Parmigiani Plays The Perfect Tribute To Brazilian Music

Pershing Samba Madeira pays tribute to Brazil with wood inlay craftsmanship

 Parmigiani’s elegant and dynamic Pershing collection adds another masterpiece-Pershing Samba Madeira: 的 It was born to add an extraordinary work to the fine watchmaking palace-in the name of Parmigiani, decorated with With bright colors and lively samba rhythms, Pershing Samba Madeira expresses his respect and praise for the country of Brazil.

 To pay tribute to the music tradition of a country through a watch, watchmakers often just display a few elements on the dial that represent musical characteristics. This is also the most common practice. However, Parmigiani in Fleurier was not content to do just such a superficial article-they completely built the entire watch into an instrument. The Pershing Samba Madeira complication watch depicts a guitar in close-up. The sound hole of the guitar and the tourbillon cage exactly match the appearance and size, which is exquisite. The charming escapement rotates non-stop in the sound hole of the guitar. This guitar is given life and uses time to play endless movements perfectly.

 Pershing Samba Madeira watch

 Perming Samba Madeira watch (back)

 At a closer look, the dial actually uses a wood inlay craftsmanship process, showing a beautiful ‘mural’ -like picture, delicate and colorful, of which the fun can only be truly understood by using a magnifying glass. Wood inlay is a traditional craft. The main process is to first outline and cut out the required inlaid wood chips, and then assemble these tiny wood chips, like a mosaic puzzle, to finally show an extremely delicate and delicate decorative effect. . The entire process is completely completed by hand. According to the design draft, each piece of wood is custom-formed after carving, including 6 hair-like guitar strings.

 In January 2013, Parmigiani launched two tourbillon watches with the same musical theme. They are Tonda Woodrock and Tonda Woodstock, both of which use wood inlay craftsmanship to present guitar patterns, showing the British flag and the American Stars and Stripes respectively , A tribute to British and American rock music. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is praised by Brazil, so the background pattern of the guitar is also like the Brazilian flag:  Brazil’s national motto “Ordem e Progresso” across the starry planet;  colors on the Brazilian flag :  green, yellow and dark blue spread throughout the dial wall and Hermes strap, exuding the beautiful passion of Brazil.

 This unique watch has a 192-hour power reserve, and its PF510 movement is composed of more than 237 parts, all of which are hand-finished using the purest traditional watchmaking techniques. The back of the movement features superb chamfering, the bridge is decorated with exquisite Geneva ripples, and the superb craftsmanship of the entire watch is also used to the utmost.

 The elegant titanium case and the 18K rose gold bezel are in perfect contrast, showing a harmonious balance of beauty. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is limited to one and comes with a watch display case decorated with hand-painted patterns in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

 Parmigiani has been a partner of the Brazilian Football Confederation since 2011. The release of Pershing Samba Madeira once again confirms Parmigioni’s relationship with Brazil and Parmigioni’s love for music-this The love of cultural bridges.


The LOGO of this official name has a French tricolor flag, and also shares Swiss watch knowledge and French lifestyle. But all this has a premise: always love your motherland! –Mr. Ye, I was born on October 1, 2019 in Yongjia Farmland, moved to the suburbs of Wenzhou in 1990, moved to the center of Wenzhou in 1996, moved to Shanghai in 1998, studied abroad in 2002, worked in the British Consulate in 2007, and became a World Expo 2010 The British Pavilion received VIPs, contacted watches in 2011, and plans to open an independent watchmaker’s shop in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai in 2019. I have to thank all those who love my country! Will use my whole life to carry forward the ingenuity! Red is a color. Women’s red gauze, the bishop’s red suit, and the red brick of the palace wall are even more ubiquitous in history and culture. In the West, strong religious thoughts represent the rebirth and destruction; in the East, since the ‘Chou Ren Shang Chi’ began to rise to the ‘national color’ level. Fortunately, the meanings that have diverged for hundreds of years have finally been unified in modern times, and are sexy, enthusiastic, and energetic, and are deeply loved by modern people. But above the watch, red is a color that is very difficult to render perfectly. The thickness of the hue itself makes it particularly important in the square inches of the plate: more points are more greasy and less points are lighter. Therefore, the red dial can be shocking, and all of them are fine watchmaking. Just like HYT’s unique liquid timepiece brand, it is also an artist with a free imagination. In the world of HYT, red is the color of time. The red liquid in the catheter slides slowly, indicating the passage of time, as if telling the world ‘to cherish the present’ in the most striking color. In the world of HYT, red is the color of confession. It may be the overall tone of the skull decoration, or it may be a glimpse of the strap, hands, and hour markers. Seemingly tiny, but with a loud sound, it brings a strong visual impact. In the world of HYT, there are many possibilities for red, but whatever it is, it contains a fiery and vigorous emotion. Wearing it will make people involuntarily think of the phrase in ‘My Name is Red’: Such a magnificent red, thinking of myself will soon be part of it, thinking of myself being so close to her, I can’t help crying.

J12 Global Limited Edition High Jewellery Watch

‘I chose a diamond because it contains the greatest value in the smallest volume.’ Ms. Chanel once commented on her personal Bijoux de Diamants, the first high-jewellery series exhibition in 1932. Since the advent of the Chanel J12 series, it has introduced black and white high-tech precision ceramics, chronographs or tourbillon watches, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies, etc., which have a status just like N ° 5 in the perfume kingdom, becoming The logo of the Chanel watchmaking industry. Today we want to recommend the J12 series of diamond limited editions launched this year.

The J12 watch is designed to celebrate the opening of the 18 Jewelry Watch Boutique in Paris
高级 This high-end jewelry watch is a timeless design that brings together the most precious and irreplaceable materials: 18K white gold, black high-tech precision ceramics, and Ms. Chanel’s favorite-diamonds;
限量 Limited to 12 pieces in the world, and each engraved with an independent number, it has the glory of rare treasures, which is irresistible.

2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters Lottery Ceremony Held In Rolex World Bund

On October 10, 2015, the Shanghai Rolex Masters, hailed as the best men’s tennis tournament in Asia, will begin. On the same day, the men’s singles draw draw will be held at the ‘Rolex World’ on the Bund 27 (The Rolex Experience) was officially held. Several celebrities and senior figures include Deputy Director of the Shanghai Rolex Masters Organizing Committee, Sun Weimin, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, Jiang Lan, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Rolex Masters Organizing Committee, Nicolas Quibel, General Manager of Rolex (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Australia Tennis legend Rod Laver Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic, Chinese player Wu Di, Yang Yibin, director of marketing of Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd., director of the international department of Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd., ATP board Member Shi Chengwei and Roosevelt China Investment Fund President Xie Yidong attended the ceremony together, and selected the 2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters draw to determine how 56 men’s singles players from the world will compete for 1000 ATP points and the title of this championship.

   From October 10th to 18th, the Shanghai Rolex Masters will be held in Qizhong Tennis Center. The Swiss watch brand Rolex once again teamed up with the Shanghai Masters this year to continue the title sponsorship and to serve as the official designated timekeeper for seven times. Perseverance in excellence and a special interest in tennis have inspired Rolex to fully support the development of the sport for a long time. It is precisely the common pursuit of perfection in watchmaking and tennis that promotes close cooperation between the two.

   With the release of the men’s singles, the 2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters officially kicked off. As one of the highest-level tournaments in the ATP World Men’s Professional Tennis Tour, Asia’s only stop in the ATP1000 Masters, this year’s Masters player lineup shines. (Image copyright belongs to: ROLEX / Kai Hartmann)

Visit Walter Lange’s Memories Of The First Conference Of Contemporary Lange In 1994

1.1 What came to your mind on the morning of the conference on October 24, 1994? Can I sleep peacefully the night before?
Yes, I fell asleep. I can’t remember what I was thinking at the time. The days before the show were very busy, after all, our press conference was equivalent to two events. On October 19th and 20th we invited some famous watchmakers to the town of Glashütte and introduced them to our first watches. The press conference was held on October 24th in Dresden Palace.

2. Could you tell us more about the press conference and why was it held at the Dresden Palace?
The Dresden Palace was destroyed during World War II and was still under reconstruction. The site selection was a deliberate decision. We hope that the conference venue will not only present Lange’s tradition, but also hope to symbolize Lange’s transition to a new era. Johann Christian Friedrich Gutkaes, my great-grandfather’s father-in-law and mentor and watchmaker at the Saxony Palace, lived and worked at the Dresden Palace and was responsible for maintaining the clock tower. It is a pity that we could not display it in the tower where he worked before, because the royal residence there was torched in 1945, when the fashion was not renovated. We need to temporarily set up the desired conference site in such an environment. We found a room on the ground floor that was still under construction, but was half restored, and to this day, I still remember those sooty windows. This was by no means a celebration, but coincided with our pioneering spirit at the time. The carpet spread out for us at least covered the dusty concrete floor in the room. Today, the Dresden Royal Palace shines again, it is hard to imagine the dilapidated situation in the room at that time.

3. Mr. Lange, do you remember the process of the day? What events were held and which guests were invited?
We invited about 50 journalists, including watch experts, business reporters, national daily reporters, and local media representatives. The guests also included local celebrities and the Governor of Saxony. The press conference started at 11:00, and the concierge led the guests to the seat. The actors Augustus the Strong and Countess Cosel played a warm welcome, and the scene was full of Saxony. Historical atmosphere. My partner Günter Blümlein and I addressed each other, and then a speech by Martin Huber, a watch retailer from Munich, said that our friendship began in the mid-1970s when we rebuilt Lang Previously, he held an exhibition of Lange antique pocket watches, which helped maintain the watch industry’s strong interest in the brand.

We unveiled four large posters hanging on the wall one by one, each of which showed a watch on display at the time: LANGE 1, SAXONIA, ARKADE, and TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’. Later, the reporter could personally watch the physical watches placed on the display table, and the movements were displayed in the showcases. Bruline and I answer a variety of questions for everyone.
4. What will happen after the press conference?
After the press conference, we had lunch at an Italian restaurant on the nearby River Elbe. We then took the reporters to the town of Glashütte and accompanied them to visit our factory.
5. How did you feel that day when you worked hard to revive Lange?
I am certainly very excited and happy. I even left my briefcase in the restaurant for lunch after the show, but fortunately someone found it and returned it to me.

6. Are you worried about unexpected situations during the event, or are you worried that journalists are not responding well to the new series?
Of course, in this environment, there will always be different thoughts, and a moment of doubt can not be avoided. My partner should feel the same way. But we never say these concerns, but we remain optimistic. After all, we have invested all our hard work and huge capital to reinvigorate the company for four full years.
7. Do you remember the day of conversation or getting along with Günter Brulen?
Because I was too excited at the time, my memory of the day was very vague. However, I was very impressed. At that time, Günter Bruline shared an office in the company’s LANGE 1 building with me. We sat at the typewriter and immersed ourselves in our speeches to discuss and coordinate the contents of the two parties’ speeches.

8. What was the atmosphere at the time of the event? What do journalists expect? How do you prepare for the show?
During the time when we started to make new models in Glashütte, we never released any information to the media or retailers. The only price we provided was the approximate selling price, which we estimate should be the ultimate price in the top watch market. Some sporadic information is still inevitably leaked, and this has further stimulated speculation that Lange will soon create a unique watch in the town of Glashütte. So whether we or the press can feel the pressure of wind and rain. We finally got a lot of media exposure, and it was not limited to our watches. The return of Lange clearly indicates that the economy of the Free State of Saxony is growing steadily and will soon regain its former glory. From the early 19th century to the 20th century, small and medium-sized enterprises have been the backbone of Saxony’s economy and a leading company in Germany. This topic is also mentioned in my speech. I also propose that our goal is not just to build the best watch in the world again, but also to be the largest investor in Glashütte. At the time, I also emphasized the superb skills and incomparable investment of our employees, which was extremely important to us and benefited us a lot.

9. Do you remember the guests’ first reaction at that time? How are you feeling?
The moment when the four watches were unveiled was indeed moving. Reporters and guests at the scene immediately gave warm applause and caused a great response from the public. The response exceeded our highest expectations. Our watches are widely reported by the global watch industry, especially LANGE 1 which is “Saxony-specific”.
10. What is the content of the press conference?
As I mentioned earlier, the press conference is divided into different parts. During October 19th and 20th, we welcomed 12 outstanding watchmakers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Glashütte to introduce them to our business philosophy, guide the watch factory, and of course show them what we made at the time Watch.
This is the fruit of our four years of hard work. We re-established production resources, refurbished factories, developed technology, recruited professionals and provided advanced courses to help them improve their technology. In addition, we have developed four new watches in a very compact time. The company’s legendary tradition is our ambitious standard, prompting us to pursue extreme precision and quality. In the end, the watches were placed on the display table, so that the invited watchmakers could taste them carefully.
11. Please introduce us to the first series.
Of course, there is LANGE 1 that journalists can love. LANGE 1 fully demonstrates the outstanding standards of Lange watches in terms of quality and mechanical construction. This is an unprecedented men’s watch, 18K gold or platinum 950 style, eccentric dial with hours, minutes and small seconds, power reserve indicator, and a large calendar display that was unique around the world and caused the industry to follow suit. The second model is the ARKADE ladies’ watch, which is also equipped with a large Lange calendar display. The third is SAXONIA. This simple and smooth medium-sized 18K gold watch has hours, minutes and small seconds, and has a large calendar display. For this watch, we chose the name Saxony that we are proud of. The famous place name abbreviation ‘i / SA’ also appeared on the dial of all the Lange watches mentioned before. Finally, we show the pinnacle of TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’: this masterpiece is equipped with a sesame chain drive system never used in a watch.
12. What is your feedback? After the event, are you sure that the brand can be successfully reinvigorated?
Needless to say, we are very satisfied with these watches ourselves. After all, they are all the result of the enthusiasm and dedication of highly skilled professionals. Nonetheless, I finally felt relieved when I knew that the experts had responded positively to our watches. I believe I will never experience that feeling again. In general, dealers place orders privately, just as merchants do not want competitors to know what they are buying. But since we only had 123 watches available to our guests at the time, they were quickly relieved. Unlike all practices, they happily commented on LANGE 1, SAXONIA, ARKADE, and TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ and ordered it publicly. They used all the watches we could provide, and fairness became the key. Because 123 pieces could not be evenly distributed to 12 guests, the last 3 watches needed to be allocated by lot. The lucky man who took the shortest match stick took the last tourbillon watch.
13. So you sold out your watches on the spot?
That’s right, we put all the watches produced at that time on the market immediately. The situation is far beyond imagination, and the response is beyond compliment. Of course, the watchmaker’s evaluation is extremely encouraging for our media launch event on October 24.
14. Did you celebrate after the two events?
We didn’t have much time to celebrate and we were back to work right away.

Bao Qilai’s Innovation Measures To Force E-commerce, Settle In Jd.Com To Open Brand Flagship Store

Beijing, June 1, 2018: Witness Carl F. Bucherer’s new milestone in 2018. In addition to celebrating 130 years of brand establishment, the brand has expanded into the e-commerce field for the first time this year. Entered the JD platform and opened the brand’s official flagship store. This is the first time the brand has entered a third-party e-commerce platform in the world, and jointly launched a new e-commerce cooperation project with JD. In the future, brands will combine offline boutiques and online e-commerce platforms to bring a more comprehensive shopping experience and more attentive services to more Chinese consumers.

Bucherer Marly Dragon flyback chronograph

Bucherer Marie Dragon Watch is China’s leading technology-driven e-commerce and retail infrastructure service provider. Its cutting-edge retail infrastructure enables consumers to buy whatever they want, when and where they need it. has opened up technology and infrastructure to partners, brands and multiple fields, and as a retail infrastructure service provider, it promotes the improvement and innovation of production efficiency in various industries. For a long time, has long-term and stable cooperation with many Swiss fine watchmaking brands, and some brands even sell more than offline boutiques. Bao Qilai’s presence in Jingdong this time is in cooperation with domestic professional watch sales group Hengjili. The newly opened Baoqilai Jingdong flagship store will be operated and maintained by Hengjili. Hengli is a chain group specializing in the distribution and service of world famous watches in China. It is a well-known brand chain selling the most extensive watches in China.

Murray Global Chief Executive Officer, Bucherer

  Sascha Moeri, global chief executive officer of Bucherer, said: ‘The Chinese market is a very competitive market for Bucherer. Chinese consumers understand our brand value and are an important direction for Bucherer in the future. We I am honored to work closely with Hengli Watches for the JD Mall plan. Hengli is a Chinese luxury watch sales group with rich experience. JD is one of the largest self-employed e-commerce platforms in China, with huge customer accumulation and Unparalleled analysis of behavioral consumption data, which will provide solid sales guarantee for Bucherer, and is our ideal partner to enter the e-commerce field. The cooperation with Hengli to enter the JD platform will help consolidate and expand The position of the Bucherer brand in the Chinese market. ‘
  ‘ is always committed to providing consumers with quality products and services, and is the most trusted channel for top international brands to enter the Chinese market. will give full play to its advantages and help Bao Qilai is quicker to understand the consumption habits of Chinese users, thereby opening up a broader market. is also looking forward to working with more top brands to open up a win-win situation and create new value under the vision of unlimited retail. ‘

Huang Yongfeng, Chairman of Hengli’s parent company, Fiyta Group

  Huang Yongfeng, chairman of Hengli’s parent company Fiyta Group, said, ‘Baucher is one of the few Swiss watch manufacturers that has been run by the founder family. In recent years, China’s e-commerce business has developed rapidly and has become more and more The battlefield of many high-end watch brands, Bucherer has a long-standing reputation in Europe. It not only has the finest professional watchmaking tradition in Switzerland, but also always keeps up with the times. We are very happy to work with Bucherer on strategic cooperation with The combination of strong and strong will surely push the brand development to a new height. Hengli is a chain group specializing in the distribution and service of world famous watches. It has strong financial advantages and good operating capabilities. After 20 years of development, the market share The rate is at the forefront of the domestic watch retail industry. The Hengli team will use its enthusiasm and professionalism to assist Bao Qilai through to gain a broader awareness and expand sales scale on the Chinese e-commerce platform. ‘
  For over 130 years, the Bucherer family has been adhering to the spirit of promoting watchmaking, specializing in innovative technologies, and promoting outstanding traditions. Bucherer will continue its efforts to bring consumers a fresh experience. At present, the Baoqilai Jingdong flagship store has been officially launched, consumers will not be limited by time and space, enjoy the convenience and comfort of a 24-hour seamless and convenient shopping process, 100% authentic guarantee and selected watches to create high-quality online shopping New Experience.

Jingdong Baoqilai self-operated official flagship store

Masculinity In Roman Architecture

Looking through Bulgari, as if looking through a history of Roman architectural art. In view of the creative aesthetics of Roman architectural art, as well as its natural ability to create and appreciate beauty, Bulgari draws inspiration from artistic exploration and has given birth to eternity.

Classic timeless art masterpiece
   Bulgari is good at blending creativity and innovation, which makes it a classic and timeless art masterpiece. The design of the Octo series combines the iconic octagonal appearance of the Roman Catholic Maxentius Palace in 310 AD, and the shape shows the beauty of male masculinity. In the Octo series, this ‘Italian genius creativity’ has extraordinary charm and dazzling personality, boldly blending squares and circles, and accurately dividing time with a perfect octagonal shape. The unique shape of the Octo series of watches is impressive and showcases deep history and culture.
   In China thousands of miles away, the design of the octagon in Yin Yang or Yi Jing symbolizes the signs of continuous transformation between heaven and earth. The number ‘8’, a Latin translation of Octo, represents the mathematician’s infinite theory and the eternal immortality, and it also symbolizes the Chinese (I Ching) view of the universe. The octagon can be said to be the original source of Chinese history, civilization, and conviction. It is a classic eternity, linking the past, present, and future.

The iconic octagonal facade of the Maxentius Palace in Rome

Unique ingenuity: complex functions and simple appearance
   From a functional point of view, the ‘calibre’ of each Bulgari mechanical watch can be called a delicate work of art. For the most sophisticated complication movement, more than a thousand components are packed into a small space of only a few cubic centimeters, and the time, calendar and other functions need to be accurately displayed. The complexity can be imagined. In order to complete this sophisticated work, Bulgari’s engineers, mechanics, watchmakers, and designers have accumulated many years of practical experience in watchmaking workshops, which has made Bulgari’s extraordinary today. The brand independently develops and manufactures mechanical movements, which are the immortal masterpieces of industry experts.

Precision movement

   In terms of appearance, the Octo series breaks the traditional constraints, and its avant-garde design makes it different from common watches. The 110 independent facets are carefully processed by hand to create the alternating effect of polishing and frosting, and the Bourg is displayed everywhere Li’s attentiveness and attentiveness. These elaborate designs are reminiscent of contemporary architecture or furniture design, and the exquisite craftsmanship is reminiscent of Italian racing cars or modern yachts. This watch is an extension of Italian style, the perfect balance of complexity and simplicity, the perfect use of geometric patterns, but not rigid.
   Although the features are complex, the appearance looks extremely simple. Not just for performance. Every Bulgari embodies
With the spirit of Italian architectural art, elegant geometric design, designed for confident men who love fashion.

Simple-looking dial

Classic novelty young extraordinary
   Bulgari has come all the way from the history and culture of ancient Rome, constantly using new technologies to create amazing miracles of jewelry watches. Its deep
Thick historical background, distinctive personality and creative design, and the brand’s extreme elegance, these factors combined make Bulgari perfectly present in the new field of men’s watches. The 2016 new Octo series launched this year uses an ultra-modern black lacquered dial. The bold and unique design and strong movement combination establish the unique characteristics of the watch.

Octo Solotempo

   The Bvlgari Octo watch has the ultimate beauty: a 41 mm diameter dial, this Octo Solotempo is powered by BVL 193
The core, dual-axis escapement movement continuously provides 50 hours of power, providing precise hours, minutes, seconds and date display. Solotempo means ‘only time’ in Italian. It records every millisecond with absolutely reliable accuracy, and makes Bvlgari Bulgari’s simple beauty with top-level superb craftsmanship.

Octo Finisssimo watch

   This Octo Finisssimo ultra-thin watch is independently developed and manufactured by the brand and is placed between two hair-thin splints.
trace. This manual-winding mechanical movement (BVL 128) is only 2.23 mm thick. With the extremely simple hour and minute display, the small second hand at 7:30, and the power reserve display on the back (about 70 hours), the Finissimo watch is exquisite and elegant. Bulgari’s 40mm ultra-thin platinum case is injected into this masculine watch, and it has the ultimate beauty in its simple design.

International football star C Ronaldor wears a Bulgari Octo watch

The masculine power of the Octo watch
   Black masculinity dominates the fashion world and has become an integral part of contemporary trends. The Octo series showcases the masculine power of men in a modern style of ‘all black’ or ‘nearly all black.’ The case is covered with a black DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating. The profound and elegant Italian aesthetics are presented. The Octo series is unique, showing the architectural aesthetic style and the rich black exterior paint to show the perfection between different materials. Integration. Bvlgari uses a combination of rose gold and platinum materials with black diamond-like exterior paint to create thousands of changes.

   OCTO watches have always been loved by many influential stars. For example, Oscar-winner Adrien Brody, nine-time American Grammy Award-winning American singer John Legend, international football star C Lang Nadu, Chinese popular film and television young man Wu Yifan, South Korean Super Junior-M member Liu Xianhua, international male model Jon Kortajarena, and so on.

Wu Yifan

Summary: Personality achieves a graceful manner, and ingenuity creates a legend. The Octo series is a new interpretation of Italian style. It is not only a fashion accessory designed for urban people, but also a complete interpretation of the Bulgari men’s style. The appearance is noble, and the movement is equally gorgeous. Fans of fine watches can enjoy the unique quality and innovative style of this series of watches.

Gentleman Style Three Popular Men’s Watch Recommendations

A gentleman is a man who is described as elegant and courteous. They are polite, courteous, elegant, and have good self-cultivation. They are elegant and charming. And in the watch industry, there are also gentleman-like watches, which have exquisite craftsmanship and simple and charming appearance, exuding an elegant atmosphere. Today’s Watch House recommends three gentleman-style men’s watches for you to see them.
Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 series 5177BA / 12 / 9V6 watch

Watch model: 5177BA / 12 / 9V6
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k yellow gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter, 38 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 178,600
Watch details:
Watch model: 85180 / 000G-9230
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 206,000
Watch details:
Watch model: 6653Q-1529-55B
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 170,500
Watch details: blancpain / 18228 /
Watch review: This watch belongs to the Blancpain ultra-thin movement series with exquisite and precise movement. The watch is made of 18k white gold with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 10.83 mm. The power reserve is 72 hours Automatic mechanical movement. The blue lacquered dial with classical radial ripples is magnificent, with silver Roman numerals on the top, the unique curved hands in the three central hands indicate the date, and the other two indicate the hours and hours. Second hand. The watch is covered in sapphire crystal and is paired with an elegant low-key black alligator strap. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.
In summary: these three watches are minimalist in style but attractive in design. An outstanding watch not only represents the brand image, but also demonstrates superb watchmaking skills. An excellent watch is not simply reflected in the diversity of functions and the complexity of the process. It is more important to have a superb process. And superb design, although the three watches recommended above, although the functions and design are relatively simple, they can well reflect the personal taste of men.

The Bright ‘xinghe’ That Women Like

Parmigiani launched the Kalparisma Nova Galaxy watch at the Geneva Watch Fair 2018 to commemorate the launch of the first women’s mechanical watch series, the Kalparisma watch series, in 2008 to celebrate this extraordinary The tenth anniversary of the watch series showcases the beauty of noble women, and its dazzling light shocks everyone. Now let’s enjoy this brilliant masterpiece together. (Watch model: PFC125-1232500)

More than just diamonds
  This women’s watch is not just a gorgeous appearance, its internal design is extremely complex, inspired by the Maurice-Yves Sandoz collection model restored by Parmigiani Studio. The back of this model is decorated with a star pattern. When the minute repeater is activated, the stars will dance and rotate with the sound. The watchmaker of the brand integrates this exquisite work into this masterpiece of female watches, and The ‘Nova’ in the name of the watch is exactly what the astronomy refers to as a star that suddenly becomes very bright, giving this watch a high value and performance.

  There are two models of this time, this model is white gold, the 37.5×31.2 mm case is carefully set with 182 diamonds, the size of the diamond is carefully selected by the top mason-its outer periphery is small, near the curved part of the case It gradually grows larger, showing the extreme craftsmanship of the brand’s watchmaking, forming a glittering snowflake appearance and blending in harmony with the dial constellation. Limited edition of 8 pieces. The other is a rose gold inlaid diamond, limited to 50 pieces.

  The brand recognition design of the drop-shaped lugs, integrated with the diamond-set case, shows a unique beauty.

  The starry sky on the dial tells the passage of time. It is made of aventurine. In the 19th century, the glassmaker of Murano, Italy accidentally splashed copper shavings into molten glass. Welcome material durum glass. The triangular hands are hollowed out to better display the celestial body and enhance the subtle femininity of the watch. The small seconds at 6 o’clock on the dial, which uses a star-shaped design, rotates once per minute, and features unique Arabic numerals to show the feminine beauty.

  With an indigo crocodile leather strap, the soft texture brings comfortable wearing. The folding buckle is also made of platinum, which is very easy to operate.

  The back of the case design can clearly observe the beauty of the movement. Inside is equipped with the brand’s first self-winding mechanical movement PF332, a 22K gold automatic tourbillon with machine-engraved barley grain motifs, the brand is decorated with the brand logo in the middle, and the rhodium-plated plate bridge is sandblasted, which is unique With its dual barrels mounted in series, this design helps maintain energy distribution stability and ensures that energy is delivered to the regulator at a constant level.
  Summary: Inlaid with bright diamonds in bright white gold and star-shaped small seconds hands on the dazzling aventurine dial, Parmigiani brings you the ultimate watch enjoyment, with a limited edition of 8 pieces. It gives this watch a higher value, and the back cover is engraved with a separate number to show the wearer’s distinguished identity. Like friends may wish to pay more attention to it! Watch price: 278,000RMB

Longines Opens Surprise Events In Nine Directly-operated Stores Nationwide

[December 11, 2014, Shanghai, China] Pleasant romantic winter snow and ice swirling dance, melodious music comes with sweet wishes. On the occasion of Christmas, Longines, a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, continues the brand tradition, warmly creates a Christmas fantasy wonderland, and establishes this landscape, which means a beautiful holiday wish, in Jiuguang Department Store, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. The iconic elegant blue and white decoration decorates the Christmas tree and fantasy carriage, adding a unique scenery to the famous commercial landmark. At the same time, the brand’s nine directly-operated stores across the country have also been completely renovated. With the joyful atmosphere of Christmas and surprise activities that everyone can participate in, we welcome the majority of watch enthusiasts to visit Longines for more than 180 years of watchmaking tradition Elegant style.

  This year’s Longines Christmas Wonderland is located in Jiuguang Department Store, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, next to the famous Jing’an Temple. A well-decorated Christmas tree is based on the brand’s iconic elegant blue and white. At nightfall, it invites viewers to immerse themselves in a glorious Christmas ocean. Wishing intimate gifts and dreamy carriages converging ingenuity stand side by side, at the end of the year of the horse, start the immersive and warm winter journey for the viewers. From now until January 6, 2015, Wonderland will hold special events every day, and each participant can collect Christmas surprise gifts at Longines Xinyu Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store flagship store.

  At the same time, Longines will also present a six-city linkage surprise event for direct-operated stores from now on. With the festive atmosphere of Christmas, a Christmas tree full of Christmas blessing bags is set up in each of the directly-operated stores. Multiple surprises, rich products, and high-quality services are waiting for consumers to experience the store.

  On this occasion, Longines carefully selected exquisite timepieces to set a warm moment for the Christmas season. Longines presents the Comcast 1 / 100th Alpine Skiing Chronograph Stopwatch, condensing the dynamic style of ice and snow into a gleam of elegant connotation on the wrist, while leading a number of Soymia series and Comcast sports timepiece A watch collection that celebrates your time and conveys your sincere wishes.

Longines National Store

Longines Shanghai Huaihai Road Direct Store: 544 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai
Longines Shanghai Hongyi Direct Store: Shanghai Hongyi Plaza, 299 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai
Longines Beijing APM Direct Store: Shop 109A on the first floor of APM New Dongan Plaza, 138 Wangfujing Street, Beijing
Longines Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Store: SS01 & SS01A on the first floor of Oriental Plaza, 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
Longines Chengdu Raffles Store: 1040, 01 / F, Raffles City, No. 3, Section 4, Renmin South Road, Chengdu, Sichuan
Longines Chengdu Taiguli Daci Temple Direct Store: Shop 1201a, First Floor, No. 8 Zhongshamao Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Longines Chongqing Golden Eagle Direct Store: Ping Street, No. 82 Zou Rong Road, Jiefangbei, Chongqing
Longines Hangzhou Lakeside Yintai in77 Direct Store: Shop 117, No. 258 Yan’an Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Longines Nanjing Friendship Square Store: Hall A-03, 1st Floor, Friendship Square, 27 Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu

[Watch description]

Longines Comcast Series 1 / 100th Alpine Skiing Chronograph Stopwatch Watch Number: L3.700.4.56.6 Price: RMB10,800
The Longines Concas 1 / 100th Alpine Skiing Stopwatch (Conquest1 / 100thAlpineSkiing) caters to the needs of athletes, professionals and sports enthusiasts, with a single pointer showing the accuracy of the hundredth of a second Grades. In order to achieve high precision, a unique new quartz movement L440 came into being. This movement has a microcontroller with built-in flash memory, allowing the watch to be reset instantly and to record intermediate times. This beautiful stainless steel watch has a diameter of 41 mm. The black dial shows the hours and minutes, a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, a date display function, and a precision chronograph function through a central seconds hand at 2 o’clock. 30-minute counter and 12-hour counter at 10 o’clock. The red hands shine in the center of the watch, displaying the time to the nearest hundredth of a second. This chronograph comes with a stainless steel strap and a butterfly buckle.

Longines Concas Diamond Series Women’s Watch Number: L3. Price: RMB27,400
The dazzling brilliance of the Longines Concas diamond watch for women comes from the 120 diamonds set on the bezel. The round stainless steel case has a crown with wing protection and a self-winding mechanical movement L595. The black dial is set with 11 diamonds at the same time, contrasting with the diamond light on the bezel. This watch can display hours, minutes, seconds, and a date display at 3 o’clock. This watch is designed for ladies who combine lively life with elegant dress. It has a screw-in back cover, is waterproof to 5 atmospheres, and is matched with a stainless steel bracelet to make it more eye-catching.

Longines Concas Diving Series Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Watch Number: L3.688.4.59.2 Price: Not priced
A model of diving watches, the Longines HydroConquest aims to be the timepiece of choice for divers and water sports enthusiasts. This 39 mm diameter watch is equipped with the quartz movement L263, which displays the hours, minutes and seconds, and the date at 3 o’clock. The black surface features 11 Arabic numerals coated with Super-LumiNova®. This timepiece uses a stainless steel case with a screw-type cover and crown, a red unidirectional spiral bezel, and a side guard for the crown. It is water-resistant to 300 meters. The black rubber strap adds a sporty touch to the watch.

Longines Soumeia Series Stainless Steel Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L2. Price: Not priced
Longines has a very close relationship with the village of Saint-Imier, which is regarded as the foundation of the company and the source of its development. Today, this long-lasting relationship is strengthened by a remarkable timepiece series equipped with a mechanical movement, the Longines Somia series. The case is equipped with a L595 self-winding mechanical movement with a diameter of 26 mm, a stainless steel case, a bezel decorated with 60 diamonds, and a white mother-of-pearl dial.