received countless films. Whether it’s William H. Macy, the old drama actor of Shameless, the famous comedian Jesse Tyler Ferguson in The Modern Family, or Life Big The explosion of Jim Parsons has chosen Montblanc watches and accessories with red carpet jerseys to attend this event. At the 2017 G’Day Los Angeles black tie dinner held in the same period, Montblanc was also the favorite accessory of many male stars to create a red carpet shape.

Denzel Washington, who brought his Broadway stage show ‘Fence’ in 2010 to the big screen, won the 23rd American Actors Guild Award for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in the movie version Leader Award. Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors and is currently the most expensive black movie star in Hollywood. That night, he appeared in a black suit with Montblanc Meisterstuck series cufflinks. The complementary silver and black color scheme was full of fluidity, and the classic gentleman did not lose the pride of a senior filmmaker. The Montblanc Star Classic series automatic watch worn on the wrist, the pure black dial is decorated with silver-white hands and digital scales, and the black alligator leather strap combines classics and elegance, showing a refined elegance.

Denzel Washington Wears Montblanc Meisterstuck Cufflinks and Montblanc Star Classic Automatic Watches at the 23rd American Actors Guild Awards Presentation Ceremony and Presentations

Montblanc Meisterstuck Cufflinks

Montblanc Star Classic Automatic

Lucas Hedges, who has starred in the popular movies ‘Budapest Hotel’ and ‘The Kingdom of the Moon’, won the 23rd American Actors Guild Award for his dazzling performance in the new film ‘Manchester by the Sea’ Nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actor’. At the award ceremony, Hedges made a handsome appearance in a black suit. He wore a Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Twincounter calendar watch on his wrist. The silver-white sun-dial dial was matched with rose gold hour markers, seconds, and a dual small calendar display. The proportions were harmonious. There is no lack of gentleman temperament in simplicity and elegance.

Lucas Hedges at Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph Twincounter Calendar Watch at the 23rd American Actors Guild Awards 2017

Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Twincounter Calendar Watch

Senior American actor, screenwriter and director William H. Macy is well known for his many classic film and television works such as ‘Ice Blood Storm’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘Lonely Girl’. At this year’s awards ceremony, Messi won the 23rd American Actors Guild Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his role in ‘Shameless Season Seven’. At the awards ceremony, Messi was wearing a dark suit with a black bow tie, wearing a Montblanc Star Classic Calendar Automatic Watch between his wrists, a slim case with a classic low-profile star design rose gold-plated hands and digital scales, simple and elegant. The calendar display is just right on the silvery white dial, giving the finishing touch a finishing touch.

William H. Messi at the 23rd American Actors Guild Awards Ceremony in the Montblanc Star Classic Calendar Automatic Watch

Montblanc Star Classic Calendar Automatic

Thanks to the audience for his starring role in Dr. Sheldon Cooper in the American sitcom ‘The Big Bang’, Jim Parsons’ 2016 film ‘Hidden People’ won the Best Actor Group Award Acting award. On the day of the awards ceremony, Jim Parsons’ playful bow tie was matched with a suit. The black gold color Montblanc Meisterstuck cufflinks are made of stainless steel with rose gold PVD finishes and dark brown lacquered inserts. They are low-key and elegant, yet exquisite. The details are the finishing touch of the overall black shape.

Jim Parsons wears Montblanc Meisterstuck cufflinks at the 23rd American Actors Guild Awards 2017

Montblanc Meisterstuck Cufflinks

The hot HBO drama ‘Western World’ in 2016 was very aggressive at this year’s Actors Guild Awards award ceremony, and won several heavyweight awards such as best actress in drama and best group drama in drama. After the star of the drama, James Marsden, opened the Avenue of Stars with the laser eye shaped in ‘X-Men’, in 2016, it became a hot spot with the popular drama ‘Western World’ One of the male stars. The high-quality appearance of James wears a burgundy flower brooch to light up the red carpet. He also chose Montblanc’s new Urban Spirit series cufflinks. The strong urban design with gold foil inlays shows the avant-garde temperament from modern cities.

James Maxden wears Montblanc’s new Urban Spirit series cufflinks at the 23rd American Actors Guild Awards Awards 2017

Montblanc’s new Urban Spirit cufflinks

After eight seasons of ABC sitcom ‘Modern Family’ is still hot, with warm and humorous and thought-provoking humorous stories, ‘Modern Family’ has gained a large number of fans. At this year’s Actors Guild Awards, the show received two awards for best actor in comedy and best group play in comedy. Among them, Mitchell Pritchett’s role player Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) appeared in a bright pink suit with black and white checkered bow tie at the awards ceremony, the matching Montblanc Signature cufflinks used black PVD finish and added With the mirror-finished M-type pattern, the elegant and chic design is full, and the relaxed and lively personal style is highlighted.

Jesse Taylor Ferguson at Montblanc Signature Cufflinks at the 23rd American Actors Guild Awards 2017

Montblanc Signature Cufflinks

The 2017 G’Day Los Angeles Black Tie Evening was held as scheduled, with Australian actor Ben Mendelson (Ben Mendelson) attending the event. She has gained wide popularity for her performances in films such as ‘The Lost Years’ and ‘Beautiful Kate’. In addition, he has also appeared in several well-known films in recent years, including ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Vulgar Novel’ and ‘Star Wars: The Rogue One’. Since 2015, Mendelson has played one of the leading roles in the Netflix TV series Bloodline, for which he won the best supporting actor in the Primetime Emmy Drama series and nominated the Golden Globe Awards. Mendelssohn wore a classic black dovetail suit to the dinner, with Montblanc dovetail studs and round stainless steel sleeves. The timeless round cufflinks were made of stainless steel and black onyx inserts, creating an elegant and perfect atmosphere.

Ben Mendelson wears dovetails and round stainless steel cufflinks at G’Day Los Angeles black tie dinner 2017

Dovetail and round stainless steel cufflinks set

Family Companion, Love Together, Montblanc Praises And Thanksgiving Mother’s Day

Toddler, it is she who accompanies you to fall and stand up again and again next to you; grow up and travel, you knit your ideals under the sun and stars, and spring, summer, autumn and winter are full of her worries and concerns . In front of the house, on the way to school, you grow up a little bit by holding her hand; in the eyebrows, between the twins, she is old with a smile. She is the most successful woman, calm, independent, and experienced; when her beautiful appearance fades away a little bit, her elegance and precipitation are abundance. Time passed, but it made her even more cherished.

On this Mother’s Day, Montblanc is dedicated to the best people in the world, to be grateful for the selfless affection and to praise the greatness of motherhood.

Time on the wrist

暖 May is warm in the sun, recording a soft time. The Montblanc Bohème Ladies watch has a unique charm that perfectly blends the mother’s gentle and confident temperament into fine watchmaking.

Montblanc Bohème day and night display
Montblanc Bohème Calendar Automatic

Pen tip is gentle

Remember when you were a kid, your mother held your hand and taught you the first word you wrote? In addition to the nibbling text, there is also a mother’s tender and bright tenderness and love like the sunshine of May. On this special holiday, take the mother’s hand and express her sincere gratitude for motherhood with a pen.

Montblanc Meister “Zhenli Writing” Series Hollow Writing Instruments 149

Montblanc Muse Collection Poudre ́ Ink Pen

Montblanc’s new Bonheur writing instrument

Montblanc Heritage Series ‘Red and Black’ Coral Red Special Edition Writing Instrument
Glory of Glory to the World

Beauty is a woman’s nature. A mother is one of the most important women in everyone’s life. On this festival, Montblanc chooses high-quality jewelry to convey the children’s affection for their mother.

Montblanc 4810 series women’s high jewelry earrings _114818

Montblanc 4810 women’s high jewelry bracelet _114817

Montblanc 4810 Collection Women’s Fine Jewelry Necklace _114816

Montblanc Infiniment Vôtre Jewelry Women’s Bracelet

Mind The Ocean Innovation Starts Blancpain And The Economist Launch ‘ocean Innovation Challenge’

As an innovator in the industry, Blancpain has long been inextricably linked with the oceans, and now it is even more co-organized with The Economist to launch the ‘Marine Innovation Challenge’. The first modern diving watch, born in 1952 and officially put into production in 1953, is undoubtedly a highlight of countless watch innovations since 280 years of founding, and a milestone in the history of watch manufacturing. The Fifty Fathoms series defines the industry model of diving watches, perfects self-organized diving equipment, and provides safety protection for divers. Therefore, the birth of the Fifty Fathoms is also an epoch-making significant event in the history of diving, which not only contributed to the exploration of the ocean, expanded our understanding of the charming ocean, but also inspired us to protect the blue ocean.
   The ‘Ocean Innovation Challenge’ aims to find and discover innovative thinking and solutions to alleviate the contradiction between development and sustainability. The Economist and Blancpain sincerely look forward to innovative and sustainable development solutions that are highly expandable and economical, and promote commercial activities, industrial or technological development and upgrading, thereby adding to the long-term healthy development of the marine environment.
   For any innovative solution that meets the entry criteria, simply upload a 2-minute video proposal, and you will have the opportunity to win the free trip to the 2015 World Ocean Summit to show your creative solutions to global thought leaders and marine public interest. The final winner decided at the World Ocean Summit will also win a Blancpain commemorative timepiece.
Entry criteria
Participants can participate individually or in teams;
All entries will be evaluated by the professional review team of The Economist. The plan must conform to: contain inspiring, breakthrough methods or technologies, and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable marine economy; prototypes that can be put on the market immediately or soon; and strong applicability.
Competition process
The professional review team reviews all proposals submitted and evaluates them according to the listed criteria;
The top three innovative solutions will be shortlisted for the 2015 World Ocean Summit;
At the summit, each contestant presented his innovation plan to the on-site review panel and summit audience, and the final selection team was selected by the review panel;
Deadline for submission of proposals: March 13, 2015;
The announcement of the three finalists: April 13, 2015;
The winner will be decided at the World Ocean Summit held in Cascais, Portugal from June 3rd to 5th, 2015.

Minimatik Watch And Minimatik Champagner Watch

The first successful 1st edition neomatik watch is equipped with NOMOS next-generation movement DUW 3001, which expands the lineup of the brand’s new elegant automatic watch series.

Ref. 1203: Minimatik watch

Ref. 1204: Minimatik champagner watch

Case: stainless steel, three-piece structure; curved sapphire crystal; transparent sapphire case back; diameter 35.5 mm; thickness 8.86 mm
Dial: Ref. 1203: white silver-plated dial, pearlescent hour markers, gold, cyan blue minute markers
Ref. 1204: Electroplated champagne gold, pearlescent hour markers, gold, fluorescent orange minute markers
Hands: Ref. 1203: Red paint
Ref. 1204: Rhodium-plated, fluorescent orange-painted seconds hand
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: Ref. 1203: Holvin premium Cordova horse leather, black, hand-stitched and hemmed, NOMOS buckle
Ref. 1204: Natural cowhide, vegetable tanning, hemming, hand-stitched, NOMOS buckle
DUW 3001—NOMOS self-winding movement; NOMOS self-made escapement, with high temperature firing blue hairspring (DUW representative: NOMOS Glashütte Deutsche Uhrenwerke)
Diameter: 12 ¾ legal minutes (28.8mm)
Movement thickness: 3.2mm;
Power reserve: about 42 hours;
Features: small seconds, stop-seconds device, Glashütte three-quarter splint, NOMOS horizontal horizontal bridge, 27 ruby ​​bearings, two-way winding automatic rotor, Incabloc suspension system, DUW speed control system, six-way adjustment School, tempered blue steel screws, rhodium-plated movement with Glashütte stripes and NOMOS fish scales

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Breguet Type Xxi Chronograph Launched Titanium Version

At the Baselworld 2011 Baselworld, Breguet launched the new XXI watch. The watch uses a Tier 2 titanium case for the first time, and the new vivid color scheme is also bright.
 Back in history, the Breguet TYPE XX series was originally a chronograph watch specially developed for the French navy air combat forces in the 1950s. Today, this series of chronographs has developed into two main series of TYPE XX and TYPE XXI. The main difference between the two sub-series is that TYPE XX is a traditional three-eye chronograph, while TYPE XXI integrates the chronograph minute and second hands into the center of the dial and adds a 24-hour display function.

 Despite several innovations, the watch still retains the original classic flyback function. The technical speciality is that the mechanical gear of the automatic winding has a flyback function, that is, pressing the corresponding button to reset the chronograph to zero and start it immediately. This specially customized function for aviation can allow the countdown timer to be reset to restart the countdown immediately with a single simple operation to meet the needs of the flight search mode.
 The new watch uses a 42mm diameter design. Like other Breguet watches, the side of the new watch case also has a fine frame pit pattern. Comes with a black unidirectional rotating bezel made of polished titanium. The matte black dial bears the Breguet signature with embossed digital scales. The power reserve display at 12 o’clock, the 24-hour display at 3 o’clock, the 12-hour totalizer and calendar window at 6 o’clock, and the small seconds at 9 o’clock. The red chronograph seconds and minute hands are in the center.
 The watch is equipped with Cal.584Q / 1 automatic winding movement, and the flyback function can be realized by the 4 o’clock button. The movement is equipped with 25 jewel bearings. With a 45-hour power reserve.

Hu Ge Endorsed Zenith Zenith Brand Store Kunming Bailian Plaza Opening Event

June 29, 2013-Kunming, a Swiss watchmaker Zenith with a history of nearly a century and a half, officially unveiled its Kunlian Bailian store in Kunming, Yunnan, and displayed its gas-pound at the scene.礴 Pilot’s Watch. On the day of the event, the famous movie star Hu Ge, a close friend of the brand, came to the scene to witness the glorious moment when Zenith.

 Ribbon cutting ceremony for Zenith Kunlian Bailian Store

Zhenlishi Kunming Bailian store showcases extraordinary watchmaking palace

Zenith Kunming Bailian Store is located on the first floor of the landmark Bailian Square in Kunming. The site selection here demonstrates Zenith’s full confidence in the development of the Kunming market. In the past few years, Zenith has performed well in the Chinese market, and watch enthusiasts with great taste have increasingly recognized Zenith’s achievements and craftsmanship in fine watchmaking since 1865. Zenith Kunming Bailian store’s exterior wall design was inspired by the architectural style of the Zenith Swiss Lelock watchmaking factory: the patchwork of glass tiles and the huge stone pillars supporting the two ends form a geometric shape. Customers are guided into the world of Zenith watchmaking-the hall of Swiss watchmaking tradition, which shows the brand’s enthusiasm and persistence in the traditional Swiss fine watchmaking process. Ms. Zhang Limin, General Manager of Zenith Greater China, said: ‘The grand opening of Zenith Kunming Bailian Store is very encouraging. It not only represents Zenith’s firm confidence in the Chinese market, but also perfects the brand spirit of Zenith. Incarnation. ‘

‘Zenith Supersonic Journey’ Pilot Watches Exhibition

On the occasion of the opening of the Zenith Kunlian Store in Zenith, in order to show its long history of aviation, Zenith presents the pilot show of the Zenith Supersonic Tour, and invites brand watchmakers on 6 From January 29th to 30th, we will provide customers with all kinds of mechanical watch repair and maintenance services free of charge in Zenith stores.

Zhenli was involved in aviation adventures as early as the early 20th century, and was one of the first manufacturers to produce aircraft instruments. Zenith’s “Type 20 Aircraft” series watch’s stunning appearance at the 2013 Basel show has long attracted much attention and praise. This series is a distinguished spokesperson for Zenith’s early pilot series. The watch contains all the visual effects: a huge onion-locked crown, large Arabic numerals, a wide black matte dial and super luminous paint hands, and the Swiss Civil Aviation Registration Code ‘HB’ can be seen on the side of the case Lettering and watch serial number. The Zenith Pilot’s Watch not only maintains the delicate proportions and elegant lines in the design, but also inherits the glorious style of its predecessors, perfectly presenting the glory of the glorious era and the ambition to conquer the sky.

On the day of the event, Hu Ge experienced the assembly of the movement himself under the guidance of a watchmaker, and stated that he had tried simple assembly of watches and clocks. Although it was only a basic assembly, he deeply realized that the manufacture of watches and clocks is a very complicated process. An excellent timepiece must be completed with superb craftsmanship. Zenith presented Hu Ge with a timeless watch of the Zenith Pilot Series 20 in two places, representing the pioneering spirit of fearlessness, to pay tribute to his courageous commitment to his dreams and his continuous attempts and breakthroughs in various aspects of the performing arts.

In-depth Visit To Patek Philippe’s Beijing Source Mansion, To Show You The Key Issues Of Patek Philippe’s After-sales Maintenance

It is not too late to get to the topic. What I want to do today is to give you a detailed and comprehensive interpretation of the after-sales issues of Patek Philippe watches. The full text is not false. Everything in this article is the actual situation that Patek Philippe watches will encounter during after-sales maintenance. I asked everything I needed to know, I knew everything I needed to know. Not only can I answer the maintenance issues of conventional Patek Philippe, but I also have some questions about complex Patek Philippe and antique Patek Philippe. I was able to write this article and I received help from Patek Philippe, so the numbers, amounts, time, and procedures in the article are accurate. Let’s start.

Patek Philippe’s Beijing After Sales Center is located at No. 23, Qianmen. At the same time, it is also the location of Beijing Patek Philippe’s Residence (specialty store).
   I attach great importance to the maintenance of watches. The more watches I buy, the more I pay attention. When we only have one watch, after-sales maintenance is not a problem. We wear a watch every day. If there is a problem with the watch, it should be repaired. If we wear it for a few years, the time is not allowed. The maintenance should be maintained without any problems. But when the watches in our hands gradually increased, and the purchase of watches was no longer a single source, the problem of maintenance occurred. When multiple watches require maintenance, we will find that the maintenance cost is also a ‘not a small number’; watches bought outside the counter, watches with earlier production years, often encounter the need to repair oil. The official after-sale that makes people feel at ease is the mainstay of our watches, let us dare to buy a watch regardless of the year.

5396 at the entrance of the after sales center.
   I know that what you most want to know is the latest after-sales maintenance price of Patek Philippe, so I will write down the things you care about directly.

Please see Patek Philippe’s latest maintenance price after price adjustment.

Replace the battery 600 yuan
Quartz watch (level 2) 5000 yuan
Manual mechanical watch (level 2) 7400 yuan
Automatic mechanical watch (level 2) 8200 yuan
Complex function I (level 3) annual calendar, two places, moon phase 10700 yuan
Complex function II (advanced) perpetual calendar, timekeeping, timed calendar 14800 yuan
Complex function III (advanced) timing perpetual calendar, flyback perpetual calendar 18,900 yuan
Supercomplexity (Geneva Premium) / Classic (age over 20 years) Need to be evaluated and returned to Switzerland
Polishing price Case or bracelet 1700 yuan
Polishing price case and bracelet 2900 yuan
You can compare your Patek Philippe with yours to see in which gear and how much does it cost to maintain it.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.

At Patek Philippe, customers will know the condition of their watches as soon as possible.
   The working hours of Patek Philippe’s official after sales center are from 10 am to 5:30 pm, and it is closed on weekends.
   The reason why Patek Philippe will use the form of an external customer service center is to let friends who are doing maintenance know the condition of their watches as soon as possible. Although they are all external customer service centers, I personally feel that the biggest difference between Patek Philippe and Rolex is that Patek Philippe does not have to wait. Rolex’s external customer service includes Rolex and Tudor, plus a large number of Rolex, so there are many people who come to customer service, whether it is sending or taking a meter, plus testing time, waiting too long. Patek Philippe is much more comfortable (of course, Patek Philippe has less production). According to the requirements of Patek Philippe, bring the watch to Patek Philippe for testing first, and it will complete and produce results in 20 to 30 minutes. What happened to the watch, whether it should be maintained, what items to do, and how much the price came out. Leave the watch when you decide to maintain it, and you can withdraw it without warranty.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.
Let me talk about the time required for the official maintenance of Patek Philippe.

   The maintenance efficiency of Patek Philippe is extremely high. Everyone has seen the place where the price was quoted before. Patek Philippe’s watches are graded, level 2 and level 3, and you can deal with it yourself. The time left for maintenance of a watch is distinguished according to this level. Level 2 watches (such as 5196 and 5296) and level 3 watches (such as 5146 and 5396) require about 10 weeks for maintenance (basically even more than 2 months). Level 3 or higher (5140, 5170, 5960) is 15 weeks (more than 3 months).
   There are 11 technicians in the Patek Philippe after-sales center in Beijing. Because the number of repair personnel trained by Patek Philippe now increases, more technicians can maintain and repair watches of this level 5146 and 5396 than before, so the three-hand watch is also good, the calendar is good, and the maintenance time It’s almost the same. In fact, we all know that it takes more time for quality maintenance of watch maintenance. After the watch is finished, it will not pass the test. It takes 2-3 weeks in 10 weeks. If your Patek Philippe is a tourbillon, enamel, three questions, according to Patek Philippe’s global regulations, you must return to Switzerland. After maintenance, customer service will call you to get the meter.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.
Patek Philippe does not recommend polishing.

   We know that, like Rolex, after sending it for maintenance, you can help polishing for free, you decide whether to throw or not. Patek Philippe’s watches are not officially polished after the official sale, because Patek Philippe is mostly gold watches except for nautilus, grenade, 5960A, etc. Polishing will consume the gold on the case, so the official after-sales will not actively polish it . However, after one maintenance, a one-year warranty will be sent.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center.
Below, please pay attention to experienced players.

   The above content is suitable for every watch consumer and enthusiast, while the following content is related to senior players.
   We know that Patek Philippe is a special brand. It is not that you can go to the store to buy any watch. Some Patek Philippe watches may not be available at the time because they are too hot. So often, senior players will go outside the store and find their own watch.
   When your watch comes to a Patek Philippe watch, such as 5270, 5370, 5204, 5207, 5208, the problem arises. Because the domestic Patek Philippe official after-sale service table can reach the level of flying back perpetual calendar (5159, 5496), single timing (5170), annual calendar timing (5960, 5905). Higher-level watches, questionnaires, enamels, etc., must return to Switzerland. Many players’ watches are bought from the secondary market. When these watches need maintenance, it is likely that they will not be able to return to Switzerland, because these watches need to pay taxes to ‘go abroad’.

Inside the Patek Philippe Beijing After Sales Center, the movement is being inspected.
   I know that senior players have their own places where they can repair and maintain their watches, and problems with general watches can be handled by themselves. But to some watches of Patek Philippe, I think these watches are not easily handled by the people. For experienced players, the maintenance of complex Patek Philippe will be a potential problem. Buying a watch at a domestic Patek Philippe store is the most secure, and can avoid many unnecessary problems and hidden dangers. So I hope that everyone can go to Patek Philippe’s domestic specialty store, that is, Patek Philippe Yuandi to buy watches.

   For antique Patek Philippe, it is also necessary to return to Switzerland. Patek Philippe can guarantee that all Patek Philippe watches from 1839 to the present can be maintained. Because brands like Patek Philippe have a relatively long history, they retain the parts production tools used in history at that time. Even if you take a Patek Philippe 100 years ago, there are bad parts, where you need to replace parts, you can make replacement parts. For antique watches, we are most concerned about the originality and originality. The principle of Patek Philippe’s maintenance and repair of antique PP is that according to customer requirements, you want to maintain the original appearance, Patek Philippe will not do additional processing; you want to make the watch look new, and Patek Philippe will give it a place to deal with, the replacement of the replacement Pieces.

Reception room of Patek Philippe Beijing Sales Center.
Finally, I would like to talk about the maintenance cycle of the watch.

   In fact, the maintenance period of the watch is shorter than we think. Although the average watch brand says that it is guaranteed for 5 years, many times, the oil in the watch is already useful. Patek Philippe also recommends testing in about 3 years. In addition, we need to note that the quartz watch also needs maintenance. The quartz movement Patek Philippe battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. In addition to the quartz movement, which is driven by batteries, many parts are the same as mechanical watches. So don’t forget the maintenance.

Create A Romantic Winter Atmosphere Dior Dior Viii Watch

Xuejing’s Dior VIII white watch creates a white romantic winter atmosphere. The Grand Bal watch is inspired by the brand’s precious haute couture uniforms and Mr. Christian Dior’s love for the ball. The oscillating weight on the dial, like the skirt of a custom dress, jumps out of the white winter romantic dance steps in a gorgeous spin.

DiorVIII Grand Bal Resille screen lace watch, white gold and diamonds

Dior VIII Grand Bal Plume gold feather watch, rose gold dial with gold feathers and diamonds

Dior VIII Grand Bal Plume et Nacre watch, white gold automatic dial with double violet feathers and diamonds

Dior VIII 33MM watch, ceramic and steel case set with diamonds, quartz movement
 Equipped with the exclusive patented DIOR Invers movement, the concept of the skirt rotating with the dance steps is embodied in the watch design, exciting the creative idea of ​​putting a functional automatic dial upside down on the front dial as the wearer raises his hands and acts like a gorgeous dance step The rotating rotor on the dial is reminiscent of a delicate custom dress skirt. The innovative technological invention and its creative concept perfectly combine the Swiss cutting-edge watchmaking technology with the rich creativity of Paris.

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Explorer Favorite Swiss Certina Ds1 Automatic Winding Watch

Adhering to the tradition of strength and precision, interpreting classic and stylish huacai movements
   For more than 50 years, Certina’s world-renowned ‘dual insurance’ concept acronym ‘DS’ has become a convincing symbol for Certina watches. The new DS1 self-winding watch maintains this distinguished tradition, injecting obvious original and fashionable elements on the basis of a vibrant yet stable design. The new DS1 combines classics and elegance, exuding an irresistible charm. It not only has a stylish shape, but also upholds excellent technical performance-in the early 1960s, its excellent technical performance made it the first choice for many international explorers.
   Certina released the DS ‘Double Insurance’ concept in 1959. This revolutionary mechanism integrates anti-shock components, strengthened case, sapphire glass, and protects the handle, crown and case back. All components including seals. In 1960, the first DS concept watch accompanied the Swiss mountaineering team to Mount Dhaulagiri in the Himalayas, successfully proving the watch’s high durability under extreme conditions.
   The new DS1 automatic watch continues the long-lasting early tradition and at the same time takes the classic design advocating sportsmanship to a new level. The 39 mm diameter case has a polished contrast with the matte surface, which is pleasing to the eye. The charcoal dial and nickel-plated hands are protected by a beautiful beveled sapphire crystal (with anti-glare coating), which is bold and expressive. A sense of skill and a hint of nostalgia. The highly textured center dial injects dynamic and stylish elements into the dial, while the large glazed outer ring is designed with a slight inclination angle. The Roman numerals shown above blend the elegant classic feel into the DS1; bold, innovative The design of the DS1 self-winding watch can show unparalleled effects whether it is paired with any clothing-business formal, casual or sports leather. To ensure the best readability in any case, the hour and minute hands and the hour markers on the outermost dial are treated with luminous material, and the time window is arranged at a comfortable angle (4 and 5 o’clock) Between) on. Of course, DS1 incorporates Certina’s famous DS concept, and its water resistance is up to 10 bar (100 meters).
   The top of the crown is printed with the logo used by Certina in early years, giving a touch of nostalgia, and the transparent case back allows watch fans to savor the technical charm of the DS1 core. The matching design of the brown alligator leather strap and the two-button folding clasp is the finishing touch of the DS1, which interprets its unique and accurate style to the extreme. A silver dial with rose gold PVD indexes and hands is also available.
   Since the Kurth brothers founded the company in 1888, reliability, precision and innovation have been the cornerstones of Certina’s purpose. In 1959, Certina developed its famous Double Insurance (DS) concept, bringing extraordinary robustness and outstanding water resistance to its watches. The Swiss-branded watch has been active in racing and extreme sports for a long time, proudly associating its name with legendary champions such as Mike Douhan, Alex Crivillé, Petter Solberg, Sete Gibernau, Thomas Lüthi , Timo Glock, Robert Kubica, and Muhammad Ali, a legend in boxing. Since 2005, Certina has become an official partner of the Sauber F1 team. Certina belongs to the Swatch Group, the world’s largest international watch manufacturing organization, and is currently the world leader in sports watches, with stores in more than 60 countries.
  Technical data
Movement / function: ETA 2824-2 self-winding movement, Swiss made
Hours, minutes, central seconds, date indication
Case: 316 L stainless steel case
39 mm diameter
Transparent back cover
Dial: Charcoal black, with a highly textured center disc and a matte outer ring with strong contrast (with Roman numerals)
Nickel-plated hands and hour markers
Hour and minute hands and slightly tilted bezel
Hour markers coated with luminous material
Water resistance: up to 10 bar (100 meters)
Glass: Beveled sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
Crown: Contacts are printed with the traditional Certina logo of early years
Strap: brown leather strap with folding clasp with double buttons
Features: DS (dual insurance system)
Reference number: C006.407.16.088.00
Retail Price: RMB 5’350 .-

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Recommended For Father Three Elegant Men’s Watches

Compared with the delicate and delicate mother’s love, the father’s love is more simple. Love is silent, wide palms, powerful arms, and wide shoulders. This is the most direct and powerful image of our father who supports a sky. When Father’s Day is approaching, the Watch House selects three elegant men’s watches for everyone to present their father’s love.
Montblanc HERITAGE SPIRIT U0111580

Model: U0111580
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: ¥ 19,000
Watch details:
Model: GBR8880T5-28191
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel rose gold plated
Strap Material: Stainless Steel Rose Gold Plated
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch price: ¥ 19,900
Watch details:
Model: R14074256
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Plasma high-tech ceramics
Strap Material: Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: ¥ 19,700
Watch details: Radar watches enjoy a high reputation in the industry due to the use of ceramic materials. This watch uses plasma high-tech ceramics to create a case with a gray and elegant tone; its tan dial is simple and exquisite, elegant and elegant, and has a date display at three o’clock. This watch is simple and elegant with a brown strap.
Summary: Father’s love is as heavy as mountains, simple and unobtrusive. It is a waiter day and night and a support in the family. These three elegant and functional watches are suitable for fathers, which not only conforms to his father’s identity, but also conforms to his father’s elegant and restrained temperament. When Father’s Day is approaching, choose such a watch for his father to talk about filial piety.